fierce! Former Taiwan idol group Komi boy member works as a dentist in Chengdu

 fierce! Former Taiwan idol group Komi boy member works as a dentist in Chengdu

Why Chengdu? Choosing a city for development depends on whether the development and planning here can help you and what you can contribute, Xu said In his opinion, as a new first tier city, Chengdu, which is familiar with, is developing rapidly, and the policy of benefiting Taiwan is also full of encouragement to Taiwan entrepreneurs.

But there are always twists and turns on the road to entrepreneurship. Xu Junhao recalled that at the beginning, patients just came to the clinic to wash their teeth, and the number of patients did not increase for a long time. After summarizing and reflecting, he found that the problem lies in communication. For example, filling teeth, Chengdu people mean missing teeth to be filled, my understanding is to fill caries. Xu Junhao said that after that, he was more grounded, thought from the perspective of Chengdu people, and gradually established a good doctor-patient relationship.

Xu Junhao communicated with patients. Photo by Wang Peng

Five years passed in a flash. Today, Xu Junhaos dental clinic has a good reputation in Chengdu, and also has an expanding patient group. Chen Lanying, 72, often comes to see her teeth. When she talks about Dr. Xu, she is full of praise. Dr. Xu is not only highly skilled, but also patient. She is always smiling. Our whole family is here to see the teeth!

If you work here, someone will value you and someone will care about you, which will make you want to work harder and take root in this place. Xu Junhao said that his parents had also come to Chengdu from Taipei. After visiting the clinic, they refused to leave for a long time and kept taking pictures. They think my choice is right. I often tell my parents that I didnt leave my hometown. In fact, its the feeling of returning from one home to another.

At present, Xu Junhaos dental clinic has been back to work for a long time. With him is Huang Xinjie, a Taiwanese doctor. Huang Xinjie said that he had been in Sichuan for more than two years because of the enthusiasm of the local people, the working environment and the sound policy of benefiting Taiwan.

It is understood that according to the relevant policies of 70 articles of Sichuan and Taiwan, Taiwan doctors who have obtained the legal medical qualification in Taiwan can apply for registration in Sichuan in accordance with relevant regulations, with a period of three years, and can go through the registration procedures again after the expiration of the period. According to the data provided by the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission, by the end of 2019, 163 Taiwan doctors had obtained the qualification of mainland medical practitioners in Sichuan, and 6 Taiwan doctors had carried out short-term medical practice in Sichuan.

Former Taiwan idol singer works as a dentist in Chengdu