How can Zhang Min become a Hong Kong film classic memory?

 How can Zhang Min become a Hong Kong film classic memory?

Her most strange place is that she chose to fade out of the entertainment industry at the peak of her career. From then on, the lake disappeared.

Since she faded out of the entertainment industry, it is difficult to find her figure. The only thing that can be seen is her daily life on microblog. She walks here and stops there, and her life is quiet and peaceful.

In the era of rapid change, it is also a kind of memory to retire after success.

Just like netizens comments on her: I love her face, beautiful and fierce; I love her movies, try my best and be wonderful. Zhang Min, she is the most beautiful female star that I have ever seen looking back. Her eyes and eyebrows are affectionate, three points heroic, three points forthright and gorgeous.

Although there is no Zhang Min in the world, there are still legends about her.


She is the favorite of fate and the movie spirit

In the movie gambler, a Xing is in agony because he misses Qimeng too much. Uncle Da is forced to comfort a Xing with photos. A Xing is deeply infatuated with Qimeng, which is also firmly remembered by the audience.

In the early 1980s, Hong Kong was like a prosperous metropolis with developed economy and rich entertainment. The development of Hong Kong films in the 1980s was getting better and better.

The whole Hong Kong Society exudes an attractive and fatal attraction. The colorful world in front of her also makes Zhang Min intoxicated. In the new world, she has made another important choice in her life. She has applied for the art training class of ATV, and is determined to explore the performing arts circle and catch the high-speed train.

Facts have proved that Zhang Mins choice is correct.

Zhang Min, who has not yet officially graduated, was given too much attention when she handed out flyers on the street. She thinks that with Zhang Mins beauty, she has a bright future in Hong Kongs entertainment industry.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Hong Kongs entertainment industry seemed to have a special preference for handsome girls with big eyes. Zhang Min, Lin Qingxia and Wang Zuxian are all like this. Their beauty is full of heroic spirit.

Zhang Mins beauty undoubtedly made her a favorite of the times.

Zhang Min, who was discovered by Xiang Tai, lived up to become the most popular actress in the 1990s.

There is another version of Zhang Mins debut in the market. She was directed by director Wang Jingxiang and took part in his film magic jade. Zhang Min co stars with Andy Lau, Mo Shao Cong and others in this film. Stars are the best way to describe her..

After her debut, Zhang Min soon co starred with Maggie Cheung, Chow Yun fat, Zeng Zhiwei and others in the Hong Kong Style classic comedy film chasing girls in hardcover, in which she played the role of Wen Wenjiao.

While the film brings laughter to the public, there are also different voices pointing out that the female star in the film is just a vase.

For Zhang Min, who wants to be an actor, such a comment is depressing.

But Zhang Min is still galloping on the highway of filming, growing up with the rapid development of Hong Kong films. In 1989, with her best son-in-law, she won the Hong Kong Film Golden Dragon Award the most promising newcomer award, proving that she has the face and talent.

Time passed through the 1980s and quietly entered the 1990s. Zhang Min, who is in the entertainment industry of Hong Kong, also entered his peak moment by taking the train of movies.


Climbing to the peak, in the current of the times, how hard you are, how lucky you are

In December 1989, a film was released in Hong Kong. The release of this film directly opened the climax of Hong Kongs gambling films. It was the God of gamblers! Zhang Min plays the wife of gambler Gao Jin (Zhou Runfa).

If there was no God of gamblers, there would not be a series of classic gambling films such as gambler and gambler, nor would Zhou Xingchi change from star boy to star master, and Zhang Min would not become the biggest female star in Hong Kong.

It can be said that it is precisely because the film God of gamblers helped Zhang Min open the door to a new world.

What really brought her to the top was the movie gambler. How powerful was the movie gambler released in 1990?

Before the release, director Wu Siyuan, after seeing the sample film, said to Zhou Xingchi: after the release of gambler , you will not only be a popular student, but also the most popular person in Hong Kong. Sure enough, gambler only 28 days after its release, the box office revenue was as high as HK $41.32 million, which broke the box office record of Hong Kong film history and won the box office champion of that year.

What a proud achievement?

Gentle Zhang Min, ruthless Zhang Min and sexy Zhang Min have been shown in many films. Her acting style has been widened, and she has successfully brought herself from the narrow Hong Kong film world to the whole Southeast Asia.

If ones ability is the foundation of ones development, then the era and the opportunity to seize are the wings to help it take off.

Zhang Min, who became a first-line actress, was invited to participate in the Miss Asia finals in Hong Kong. She was also invited to participate in variety shows in Taiwan. People have one more window after another to understand her, for her, goddess has been easily available.

Many of Zhang Mins early interviews were conducted on the set. After finishing her make-up in a hurry, she came to chat and rushed to shoot.

It can be said that the golden age of Hong Kong films was created and jointly held by these film makers who love movies and dare to pursue their dreams.

In 1993, when she starred in the movie killing the Dragon by relying on heaven, Zhang Mins Zhao Min immediately became a classic, especially when she wore a white dress and rode on a horse and looked back with a smile. How many people for the movement, that one eye, that smile in the brain can no longer erase.

However, Zhang Mins classic also only stayed in the 1990s. After shooting Ten Brothers in 1995, Zhang Mins choice gradually faded out of the entertainment circle.

All her best years are on the screen.

Return to nature, find the true ID, live a life full of flaws

Some people say that Zhang Min left the entertainment circle because he saw the decline of Hong Kong films. In 1995, the box office of Hong Kong films fell sharply, and the market was also impacted by Taiwan films, Japanese and Korean films. At that time, many people in the circle began to go into business.

Zhang Min is also one of the stars who sink into the business world. However, her talent and luck in business are far inferior to that of an actress. The stores opened with enthusiasm in 1996 were all closed in 1999.

Some people say that Zhang Min retired from the entertainment industry because she was addicted to the love with Xiang Huasheng. It is said that the two people who had been in contact for many years still failed to get together.

The reason for their breakup sounds funny now. Xiang Huasheng was beaten for favoring Zhang Min only and harming others interests. After recovering, Xiang Huasheng ran to fortune telling. The fortune teller advised him that Zhang Min did not have Wang Fus appearance.

Listening to the fortune tellers words, Xiang Huasheng began to deliberately alienate Zhang Min, and their feelings ended in vain.

Today, there are still debates about whether the goddess Zhang Min and Liu Yonghui are married or not, but she has already returned to nature and enjoys every moment of life.

When the media photographed her gathering with her friends, Zhang Min, who was smoking and chatting, did not dodge or hide in front of the camera. She should smoke and chat without being affected.

But Zhang Mins indifference can be seen from the fact that she chose to fade out of the entertainment industry at the peak and failed in business, and attributed the reason to her bad luck. She has already indicated her attitude towards herself and life.

Zhang Min is not entangled and nostalgic in the face of her past achievements. She should let go when it is time to let go, which proves her philosophy and wisdom. When many people are still struggling in the quagmire of fame and wealth, she chooses to turn around and go to other places to find the real ID.

Enjoy the stage and be yourself. It is a reflection of her past and a reflection of the present.

Thanks to Zhang Min, who has left so many classic characters, although there is no dream or Zhao Min in this world, there is still Zhang min.


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