900 yuan a day, didi renter can make various requirements! Someone rented his wife for seven years

 900 yuan a day, didi renter can make various requirements! Someone rented his wife for seven years

Some people rent three or five friends to have dinner together, take photos and send friends circle to prove that they are happy enough

Some people want to show their friends and predecessors a wonderful life;

Take her to all kinds of social occasions just for the sake of face.

Whats more, some people rent their wives in the first year and children in the second year. After cheating everyone, they can still enjoy the freedom of being single.

In the era of pursuing fast food, eternity is luxury.

A short time is enough.

The business opportunity starts with the fact that children of single mothers will be rejected by private kindergartens.

If you can rent a husband, you can solve this problem.

As a result, didi renter service came into being.

It seems that the service has become popular.

Young people who are satisfied with the little life.

Low desire society says, Japanese young people have no desire, no dream, no drive.

Different from the old generation of Japanese, young people have their own way of living.

The renter is just creating the illusion of being gregarious.

A free life is the purpose.

It has been described as Japanese men married like a money making machine, women after marriage to serve their husband, lost the value of life.

A step-by-step life is just to meet the expectations of others, and has nothing to do with ones joys and sorrows.

As for the charge, its very heartfelt and authentic: you can pay for transportation and meals.

After all, Xiang Tais original intention is not to make money, but do nothing.

At first, Xiang didnt expect too much.

But it turned out to be unexpected, with the number of people watching rapidly increasing to 250000.

Xiang Tais customers range from young girls to middle-aged uncles.

There was a girl who couldnt stand the taste of others, so she rented him to accompany her birthday;

There is also a client who always feels that he has a bad smell. Please go and smell him

The seemingly bizarre requirements are very similar to each other

Even in the face of acquaintances, there is also a side that is unwilling to expose.

It can be seen that being yourself is everyones desire.

This is the truth that Xiang Tai accidentally bumped into.

On the contrary, they also have a lot of aspirations and aspirations.

It is just contrary to the mainstream of society.

When we talk about desire, it is easy to think of eroticism, money and power.

Its not.

Low desire is a trend.

Just like minimalism and minimalism.

The theme of one issue of round table school is low desire.

As for what is low desire, Dou Wentao explains that it is not low desire, but desire is elsewhere.

I just eat a bowl of ramen. Life is the simplest. I dont want a car. I dont want to see Ferrari.

This kind of material at will, people envy.

When Liang Wendao talked about Europe, there was an interesting phenomenon.

When he was in Denmark, he saw a lot of Mercedes Benz and BMW on the street.

But those famous brand cars have no logo.

At first, he didnt understand that famous cars were used to show off?

He thought it was the Danes who were so fierce that they knocked the logo off.

Actually, its not. Its the owner who pulled out the logo after he bought the car.

What owners enjoy is the comfort of famous cars, not the sense of glory.

Writing here, I finally understand that low desire is really a kind of wealth disease.

What about upstarts? Poverty is still inherent.

Low desire is also different from salted fish, not to mention pure heart and few desires.

Its just different levels of pursuit.

They dont want to be promoted or raised,

Not in BMW villa.

And money, to him, is just some kind of accessory.

He may not be the richest, but he must be the richest in his heart.

Some people say that the epidemic has made everyone experience a low desire life.

Useless social intercourse is unnecessary. Superfluous desire is only a burden, extravagance and waste is a crime.

Such is the case. A simple and comfortable life may not be without happiness.

But the real just need is really not much.

Looking back, how many desires we have are imposed by the outside world:

Before the age of 30, you must have a house and a car. Luxury is the premise of exquisite life. Employees who dont want to be CEO are not good employees

These high desires, in addition to proving their own inherent lack, can hardly solve any problem.

As the new weekly wrote:

A man is rich enough to eat three meals a day,

Even if he bought a whole block of mansions,

When survival is no longer a problem, life does not have to keep pace with others, the desire for money and food will naturally decline.

From this point of view, didi renter service is not for themselves, but for dealing with others.

Deal with people who dont think theyre gregarious enough.

Deal with people who find their lives boring.

Deal with people who dont feel happy enough.

Create the illusion that after cheating everyone, they can live the life they really want.

Russell said well, diversity is the source of happiness.

The low desire society will be more diversified and inclusive.

As if to remind us: people, to live for themselves.

Author: Yu Yichen