A good day in the neighborhood

 A good day in the neighborhood

With grey hair and a gentle smile, Tom Hanks sang the theme song of Mr. Rogerss neighborhood calmly in front of the camera, as if the TV host who had been growing up with generations was still with us. Even Joanna Rogers, the widow of Mr. Fred Rogers, couldnt help sighing, he looks as cute as Fred. However, director Mariel Heller revealed that when setting up the makeup for Tom Hanks, she avoided the complicated special effects makeup and facial prosthesis, but only customized a wig for him and added Mr. Rogers unique eyebrow shape. She said it was enough to have the rest to show with his eyes.. With little help from complicated makeup, the two time Oscar winner restored the Mr. Rogers in everyones memory with his deep understanding of the role and exquisite acting skills, and added his own unique interpretation. He dedicated the classic one minute gaze to the audience, breaking the fourth wall and having a soul dialogue with you and me off the screen.

Do homework to deeply understand the chattering actor incarnates as quiet legendary host

In order to get a better understanding of Mr. Rogers, Tom Hanks spent a lot of time watching Mr. Rogerss program Mr. Rogerss neighbors, and even read the script written by Mr. Rogers for the program. The biggest challenge for Tom Hanks to play Mr Rogers is to slow himself down. Tom Hanks himself was warm and cheerful, and his speech was full of air, while Mr. Rogers was quiet, deep and slow. In order to restore the unique temperament of Mr. Rogers, Tom Hanks deliberately slows down when performing, and suppresses his instinctive gesture and tone when speaking. Its amazing that when you do that, youre naturally in a state.. In addition, Tom Hanks also learned how to control dolls like Daniel tiger and Friday king.

True movie emperor acting as a legendary actor and perfect match with prototype

For the audience, Mr. Rogers is the most trusted lovely elder, while Tom Hanks is a popular and approachable excellent actor. Many people may not know that Tom Hanks was also Mr. Rogers favorite actor. And Mr. Rogers let Tom Hanks break the rule of no longer play the real person. The charm of this legendary figure is self-evident. One is the Hollywood evergreen drama skeleton, which has left many classic images in the audiences heart; the other is the legendary program host who has enriched the spiritual world of several generations. Tom Hanks plays Mr. Rogers, and is the film emperor performing the legend. Uncle Tom is definitely the perfect person to play Mr. Rogers.

A good day in the neighborhood will be released nationwide on September 18.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020