Story u00b7 collection | three big guns

 Story u00b7 collection | three big guns

She was so angry that she wanted to call her friends to borrow money. He took out his mobile phone, but found that the mobile phone cant be turned on. When he opened the shell, he was silly. The battery and mobile phone card were all gone. There was a note in the fuselage: husband, die of this heart. Smoking is harmful to others and yourself. Quit smoking!

Theres no way to smoke. He came to the suburbs by free ride. It was more than 100 kilometers away from home, and he couldnt go back for a while. Soon, the oil to smoke addiction, yawn days, all over the body uncomfortable.

At this time, he saw a snack bar by the road. He couldnt help but be overjoyed and ran in: boss, come and pack cigarettes! When he spoke, he remembered that he had no money. He thought about it. He put his mobile phone on the counter and asked the boss if he could exchange the mobile phone for cigarettes.

The boss looked at his mobile phone, his eyes rolled and asked, how many packs of cigarettes do you want to change?

At least 20 packs of good cigarettes have to be replaced. The boss shook his head like a rattle: no change.

Its OK to change it to 15 bags, no less.

Unexpectedly the boss hey hey a smile: can change a bag only.

what? A mobile phone for a pack of cigarettes, this is clearly looting it! You want to change cigarettes elsewhere. Who knows, the country originally has a few small shops, he resisted the addiction to smoking and walked more than ten miles, never to see a cigarette seller again.

At this time, yanyouzi saw a car parked by the road. He thought that heaven would help me, so he ran to ask the driver for a cigarette. Unexpectedly, the driver jumped out of the car and asked, brother, can you lend me a cigarette?

The big chimney was also happy when he heard about the experience of yanyouzi. He said, you dont have money to buy cigarettes. I cant buy cigarettes because I have money. So, you can lead the way to the canteen. Ill buy two bags and give you one.

Yanyouzi shook his head, pointed to the chimney and said it was he who bought the cigarette. The chimney threw out the money: boss, two packs of cigarettes.


The soot and the chimney are stupid. However, the boss is depressed. Maybe you are interested in selling cigarettes Said, he took out a small cloth bag, which is some black tobacco.

They were overjoyed and said that as long as it was tobacco, they asked the boss how to sell the tobacco. The boss touched his chin and held out a finger.

The chimney said, a hundred is a hundred. Ill take it.

But the boss laughed: who said 100? I mean a thousand.

You, you are deceiving people! The chimney was startled.

The boss sneered: are you too expensive? Well, please. But I can tell you in advance that you cant find a second snack bar within 30 miles.

I havent smoked for a long time. When I smell the tobacco, my saliva almost flows out. Big chimneys addiction to smoking is not small, so two people a bite: good, a thousand on a thousand.

But the chimney spent half a day, only more than 500 yuan in cash. Finally, he gave the mobile phone to the boss and finally got back the bag of tobacco.

The boss of the snack bar has a bad look. He thinks that a cow is coming in and is going to drive him away. But when he sees what is coming in, he suddenly has a voice and squats on the ground.

When you heard the sound of smoke, you turned around and looked at it. It was almost scared to death that a living tiger came in!

The tiger grinned, opened its mouth and growled at the three. The three were scared to death like chaff. There was no place to run, no place to hide. However, it seems that the tiger has no appetite and does not want to hurt people. It just moves its nose, sniffs the smell of tobacco in the air and squints, as if enjoying it.

To show ones teeth

Yanyouzi gave a wink to the other two, indicating that he would run away quietly while the tiger smelled the smoke. But as soon as the three raised their feet, the tiger showed fierce light and roared a warning.

The owner of the snack bar trembled, grabbed the sausage and bread and threw it to the tiger: Tiger Tiger Lord, there are delicious food here. Please enjoy it. Let us have a rest when you are full. But the tiger was not interested in those things, only looked at the tobacco bag beside the oil.

He thought the tiger was interested in tobacco leaves, so he threw the bag to him. The tiger clawed at it, but shook its head and growled. Three people do not understand the tiger language, the tiger saw three people did not respond, anxious, growled, a claw to pull the tobacco bag back to the three people.

Among the three, the shopkeeper was the smartest. He remembered how the tiger enjoyed the smell of smoke when he came in. He couldnt help saying, this tiger doesnt like to smell smoke, does it? He quickly rolled up a cigarette, lit the fire, took a puff, and spurted it to the tiger.

God! When the tiger smelled the smoke, he was quiet as expected. He squinted again and sniffed at the cigarette. Before long, a cigarette was finished, and the tiger was still in the end. The oil had to smoke, light, smoke and spray again.

After the tiger smelled the smoke, his spirit was greatly invigorated. Perhaps he was hungry. He took a tigers step, bypassed the oil that served it, and walked towards the chimney. The big chimney was scared to death. He quickly learned to look like a smoker. He rolled a cigarette and puffed smoke at the tiger. When the tiger saw it, he no longer went to the chimney. He turned the corner and went to the boss of the snack bar.

The boss was paralyzed. He also wanted to learn how to roll tobacco and spray tobacco to the tiger. But the big chimney covered the tobacco bag: you sold this tobacco leaf to us, you cant use it.

The chimney snorted: this tobacco leaf is ours now. If you want to change it back, there is no way!

The boss begged again and again, saying that as long as you give him some tobacco to save his life, how much money they want will do. Seeing that he was pitiful, he said to the chimney, forget it, give him some tobacco.. The boss was moved to say thanks, quickly rolled up a cigarette, took a few deep breaths, and spurted to the tiger. It worked. All three of them tried their best to smoke and puff. The smell of cigarettes became stronger and stronger. Finally, the tiger stopped, squinted and enjoyed the smell of smoke.

In this way, three people keep smoking, as long as anyone dares to stop, the tiger goes to him. Three people complain incessantly, ginseng eats much still shed nosebleed, not to mention cigarette. Three people smoked for a long time, mouth began to numb, tongue swollen, throat like a knife cut, even like this, three people also dare not stop.

After another half day, the canteen was full of smoke, and the three were tired and afraid. The boss of the snack bar could not hold on and fell to the ground. Yanyouzi and the chimney persisted for a while, but they were exhausted and fainted one after another.

When the three woke up, they were all in the hospital, next to doctors and police. The owner of the snack bar may have been stimulated by his brain and kept screaming: the tiger is coming!

At this time, the police explained to them the origin of the tiger. The tiger was raised by a zoo. Recently, the zoo was relocated. On the way to the relocation, the cage of the tiger was broken, and the tiger took the opportunity to run out.

Funny to say, its an old man who feeds tigers on weekdays. The old man was addicted to smoking. He especially liked to smoke choking dead cattle. He smoked all day long. For a long time, the tiger was used to the smell of smoke, and even became addicted to smoking. If he didnt smell it for a day, he refused to eat. Moreover, it must have the smell of choking dead cattle. After running away, the tiger didnt smell smoke for half a day. He was addicted to smoking. By coincidence, he happened to meet with oleander. They were smoking. The tiger had a good sense of smell and went into the snack bar along with the smell