18 diaries for master of Hunan University

 18 diaries for master of Hunan University

Contrary to expectation, the WeChat public issue of todays womens daily Tan Li and studio released the official account of WeChats love for the Pearl River after being left behind by 18 masters in the University of Hong Kong.

Unexpectedly, it is because two days after the tweet, the topic triggered by this report almost dominated the hot search lists of microblog, Tencent, Baidu, Zhihu, etc.; to be expected, it was because the topic of the report was really too heavy. It was about the students born in a poor family who had finished reading double famous schools, about love, about life. However, what surprised me was that after the publication of the report, in the face of such a sad tragedy, there were so many cold and cruel accusations and abuse on the Internet to the deceased, their relatives and their broken up girlfriend.

Before giving some details, it is necessary to make clear that the direct client of Chen Luyangs suicide, Chen Luyangs relatives, girlfriend and patron, has not received any media and media interviews except for todays womens Tan Li and studio. However, the official account of WeChat public platform, todays Dutch act, Tan Li and studio has only been released. Tweets.


The charming scenery of Guangzhou tower, the most beautiful tower in China, did not retain the 29 year old Chen Luyang. He climbed the hurdle of Liede Bridge beside the Guangzhou tower, hardly hesitated, and jumped into the dark Pearl River

After Chen Luyang committed suicide, his relatives were devastated

Chen Luyang, a graduate of Hunan University, left 18 diaries about his death in the Pearl River in Guangzhou. I received a clue on July 6. At this time, nine days have passed since Chen Luyang committed suicide by jumping into the Pearl River at Liede Bridge in Guangzhou in the early morning of June 28.

A person familiar with the matter told me that Chen Luyang was born into a poor family and was funded to finish school by a caring person. This time, he probably committed suicide because of emotional frustration.

I contacted Chen Luyangs patron at the first time. After the key information was confirmed, I contacted the village secretary of Chen Luyangs hometown.

Chen Liping, Chen Luyangs brother, said the family couldnt accept the fact that his brother had committed suicide, and his mother had fainted from crying several times. Thousands of miles away, I could almost feel their sadness over the phone.

Shocked, I read the 18 diaries written by Chen Liping to me before Chen Luyang committed suicide and his letter to his girlfriend who just broke up (not mentioned in the report). After reading every word, except for regret and sympathy, I didnt think that Chen Luyangs choice was selfish, irresponsible and irresponsible. Of course, he was even more innocent.

However, I would never approve of Chen Luyangs choice. Later, I wrote a sentence in the reporters note: no matter how difficult it is in life, life should not be filled in. After all, love is not the only light in a good life.

A friend nearby read Chen Luyangs diary and said to me, in fact, this child is really poor. He grew up with too much hard work and too little sweetness, so he is addicted to a little sweetness in his feelings and is willing to take his life to chase and gamble. I heard some moved and sentimental.

Late in the night of July 17, Chen Liping brought back his brothers ashes from Guangzhou. According to local customs, his relatives buried him in the back mountain of the village before dawn.

On August 6, I went to Chen Luyangs home with the people who supported him for nine years. When sorting out the certificates and certificates, my mother saw the sad scene of her son Chen Luyangs photo on his ID card. I held back tears and recorded it with the camera.

My family told me that Chen Luyangs 29th birthday is on the 21st of the first month of the lunar calendar. He went to Guangzhou the next day after his birthday. I checked the date and found that Chen Luyangs birthday was February 14, Valentines day.

Chen Liping said that before leaving, his younger brother Chen Luyang also told him that he would take his girlfriend home for the Spring Festival at the end of this year. However, for the whole family now, this beautiful expectation has been unable to realize.

I spent a long time carefully exploring the little pieces of Chen Luyangs life, especially the words he left a month after his break-up.

But this is a very important part of Chen Luyangs love.

After half a month of acquaintance, Chen Luyang wrote: after class, Ill go all over the street to buy you a cup of honey water and a bunch of flowers.

On May 20, Chen Luyang confessed to blue blue; four days later, they went to Phoenix for the first time. Chen Luyang wrote: love at 25 is sunny.

On Valentines day in 2018, Chen Luyang wrote the following words to Lan Lan: there are thousands of stars, less than half of your eyebrows and eyes.

Valentines day in 2019, which is also Chen Luyangs birthday, wrote: you miss the fried beef, and I miss you

For this love affair, Chen Luyang loved deeply, even to his death.

After breaking up in June 2020, Chen Luyang, unable to get out of this relationship, still had two suicide experiences. His classmates and friends called the police.

On June 6, when his girlfriend Lan Lan found out that Chen Luyang had the idea of suicide, the girl was scared. She found Chen Luyangs brother Chen Lipings telephone number, the first time to pass the information to him, hoping that he can pacify the feelings of his lovelorn brother. Lan Lan comforts Chen Luyang that life is a process of loss and acceptance. Why not? However, Chen Luyang did not accept it.

For Chen Luyang, true love and love, this girl has never been absent at different times.

What can they do in the face of a well-educated brother or son? What moved me was that after Chen Luyangs accident, his relatives entrusted village cadres to call the patrons at the first time, expressing their gratitude for Chen Luyangs financial assistance in recent years. The patron told me, Chen Luyang knows how to be grateful and sends me a message of blessing every new year and festival..

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The charming scenery of Guangzhou tower, the most beautiful tower in China, did not retain the 29 year old Chen Luyang. He climbed the hurdle of Liede Bridge beside the Guangzhou tower, hardly hesitated, and jumped into the dark and bottomless Pearl River

Chen Liping felt dizzy when he saw the video of his brother Chen Luyang committing suicide at the water branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau.

Chen Luyang, a younger brother from a poor family who completed his undergraduate studies in Central South University with the aid of caring people, and then entered the civil engineering postgraduate program of Hunan University. His character is stubborn and tough, and he has always been the pride of his family. His younger brother, who never admits defeat, has just been working for a year. Why did the 29 year old choose this road? Chen Liping couldnt understand why, until he finished reading the 18 diaries written by his brother before he committed suicide

Outstanding students who have been subsidizing for nine years jumped into the river and committed suicide

Mr. Lin, I have bad news for you. Chen Luyang, a long-term student, committed suicide! Thank you for your help to the excellent students in our village in the past 10 years. On July 6, Lin Feng, who received the call, thought it was a prank, but after knowing the identity of the other party, Lin Feng believed it.

The person who called was Zhong Yu, the Secretary of the village branch of Chen Luyangs hometown in Xinning County, Shaoyang City. At this time, he was accompanying Chen Luyangs parents to deal with the affairs in Guangzhou.

I met Chen Luyang nine years ago, when he was admitted to Central South University. On August 4, Lin Feng, a caring person, told Tan Lihe studio reporter of todays womens newspaper that in August 2011, the United Front Work Department of Xinning County Party committee organized a public welfare activity called love to realize the dream university. The object of his assistance was Chen Luyang.

He is shorter and thinner than the average student. Its heartbreaking to see him. Lin Feng said that this was Chen Luyangs first impression on him. After that, Lin Feng went to Chen Luyangs home.

At that time, Lin Feng felt that Chen Luyang was the only hope of this poor family, so he strengthened his support. For four years at Chen Luyang University, Lin Feng paid for his tuition.

When Chen Luyang was studying in Central South University and Hunan University, the ground was covered with certificates

In 2015, Chen Luyang graduated from Central South University and worked in a company in Changsha.

Lu Feng went to Changsha on a business trip. Seeing that he was not satisfied with the job, Lin Feng suggested that he should be admitted to graduate school.

A year later, Chen Luyang again brought good news to Lin Feng, who was admitted to Hunan University as a graduate student in civil engineering. Lin Feng didnt go to university, but he knew that Hunan Universitys civil engineering specialty was famous all over the country.

Although not as subsidized as he was in college, Lin Feng invited Chen Luyang to dinner every time he went to Changsha to learn about his study and give him some living expenses. It was not until July 2019, when Chen Luyang officially joined a large state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou, that Lin Feng stopped funding Chen Luyang.

Crushing the last straw of life

On August 6, nine years later, Lin Feng, Tan Li, todays womens newspaper and studio reporters came to Chen Luyangs home in Toyota Township, Xinning County. Half a month ago, Chen Luyang had been hastily buried by his relatives. To Lin Fengs surprise, compared with 9 years ago, this family has hardly changed except that the house has become older: there are still no household appliances, no new furniture, and even sorting out Chen Luyangs certificates and certificates, the family has completed it on the wet ground.

Seeing the photo of Chen Luyang on the certificate, her mother, Luo Xiying, held it tightly in her hand and stuck it on her chest. She cried almost fainting. Her relatives could not accept the fact that Chen Luyang committed suicide.

When Lu Ningyang was a little boy, his father almost didnt adapt to the life of Chen Shunyang.

The teacher said that children are good children for reading. Its a pity not to go to school. Luo Xiying said that at that time, she planned to give up her familys farm work to accompany her, but was stopped by her son Chen Luyang. The child said that he would try to overcome the difficulties in life and do a good job in learning.

Children suffer a lot when they are reading. He is thin and small. Sometimes he cant get hot water for bathing in winter. Its so cold that children wash cold water. Chen Shunxi, 64, wiped his eyes as he spoke. For three years, Chen Luyang did not shrink back in order to read the book well.

On June 6, Chen Luyang sent a message to his girlfriend that he had the idea of dying for love.

What makes Chen Liping deeply regret and remorse is that he might have prevented this tragedy.

On the afternoon of June 6 this year, Chen Liping suddenly received a mobile phone message from his former girlfriend, LAN LAN, who claimed to be his brother Chen Luyang. Lan Lan tells Chen Liping that Chen Luyang is in a bad mood and hopes he can call to enlighten him. Later, Lan Lan also forwarded a text message sent to her by Chen Luyang.

The text message sent by Chen Luyang to Lan Lan shows that he seems unable to accept the fact that LAN LAN and he have broken up with him: if you insist on not facing our past, if you lose it, you will die. If you see the sea or the Pearl River, please remember me... In the short message, Chen Luyang revealed the idea of dying for love.

After receiving a short message from LAN LAN, Chen Liping called his brother Chen Luyang at the first time.

Early in the morning of June 28, Chen Liping suddenly received a call from LAN LAN: something happened to Chen Luyang...

On the evening of the same day, in the surveillance video obtained by the police, Chen Liping saw Chen Luyang jump into the Pearl River. At 23:46 on June 27, Chen Luyang, wearing a mask, walked out of the Liede subway station in Guangzhou. At 0:00 on the 28th, Chen Luyang appeared on the Liede Bridge. At 0:6, Chen Luyang climbed onto the hurdle of the Liede Bridge without any hesitation Into the dark Pearl River

Apart from his grief, Chen Liping also has a huge doubt. Relying on the support of caring people, he has already crossed the biggest hurdle in his life. What crushed the last straw of his life was his younger brother Chen Luyang, who never accepted defeat? When sorting out Chen Luyangs relics, 18 diaries written before his suicide solved the mystery.

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