Women with big breasts are not necessarily a good thing

 Women with big breasts are not necessarily a good thing

Since ancient times, womens breasts have been one of the most concerned organs of men, women, old and young. Moreover, this second sexual sign is far more conspicuous and eye-catching than that of mens first sexual sign. Therefore, there are many topics. There will be news about womens breasts every three or five days.

Dont say too much, for the body, we can still carry out the intervention after tomorrow, that is breast augmentation.

Seeing this, many people will think that bags must be anti breast augmentation again. They are going to say that womens breast augmentation hurts their health, and they are not sincere enough. Wrong, I dont object to breast augmentation. On the contrary, I support it. Since women are willing to do it on their own, I have no reason to say that it is not good. Everyone has the right and freedom to pursue beauty.

In fact, the reason why most women have breast augmentation is not what people think or what men think. It is to achieve other goals, such as finding a job, finding a boyfriend, or taking advantage of life. The reason for breast augmentation is simply beauty.

I dont deny that women with big breasts and good figure actually have many advantages of convenience, which is a reality. However, most women do not like their breasts to be watched too much, so as to cover up their other advantages and strengths.

Actor Liu Yan once said in interviews and even in her role: I dont like people paying attention to her chest. Whether Liu Yan is serious or not, or as many men say, you just stand and speak without pain, but Im sure that Liu Yans words are the voice of many women (especially those with big breasts).

As a result, there is a saying: there is a demand for a market. In recent years, with the development of the cosmetic industry, there have been many women who are particularly proud of their breasts. In turn, they have to do breast reduction surgery.

Seriously, I really understand the idea of people who want to shrink their chests, even though they are willing to be regarded as crazy by others.

In fact, these people who want to shrink their chests are a group of adventurers who want to get a fair evaluation.

The answer is yes. Moreover, its not surprising that such experiences exist in both Chinese and foreign cultures. Some female friends working in foreign countries or foreign enterprises also have such experiences.

It is said that everyone likes to be praised, but if the praise is not targeted at your current field, you will feel very distressed.

This truth is easy to understand. Even if the leaders, colleagues and partners around you are impartial, you cant protect the ideas of others outside of them.

Some people will certainly say: bag, you are too pretentious, other peoples ideas, how can you intervene so much, the mouth is long in other peoples face, you cant control.

I remember that there was a classmate next door to the university dormitory (I cant remember clearly, because I live on the same floor, I often meet when I go in and out, and I have some communication with her). It seems that she is of mixed blood in the family, so her chest is very proud, and her figure is more Russian than other students.

Once I interviewed her in the same company, but in different positions, I met her over there, and I asked, dont wear so cool for a job interview.

Then she joked to me and said, whats the matter? Are you jealous?

So, I think she is a very progressive girl, at least she has a figure and knows how to work hard.

[Law: a womans breast size is inversely proportional to her chances of getting a fair evaluation.

Sometimes Im a little lucky. Fortunately, Renyan is just awe inspiring, which can make you unhappy. If Renyan or fair evaluation is to serve as food, we dont know how many people will starve to death.

Why do we still say that women are weak and men are hegemonic? It does not mean that women are not easy to succeed in the current society. Even, since ancient times, women are more likely to succeed than men. In the past, men had to be successful, either because they were ten years old, or they had to cut the ten centimetres between their legs. Women were just a struggle in the harem.

Because women have always been the weak impression, leading to a woman once successful, everyone will think that is a heresyu2014u2014

Shes big on the chest and in good shape.

This kind of inequality of discourse power can be called Liuyan problem -- no matter how hard you try and achieve in one aspect, others will think that you are just because of your big heart. Similarly, if you dont do well in some aspects, others will think that you can only rely on your chest to eat, and ignore your efforts.

Whats more, the biggest worry is that chest size cant be hidden. Unlike mens, if you put on your pants, you can ignore it.

Therefore, as women themselves, the right to speak is not equal, and with the factor of big chest, women do not have to have any delusions about justice.

Finally, I would like to give some advice to women with big breasts. I hope we can encourage each other:

First: take a look.

Second, be open-minded.

Third: big degree point.

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