Mom, please, dont get involved in our business. whos face hurt

 Mom, please, dont get involved in our business. whos face hurt

The reason for this is that the daughter-in-law has not suffered from the hardships her mother-in-law has suffered, and her mother-in-law does not want you to enjoy the happiness she has not enjoyed.

Although maternal love is greater than the sky, when her son suddenly gives more love to another person, her heart will be very sad.

Doting on their sons is the main reason for many mother-in-law and daughter-in-laws bad relationship.

A good friend who has been with each other for many years has been married for three years. Because both of them are busy with their careers and have no plans to have children so soon, his mother is not happy. He always thinks that the problem lies in his daughter-in-law, so he makes all kinds of difficulties.

Once my son was on a business trip, my mother-in-law went directly to a quack doctor and went to her daughter-in-laws unit. She sat at the gate and waited for her to get off work. Her daughter-in-law was still filial. She endured to let the quack have a look, and finally made a lot of messy prescriptions.

Not only that, her mother-in-law also supervised her daughter-in-law to drink medicine. One of them was raw meat. She forced her daughter-in-law to eat it.

Since then, the husband and wife always quarrel, marriage once lit a red light, so forced, the son finally opened his mouth and said, Mom, please, dont get involved in our affairs..

They have been in love since university. They are really in love. If they cant live on, even outsiders will feel very sorry.


Chinese people attach great importance to filial piety. Thousands of years of tradition has influenced many people imperceptibly, forming a concept: parents are right.

My cousin was 22 years old and fell in love. Because the boy was going to graduate school, they had been talking for six years. During these six years, my cousin did a good job in her career, but because the boy had been studying, she didnt make any progress.

A pair of great mandarin ducks were separated by their parents love.

It seems that mom and dad are always like this, they only care about whether you live a rich life, but never ask what you really want.

The relationship between you and my parents is selfish, just like this.

Can true love and filial piety, should not be aimless, from the heart of human instinct?

So its time for parents to reflect on themselves.


Coincidentally, there are many such marriage cases in my hometown. Its very difficult to love freely. Its almost arranged by parents. They always keep saying: Well, Ill do my duty to finish the childrens marriage.

Whats more, they seldom think about what to do with divorce if the relationship is not what their children want. They only look at their eyes a little bit. When they are twenty-three years old and dont go to college, they will send someone to introduce their children to them. When they are twenty-four or five years old, they will have children.

Because they are eager to have grandchildren.

As for extramarital affairs, divorce and other possible accidents, they are rarely within the scope of their concerns.

In many European countries, their children have become independent very early. After college, they try not to live with their parents. They have to buy their own house and pay off their credit cards. Their life is entirely their own, including love and marriage.

Parents can also support themselves or do what they like.

Such a family model is healthy. No one kidnaps anyone in the name of love. Peace and security is a rare blessing.


We all know that it is not easy for our parents to give birth to us. It can be said that it is very hard for them to give birth to us. Almost all their thoughts are focused on our growth and future.

No one wants to be an unfilial descendant. However, the children of the new century are not from the 1960s and 1970s. They are more avant-garde and open-minded. If the kite is pulled by the string all the time, there must be an upper limit to its height.

Therefore, proper decentralization, allowing children to deal with their own love and marriage independently is really good for them.

Otherwise, he is always a little child, but his parents will always be old. Do you really hope that when he is more than 40 years old, he will be hit and has no ability to resist pressure?

For each husband and wife, there is a way to find their own way of marriage, which is not suitable for their parents.

Moreover, the generation gap will make the gap between the two generations insurmountable.

I really dont want any more children to ask their parents not to interfere in their own feelings, so that the parents are sad and the children are more difficult.

A harmonious and happy family, members have their own responsibilities, do their own work, do not impose the concept on others, in order to achieve harmony and prosperity.