Ill wait for you at the end of time box office is more than 300 million. The story is heart piercing: have you ever fought for anyone in your life?

 Ill wait for you at the end of time box office is more than 300 million. The story is heart piercing: have you ever fought for anyone in your life?

Its a love film. Its about Lin Ge and Qiu Qian, who played together since childhood. Later, they fell in love with each other.

Although no one said that, but their hearts, already recognized each other.

However, just when they were about to fall in love with each other, Qiu Qians life stopped because of an accident.

Time flashback, back to Qiu Qian before the accident.

Qiu Qian is still alive. Everything is the same as before.

However, Lin Ge is 10 years old, and his time is transferred to Qiu Qian.

And everything about him was wiped out of the world.

His closest relatives do not remember his existence, his best friend no longer knows him, and even his favorite Qiu Qian has no memory of him.

He is like a hasty shadow, wandering in the world.

But he was not afraid, nor regretted, and even secretly congratulated that she was still alive.

Maybe this is it.

I am willing to use life, to love you, to complete you, to guard you.

No price, no return.

As a stranger, ringer reappeared in Qiu Qians world and made all solutions pursue her again.

Pay wholeheartedly and guard every step of the way.

His persistence once again moved Qiu Qian.

Finally, they were together again.

Just against the fate of the time, will eventually return.

Another accident happened to Qiu Qian.

Once again, ringer watched his lover die with his own eyes.

In a flash he remembered the watch that could turn the clock around.

He didnt hesitate to start again and rewind the time.

Qiu Qian is back.

If the first time is accidental, then this time, it is his solemn choice.

In this way, again and again, he used his life to guard the beloved girl.

Never hesitated, never regretted.

Even if she forgot him again and again, he still tried his best to guard her again and again until he ran out of time.

That sincere, let people heartache, make people cry.

In the cinema, the girl beside me sobbed and sighed: is it worth it?

I dont know either.

Love may be the most unreasonable and unfair thing in the world.

Most of the time, the outsider may think that person is particularly stupid, childish and unworthy, but that person will calmly smile and say: I will.

And that outsider who laughs at others stupidity, if one day falls into it, is likely to be more stupid and reckless.

I like waiting for you at the end of time, this pure and beautiful love story.

Because this era, too realistic, too calm.

What people do, they subconsciously consider it from the perspective of utility.

And I dont know when, we are all disappointed in love.

We dare not pay our hearts, we dare not devote ourselves to them, and we dare not treat them with sincerity.

We laugh and say, no marriage, infertility, peace and fools believe in love..

If you dont believe it, you wont get hurt.

But no longer believe, will also miss too much good.

If there is such a time, for a worthy person, you have tried your best to love, pay, and accomplish. Even if there is no result, isnt it the most beautiful experience in this life?

Lin Ge is Qiu Qians old age.

Zixia fairy bear the pain and become the most precious treasure.

Jack gave rose the chance to escape.

Of course, the most true and beautiful love does not only exist in the film.

In real life, there are people who love with all their lives.

A while ago, Japans octogenarian Samro and Keiko recreated the real version of the Titanic.

Fortunately, nearby residents found them and threw a rescue rope at them.

Saburo, the only one, tied the ropes to his wifes wrists and let them go out at once.

When people were in a panic to pull out the knots, the flood had washed away the boy.

Jiezi, who was rescued, is separated from him forever.

She said, I still remember his powerless figure when he was washed away by the flood. This picture is still imprinted in my mind

They are a couple who have been in love for a lifetime.

However, like all couples in the world, no one can say clearly how much I love you in ordinary life.

She knew that he would rather die by himself than make sure she was safe.

She understood, so, you really love me.

My wife is frying things in the kitchen. I dont know how the oil splashes on her body and burns.

The husband saw a fire in the kitchen downstairs and ran upstairs to find his wife surrounded by fire.

Both of them were severely burned and admitted to the hospital.

When the husband woke up, the first thing he said was to ask his wife how he was doing.

He choked and said: Id rather burn myself than save her. I just think I have to save her first.

Their family is very poor, but the husband repeatedly stressed that we must take money to save his wife.

This should also be a very ordinary couple.

I may have forgotten that there is love in the world.

But once life suddenly derailed, danger occurred, he immediately rushed out to protect her, told her: I am, love is.

The subconscious response is like this, after careful consideration, it is still the case.

Like ringer in Im waiting for you at the end of time, no matter how many times hes done it again, he still has the same choice.

In the film, there is another very moving detail.

His father was a barber. After his wife died, he did not remarry. He kept his old hairstyle for decades, because his wife liked it.

He may never have said I love you to his wife.

But he practiced I love you all his life.

Fan Wei, who plays Lins father, also said in an interview that if he had a choice, he would not hesitate to use his own time to save his wife.

So, honey.

When you look at the dull and rough him, a little disappointed.

Cheer Up.

To a critical juncture, it will not hesitate to rush out, save you in water and fire.

You may remember the great Thai cruise ship capsized two years ago.

That day, the boat was about to capsize. At the critical moment of life and death, young man Zhang Haofeng pushed his girlfriend onto the lifeboat.

With the help of a floating ball, he drifted on the sea for a whole night, dying and finally rescued.

Now, they are married.

Another netizen said:

When the earthquake happened, she jumped out of bed and ran. When I ran to the second floor, I saw my husband was running upstairs. While running, I cried out: tinger, earthquake, run!

She said: at that moment, I was not afraid at all

There are many such stories.

I write these, want to tell you, this world, is not really all the dregs of the Internet.

When you are worried about the wife killing case in the news and thinking about no marriage, infertility and safety, you must know that there are scum men who are not as good as animals, and there are good people who value love and justice.

2020 is too grey.

In this atmosphere, we need love more than ever before.

Love has the power to transcend life and death.

The more bereaved our lives are, the more we need to embrace and protect love.

Go and the person who is waiting for you at the end of time, laughing and laughing together, through the hardships of life.

Click on looking. May you meet the person who is willing to love you with his life, and have the little happiness of loving life.

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