Li Xirui joins neighbors Series II my neighbors grow up starts

 Li Xirui joins neighbors Series II my neighbors grow up starts

The first female beheading drama starts in a different way

The opening ceremony was solemnly held in the eastern suburb of Chengdu. All members of the group wore warm orange T-shirts, forming a sea of sunshine and orange, adding a beautiful scenery to the park. Li Xirui, he he and all appeared, one a turn the whole court, a sunny handsome, become the hottest focus of the audience. Although this play is an idol drama, it is not only an idol drama. By telling the living situation of 30 + empty nest female youth, we can directly attack the practical pain points such as workplace, emotion and marriage, so as to arouse the empathy and resonance of the majority of female audience. The real cure has always been to recognize the bitterness of life, but still love honey.. The same is true of this drama. No matter how unbearable the reality is, if you dont give in or admit defeat, you can always overcome difficulties, overcome difficulties, and gain self and happiness. Therefore, it is called female chopping drama.

This drama tells a love story about a couple of neighbors who grew up together and were seven years younger than each other. After experiencing the changes of life and time, they become different and meet again and gradually come together.

The original IP hits again

As the first masterpiece of my neighbor series, my neighbor cant sleep, once broke through the hot sweet favorite drama in 2019 with the appearance of dark horse. It has become the first A-level blockbuster with a harvest of 28 million yuan, and has become the industry benchmark of small-scale circle drama with broad and small scale. During the broadcast period, it once topped the popularity list of online dramas for several days. In response to the fans eagerness, the second part of the my neighbor series has been upgraded in an all-round way, improving the creation quality in multiple dimensions and upgrading the lineup.

Li Xirui, as a popular actor in the circle, is deeply loved by fans for her outstanding acting skills and beauty. This time, she joined my neighbor is not big, and she has become a stubborn female host Lin Yang who works alone in the city. She is very consistent with her super as arrogance and charming temperament, and will show her rare side of sweet girl. He Yu, the male host, has become popular with his love letters in falling in love with the lake. This time, he Yu plays the big boy next door who has musical talent, and opens the provocative mode of warm care. In addition, the heroine Tian Xiwei in so lovely us, Zhou Xiaochuan, LV Xiaolin, Zhao Yuanyuan, Shangbai, etc.

It is reported that the play is expected to be broadcast by Youku in 2021.

Source: Du Jiayue Entertainment_ NK6020