What does the human brain become when its plugged in? Science fiction movies will come true

 What does the human brain become when its plugged in? Science fiction movies will come true

Connecting chips in the brain has always been a magic operation in science fiction movies. Is this the gospel of technology or Pandoras box? This issue of hard core Kanban takes you to uncover the mystery of brain computer interface in 9 minutes.

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Delete memory really can achieve! The scientific research achievements of the real iron man are hard to imagine (source: original)

Memory manipulation has always been a classic part of science fiction movies.

Recently, the neuroscience team of Peking University published an academic paper on accurately deleting specific memories. The researchers used gene editing technology to precisely delete specific memories in the brains of experimental rats.

Meanwhile, the company owned by Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, a US space transportation company, and a partner of Tesla, has recently made breakthroughs in brain computer interface research.

In many peoples imagination, BCI allows you to control things without moving your feet or hands.

In the more legendary science fiction movies, people can also use this kind of technology to spy on and even control other peoples ideas.

Some people are worried that the research on brain computer interface will open up the Pandoras box and bring unpredictable consequences?

In this video, lets learn about the magic of this high-tech that we all expect and fear, and what kind of impact will it have on our lives?

01 what is brain computer interface

Human brain computer interface technology research, as early as the 1990s began.

Lets deconstruct the basic components of BCI.

After the interpretation of the brain wave, into a signal output to the external machinery, these output information can control the operation of the machine.

For example, we now type hello on the keyboard by hand.

Brain computer interface technology can directly identify the brain waves that send out hello. After signal processing, the two words can be typed directly, thus the steps of typing by hand are omitted.

How to identify and interpret brain waves?

Now, artificial intelligence is widely used, and the difference of brain waves under different ideas can be viewed by computer.

The upper row is the human mind, the lower row is the corresponding brain wave. It is difficult for us to analyze the abstract EEG chart in detail if we only observe it with the naked eye.

But with artificial intelligence, we can do that.

Through the continuous learning of artificial intelligence, the signal recognition machine of brain computer interface can gradually understand what the signals we send out, and then they can use these signals to give orders.

02 how to get EEG?

People will think of some movies, such as the scene where the human brain is cut off and inserted into the circuit. Many people will be afraid of this and resist or resist this technology.

In fact, opening the brain and inserting circuits is not the way modern technology advocates. If brain computer interface technology is to be practical, it is necessary to get rid of too many devices, and scientists are making continuous efforts to this end.

At present, BCI can be divided into three types: invasive, semi intrusive and non-invasive.

The invasive BCI is to penetrate the electrode array, that is, the electrode device for detecting brain waves, into the brain interior; the semi intrusive BCI is only connected to the surface of the brain, rather than the invasive one, which only needs to wear a hat.

Invasive brain computer interface (BCI) is one of the best ways to obtain EEG. It can place the receiving electrode as much as possible in the place we want through brain surgery. Many good results have been achieved in animal experiments.

But after all, it is a device implanted into the human brain, and further research is needed on the injury to the human body and the renewal and maintenance of the equipment.

Some experiments show that the electrode array can work accurately for nearly three years after implantation into the brain. For researchers, this result has been very difficult, but if you want to apply it in real life, the service life is far from enough.

One of the most potential brain computer interfaces is to develop a brain machine interface.

The biggest difference between semi intrusive BCI and invasive BCI is that the device does not penetrate the surface of the brain. The resolution of semi intrusive BCI is lower than that of invasive BCI, but the damage is also lower.

But Musks team has come up with a new idea: using tiny needles as small as nanometers, they can go directly through the skull and reach the cerebral cortex. You can even put the interface on the top of the hat, and you can take it with you without any harm.

Thats true, but many people may not dare to wear it.

The brain computer interface, which can be widely accepted by people, is usually non-invasive, which is simply pure extracorporeal operation.

This kind of method has great application prospect, but it also has some difficulties.

After the brain wave signal passes through the cerebral cortex, it is too weak to capture the real-time signal.

In this regard, one solution is to increase the source of signals, that is, to wear more equipment to obtain signals on the head. However, the painting style will become very strange... Far from practical.

What is the value of brain computer interface?

In recent years, relying on the tide of artificial intelligence, brain computer interface has many practical functions.

Brain computer interface (BCI) was first studied to help paralyzed patients and disabled people. At present, most of them are used in medical field.

For example, we can provide retinal implants for the blind, cochlear implants for the deaf, and even implant robotic arms in humans. Brain computer interface is also used to restore cognition, such as epilepsy, stroke and other diseases. Many paralyzed patients cant speak or even blink their eyes. At this time, BCI becomes the only bridge between them and the outside world.

In addition, BCI has been widely used in non-medical fields.

This may be beyond the imagination of many people. In fact, UAVs only need to receive certain signals (such as take-off and landing), and do not need high-precision control, so the current technology can be realized.

Including some mind control small toys, as long as a few hundred yuan can be bought for children to play.

For example, when a long-distance bus driver is too tired to fall asleep, the BCI can detect it and remind the driver in real time.

Because different peoples brain waves have their own characteristics, when they see the same thing, people will have different thinking activities. Therefore, this technology can also be used in identity authentication.

As in the movies, BCI may also give humans superpowers. For example, by adding exoskeletons and controlling them with the brain, ordinary people can easily lift a weight of 180 Jin.

The entertainment model in player number one can also be implemented. People can play high at home.

It can be seen that if brain computer interface can be developed more perfectly, it will be of great help to our life.

04 ethical challenges of BCI

Scientists have not ignored these issues.

Especially the use of invasive brain computer interface (BCI) has great risks, so it is very important to predict and evaluate such risks.

Technology is a double-edged sword. In addition to the practical value mentioned before, there are still many defects in BCI.

First of all, the abuse of BCI may provide criminal opportunities for criminals, including but not limited to brain eavesdropping, psychological control, memory manipulation and virus invasion.

Therefore, before the application of brain computer interface, we must first implement the relevant laws and regulations and technical support.

Secondly, the use of BCI will involve some legal issues.

Because brain computer interface technology can control peoples consciousness, it is difficult to define whether it is the users responsibility in case of criminal acts.

In addition, BCI has potential moral and social equity problems.

Using BCI for human enhancement is like a kind of gene editing, which will fundamentally rewrite the definition of human.

At the same time, if parents can help their children decide what they need to enhance, will they infringe on their childrens right to choose? These issues still need to be discussed.

Just as humans dont stop developing AI because of fear, we dont have to worry too much about BCI technology.

Its not Pandoras box, its not a superhero to save everything. We must believe that with the efforts of countless scientists, science and technology and ethics will eventually reach a safe balance.

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