Dont want to be hit and hurt too much in the feelings, its also very simple

 Dont want to be hit and hurt too much in the feelings, its also very simple

Such an idea, most of the time, created some people to keep a painful love suffering, while crying out for pain, while love is reluctant to leave. Even be hurt, be domestic violence, also suffer, also bear, also think that is a part of the warm love.

In the movie, she will not be forced to leave the other sides body to make money.

Find many excuses for the other party. For example, he is under great pressure, because his writing is not smooth, he is in a bad mood, and he cant control it. Especially for those lovers who slap their face and give them a sugar, they feel that they are still in love and love deeply.

Indeed, its unimportant. It seems that you dont like it. But true love is not necessarily the appearance of grandeur. It may not be that you say I love you several times a day. It may not be that you cry, smile or hold a romantic ceremony for you.

It may also be that Chen Xu, like Chen Xu in just 30, quietly did some insignificant things, such as saying that he did not want children. But when Zhong Xiaoqin insisted on keeping children, he also made many actions in silence.

They seem to love to show others, so they care about winning or losing, appearance and form. So they have many demands, many demands, hopes, hopes and hopes.

For example, Yang Yan in white moonlight clearly knows that Zhang Xin is the husband and father of other peoples family, but he wants to take it as his own. He wants him to give himself happiness, let him rely on himself, be a father for his son, give them a complete home for their mother and son, and let his son see that she has happiness.

She felt that this man and Zhang Yi together is wronged him, let him cook every day, do housework, take care of children, do not care about him, do not care about him, do not take care of him, only enjoy his care.

She couldnt accept it. She might think that the man was lack of love. The man was with his wife just because his wife had the ability to have money, and his own heart attack and stomach attack would certainly move him and rob him.

In fact, Yang Yan does belong to the third party with a higher rank, especially Ling Ling Ling in the first half of my life. She is not handsome, not young and excellent.

Love should be kind, compassionate, considerate of each others difficulties, put himself in the others shoes, not forced, not intimidated, not lured, not controlled, not intentional.

No matter what, do not want to end up too injured, too lost, or to know how to protect themselves.

Dont easily place your hope on someone. Dont expect him to love himself only. Dont expect him to love you for himself. Dont expect him to love you all his life. Or he will give up his present and everything for you.

Therefore, they will not encounter things that are moved but quickly abandoned, or they will not be too sad when they encounter them, because they already know how to treat the promises and expressions of love with indifference. They will not be sad and overjoyed, nor will they be partial to one another. They will not think that the more they hurt themselves, the more they love each other.

This needs to be calm and self-sustaining, and even more needs to be calm and calm, that is, the mentality of love when someone loves, love yourself when no one loves. It is also the kind of I am lucky, not my life indifferent, in order to achieve not too hurt, also not tired by love.