Dont be afraid of ghosts knocking

 Dont be afraid of ghosts knocking

A table, a family, a month in the hospital

The pagoda flower dew drops from the jar, and the fragrance floats with the wind of cypress

On the fifteenth day of July in the lunar calendar.

The name of Zhongyuan dates from the Northern Wei Dynasty, when it comes to the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, and part of it falls on the 14th day of the lunar calendar.

In ancient times, Sanyuan, also known as Sanguan emperor, was the birthday of Tianguan, diguan and Shuiguan.

Shangyuan - the blessing of heavenly officials,

Zhongyuan, a local official, forgives sins,

The three officials are also the moral, original and Lingbao heaven of Taoism. Also known as the great emperor of the three Qing Dynasty.

July and a half, Zhongyuan to, the official birthday, Difu celebration.

In ancient times, there were many old customs on the mid Yuan Festival, such as lighting on the roadside and putting lights in the river. To put it bluntly, they are all to provide convenience for ghosts to travel and light their way home. The next year, at the Qingming Festival in March of the lunar calendar, when the Yin Qi begins to decline, it is also the time for ghosts to go back to the earth and return to their tombs. Therefore, we should go to the tomb sweeping and weed the grave to help them do a good job of cleaning.

One is to send the spirits of our ancestors back to the cemetery,

One is to let the spirits of ancestors go home for sacrifice.

The Zhongyuan festival was once one of the eight major festivals in China, but it was no longer popular due to modern historical reasons.

In the past, many people would hold sacrificial activities from the first day of July to the thirtieth of July in the old calendar by offering sacrifices such as wine, meat, sugar cakes and fruits to comfort the ghosts of the world and pray for their safety and prosperity throughout the year.

In order to prevent ghosts from doing evil, they also offer sacrifices to the spirits of the lonely and the wild. The people set up a Taoist temple and ask the master to do it. They can get rid of the ghosts resentment, surpass the dead, and pray for good luck.

Among the sacrificial offerings, Chu Yi is indispensable. Due to the end of the summer in July, we have to change clothes to prevent cold, which is similar to the flowing fire in July and the clothes given in September.

The mid Yuan Festival is also a Buddhist Yulan Festival.

Xiaogan heaven and earth is the reason why there is an annual pelan Festival on July 14 in the lunar calendar. Ancestors can accept the filial piety of later generations in the world and enjoy the provision.

For ordinary people, it is necessary to have a sense of awe for all things in the world, whether it is ghost festival or Buddhist Yulan Festival.

What you cant see doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

People are doing, heaven is watching. If you dont feel guilty, you are not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. Afraid of the devil The second brothers advice is: reduce the negative energy on your body, keep your mind, and make your Yang more powerful.

Finally, try to be kind. Ghosts and people are the same, not all ghosts will harm people, even ghosts have what to fear, more terrible should not be the human heart?

30 ghost movies for tonights entertainment

2. The representative of the evil religion type in raising ghost and eating man 1987.

3. Nail shooting madman 2003 has a retro texture and a fighting nation.

4. The super strong reversal drama Castle surprise 2007 is very advanced.

5. Martyrs 2008 is full of violence, blood and wind.

6. Lurking 2010 makes goose bumps all over the place.

7. The fear of sinister 2012 invades the bone marrow. I have never seen such a sinister and vicious ghost.

9. In 2013, moving, dolls and feminism, love can finally overcome the demons and ghosts.

10. The last class 2014 rookie policewoman goes to a haunted police station for the last night.

11. Were still here in 2015, the scene of the traffic accident, the blood plasma massacre, and the small town cult.

12. Dont stop the camera of ghost blink 2018, self destruction is the most grinding.

13. Insane 2018: the insane asylum distorts the morbid appearance, depression, anxiety, uneasiness and fear.

Zombies in zombies are 14 people who have not died.

15. The face of others 1966 is an indispensable film to understand the history of Japanese film.

18. The curse of the magic curse 2005 is frightening and has a strong aftereffect.

19. The aftereffect of filthy, no living room 2015 is too strong. Youd better not read it.

21. Ghost 2004 is a rare Thai horror film, catching up with Japan.

22. Crying 2016 is the most horror film in South Korea in recent years, which is breathtaking.

23. The academic ghost film BHA ha 2019 is a blackened Tibetan Buddhism.

24. The shadow of childhood in heterotopia 2002.

25. Sophie 2006 is a modern technology method for catching ghosts, with a high frightening index.

26. The first commandment 2008 is dead, heavy taste and eye-catching.

27. The zombies in zombies 2013 are really, really, frightening, human.

28. The theme of ghost marriage in memoir of corpse 2015 is very strange, and the dark version of ghost love is not over.

29. Zhongxie 2016 jumped out of the high-level sense. Its full of ghost and scared me to death!

30. Catch the ghost 2018 has a great immersion feeling and scared the second brother to death.

Finally, I read a sutra secretly:

Readers are safe.

Peace in the middle Yuan Festival.

September is safe.

Safe in 2020.