Man kills ex girlfriends family members in the street

 Man kills ex girlfriends family members in the street

Mr. Jia said that his sister has always listened to the familys words, but if there is any difficulty and pain, she will always carry it on her own and will not let others know. In fact, she is a little introverted. People she knows can laugh and people who dont know cant say a word. He couldnt accept personal attacks on his sister from people on the Internet. I dont know whats going on in peoples minds now. I dont see the bad nature of the matter, so I start to make malicious comments.

I dont have any other demands, and Im waiting for the survey results to come out, mainly to clarify some malicious comments on my sister on the Internet. Mr. Jia said.

Mr. Jia also wrote in his circle of friends. At first, the whole family was against her sister being with the man because he was not serious about drinking and playing cards, according to the post. Later, the man promised to find a good job when he was engaged, and his sister chose to believe him. But the man still plays cards and drinks after he comes back.

Suspect Xing

According to the post, the man gave 11000 yuan as a betrothal gift and 20000 yuan as a red envelope and bought a bracelet. They were returned when the woman retired. My sister never pays for her husbands money. She doesnt dislike him for being poor His sister earned more money for him than he did for her. Because I cant see hope and choose to break up, I didnt expect to get cruel revenge.

Mr. Jia said in the article that his family did not dare to watch the videos and news about his sisters murder, but they couldnt help watching them. Every time they saw her lying on the ground, one hand covering her neck and the other hand reaching out in despair for help, they couldnt help crying. I dont blame the indifference of human nature, but please dont continue to hurt my sister and family, and please dont distort the truth I feel unfair for my sister. At present, the man has been arrested by the police. I hope the law can give us justice and punish the suspect according to law.

How can passers-by not be indifferent when a man kills his ex girlfriend in the street?

Recently, a video of a man beating his ex girlfriend on the street in Songxian County, Henan Province, has become a hot topic on the Internet. In the video, the man beat the lying woman for more than 3 minutes, kicking the womans head several times, and picking up a nearby ice-cream cone roadblock and smashing the womans head vigorously. According to the Police Information Circular of Songxian Public Security Bureau in Henan Province, the two men and women were former friends. The injured woman died after being rescued after being seriously injured. The suspect Xing was under police control.

The surveillance video lasted less than five minutes, but for the victim, it was as long as falling into hell. Some media reporters checked the video and found that there were 14 electric vehicles (motorcycles) and 10 cars passing by during the period, and no one stopped them.

According to the authors memory of the video, there are indeed several electric vehicles (motorcycles) passing by. Their speed is not fast. To some extent, it can be said that after watching the violence, they choose to leave rather than go to help.

The violence lasted more than one minute before a passing woman came to stop her. Although the woman was also attacked by the perpetrators, she turned back every time to stop the violence. In the video, a man came to stop the violence. It is said that the man is a relative of the victim.

The crime is so bad and the evidence is so solid that people have reason to believe that the law will give a fair verdict. The lunatic devil will be severely punished by the law, and the innocent women and their families will be comforted.

But people still cant help asking: if someone should have done it earlier, if more people could come forward to help dissuade the violent man, if someone could dial 110 and ask the police for help If one of these ifs can come true, maybe the 22-year-old girl would not have died and died in such a terrible way.

Some people may say that this is a matter of criticizing passers-by from the perspective of God afterwards, which is not the same as the little Yueyue incident in those years. In 2011, 2-year-old xiaoyueyue was run over by two vehicles in Foshan, Guangdong Province. Within 7 minutes, 18 passers-by passed by, but they all turned a blind eye and walked away indifferently. Finally, only one scavenger Aunt Chen XianMei came forward to help.

This time, the injured woman was beaten violently in the street. At that time, a woman stepped forward to stop her. It may not be appropriate to accuse passers-by of indifference. Indeed, dozens of seconds of passing by may not be enough for passers-by to judge the right and wrong, and a hesitation may miss the opportunity to give a helping hand..

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The man who killed his ex girlfriend in the street is a local gangster