When you fall in love, you cant help it? Dont worry. Learning to do it can also improve your feelings

 When you fall in love, you cant help it? Dont worry. Learning to do it can also improve your feelings

In the process of growing up, each of us has learned a whole set of adult social etiquette and system in school, workplace and education after tomorrow.

Because we know that if we do, we may lose these relationships.

But why do many people feel like a changed person when they fall in love?

Its because when we get into a relationship, we return to being a child.

Many of our behaviors in intimate relationships are indistinguishable from the interaction between children and mothers.

Because what we want is a relationship that no matter what we do, the other party will not leave, a relationship that makes us feel secure enough.

In such a relationship, many people will show the state of a child.

Of course, the state of children is different.

Some children will be unreasonable;

Some children have their own sense of security and know how to deal with themselves;

There are also children who are indifferent;


In short, any kind of child state will have.

What we want to say is that one of the hallmarks of a close relationship is that we are back in the same state as we were as children.

This explains why many girls feel like they have changed their personality once they fall in love.


How to avoid the trouble of child state?

For example, you can say to your partner, when Im in a state of intimacy, Im a bit clingy..

Otherwise, many peoples intimate relationship will develop to the end, there will be such complaints: at first, he is very good to me, but later he is more and more indifferent to me....

Or does he not care about me? Why do I think his response to me is always perfunctory....

This is because, your child state, to a person will feel did not expect that you are such a difficult person.

Therefore, we must make it clear in advance, and we should also stop enough and learn to adjust our emotions.

A girl told me that in such a childs state, she would always do all kinds of things and unconsciously read each others words and deeds. In fact, this is the problem of mentality.

Under this kind of mentality question, the characteristic which displays is sensitive.

All highly sensitive girls should learn to do one thing: learn to coexist with their own sensitivities.

In Taoism, there is an important thought called useless use.

Many people can see that they are very sensitive, and always regard sensitivity as a shortcoming. This is because they have not learned to coexist with sensitivity, nor have they learned to use this sensitivity in useful places.

So how to coexist with your own sensitivity?

In this way, my sensitivity becomes my weapon.

Everything in US has two sides. If we use it in the right place, it will become an important weapon in our life. However, if it is not used properly, it may hurt others and ourselves in turn.

For example, at work, you can do some work related to psychology, expression and art.

In the emotion, we should learn to avoid the problems brought by sensitivity in intimate relationship, and learn to coexist with our own sensitivity.

A sensitive person cannot become a very insensitive person.

Be aware that your sensitivity is a problem that you create for yourself.

When we are in the state of decomposing and reading the information given by the other party because of our sensitivity, remember to remind ourselves: This is not the problem of the other party, this is the trouble that our sensitivity brings to us.

This is an important mentality building, learning to coexist with your own characteristics, and at the same time, let it play in the most useful place.


In fact, this state of children appearing in love is nothing more than to want the other party to treat themselves as a child.

Then how to do, in order to let girls in this state not only express their own needs, but also can not let the other party feel afraid?

The answer still falls on the way emotions are expressed.

Such as coquetry, it can play a lubricant role in communication.

It has no difference between good and bad, nor is it a simple whine, nor is it a weakness of women to men. Instead, girls put down their guard in front of the most intimate people, showing their soft side and forming emotional connection.

Act coquettish, just use a kind of gentle sweet way, express oneself demand.

Between partners, giving is important, and expressing needs is just as important.

It doesnt need a long speech to be coquettish. It usually only needs one or two simple modal particles, such as eh, Ho, yo, hee... When you speak, you should cooperate with the movements of your limbs. Your body should be soft and your voice should be light. Naturally, you can meet your needs.

1) Keep a proper distance.

No matter how much a girl likes a man and wants to be with him, dont stick to him all the time.

Because if you like a person for a long time, you will naturally get tired of it. Just like couples in marriage, they stay together every day and stick together, which will only make each other hate each other more and more.

Two people together, no matter how sweet love, a long time, when the other sides advantages are all explored, see the other sides shortcomings.

Once we find in each other only shortcomings, no advantages, we will find that he is not the way he loves.

2) More opportunities for separation

When we get along with each other for a long time, we should separate, let each other understand the importance of each other in their own heart, and remind each other again and again that what he loves deeply is himself, and the person he thinks in his heart is also himself, so that two people can love each other for a generation.

3) Live his own life and let him pursue his own step all the time.

In the emotional world, if you want to attract a mans attention all the time, you have to keep yourself mysterious and fresh. In this way, we can attract mens eyes to stay on us all the time, and let him feel that we are mysterious. If there is something he wants to explore, he will follow our pace and keep going, and will never lose interest in it.

Finally, I would like to share an idea with all the readers here: there is no difference between the good and the bad in childrens appearance in love. Everyone has his own language of love and his own criteria for judging love.

A good relationship is not to compare who loves whom more, nor who is willing to unconditionally tolerate whom, but to pay attention to the relationship itself at this moment and do self-improvement is the most important.