1.7 billion greedy Lai Xiaomin steps on all red lines

 1.7 billion greedy Lai Xiaomin steps on all red lines

Lai Xiaomin, 58, stood in the dock with gray hair and pale face.

On August 11, 2020, Tianjin Second Intermediate Peoples court publicly heard the case of Lai Xiaomin, former Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huarong), accepting bribes, corruption and bigamy. The indictment mentions that Lai Xiaomin has illegally amassed more than 1.788 billion yuan. This shocking detail quickly set off huge waves in the field of public opinion. A netizen calculated an account: this is equivalent to his average annual bribery of 178.8 million yuan in the past 10 years, an average of 14.9 million yuan a month, an average of 490000 yuan a day, an average of 20000 yuan per hour!

The case of Lai Xiaomin is the first major financial case jointly handled by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission since the founding of the peoples Republic of China. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection once defined the case as three special, that is, the mass response is particularly strong, the problem of corruption is particularly serious, and the nature is particularly bad.. Lai Xiaomin is a landmark rat of anti-corruption in the financial field, and also a landmark achievement in the financial field. Song Wei, director of the clean government construction research center of Beijing University of science and technology, told reporters of global people.

The story of Lai Xiaomin in Huarong is neither novel nor advanced. A financial industry source told global people: Huarong in the era of Lai Xiaomin is a provider of cheap capital. With the advantages of large-scale central enterprise status and full financial license plate, the state-owned financial resources will be delivered to the owners of private enterprises at a low price, and the interest margin will be earned through investment and limited partnership, and then a pile of bad debts will be created for the state-owned financial institutions.

Over 1.788 billion yuan of money has been amassed, 200 million yuan of cash has been hidden in the supermarket, and bigamy and birth of children in Hong Kong Why did Lai Xiaomin step on all the red lines? In August 2020, reporters from global people went to Ruijin, Jiangxi Province to investigate and interview, and found another aspect of the story.

Zhai yeyi, 86, is Lai Xiaomins head teacher at University, and the 79 grade student is his most proud one. Lai didnt fall in love when he was in college. He focused on his studies, he told global people. I also encouraged the members of the class to recruit Lai Xiaomin and others to join the party. No one looks down on him because he is a child of a poor family.

He has worked in the central bank for 20 years. In 2003, Lai Xiaomin was transferred to the post of deputy bureau level cadre of the second Banking Supervision Department of China Banking Regulatory Commission. Since then, he has served as director of the Beijing regulatory bureau, Secretary of the Party committee, director of the General Office (Party Committee Office) of the CBRC.

Lai Xiaomins fall began with the office director of the CBRC. A financial scholar who once worked in the peoples Bank of China told global people: it is unimaginable that Lai Xiaomin has been promoted so fast today. According to the prosecution information, he began to have problems in 2008, but he was promoted twice in 2009 and 2012, which still has the problem of promotion with illness. Old classmate Zhang Lu (pseudonym) also found that after 2008, Lai Xiaomin became a high-profile official. The students in our class hold some parties, and Lai Xiaomin also comes to attend. He also brought his men with him, and when they did not satisfy him, he reprimanded them in public

Residents near Lais family also revealed that in the past few years, people often came to Lais home to pay homage to the wharf.. According to media reports, the gift money received from Lais mother bank account was as high as 300 million yuan. Many local people confirmed that Lais mother died in 2019. When his mother left, he came back with a woman for the funeral. If he can come back, it should be approved by the organization. But I dont know whether this woman is his wife or mistress, and whether his arrest accelerated his mothers death A white haired old man who lives with Lai Mu on Mianjiang road told reporters. Now, the mother died, the son obeyed the law, and the family of Lai was finally deserted.

In recent days, the first trial of the Lai Xiaomin case has become a hot news topic. Zhai yeyi is very upset. Old friends in the academic circles all ask him, can Lai Xiaomin in your class save his life? He had difficulty in answering. He also called the students at that time and asked the same question. The students who had become the pillars of all walks of life could not answer the same question.

Lai Xiaomin and three junior high school students, as well as wangbeilou vivid!

Lai Xiaomin is the main character of the celebration. Before drinking in the evening, he made an appointment with his 23-year-old Secretary to go swimming.

He was calm, his face did not change. He seemed to have expected such a day, but he did not expect it was today. He turned to the Secretary and said, I cant go swimming because of something..

Lai Xiaomin did not struggle and was taken away by three of the men. Leaving behind a frightened female secretary, the rest of the men asked the Secretary to cooperate and hand over all the room keys and passwords.

Later, several men found three tons of 100 yuan bills, countless antiques, calligraphy and paintings, and Bentley, Rolls Royce, alpha and Mercedes Benz, which were dusted in the parking lot.

The beautiful secretary was shocked and shivered and sent a wechat to a mysterious person: he was arrested and his home was copied.

In the evening, the guests who had planned to attend the dinner party received a message: the event was cancelled.

This news is like a deep-water bomb. Some people are calm on the surface, but in fact, they are shocked by the explosion. These people, including three junior high school students rich, as well as several beautiful actress.

Their dream came to an abrupt end and their fate was rewritten.

In 1962, Lai Xiaomin was born in the old revolutionary base area, a poor mountain village in Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province. Because he was poor, Lai Xiaomin wanted to change his fate through reading.

At that time, Jiangxi University of Finance and economics was a college directly under the peoples Bank of China. Relying on the national student loan, Lai Xiaomin studied the major of national economic planning for four years. In 1983, he was attracted by the director of the capital Department of the peoples Bank of China, and then entered the capital Office of the head office of the peoples Bank of China.

In 1994, Lai Xiaomin, who had worked for the peoples Bank of China for 11 years, was promoted again. This time, he became the director of the central treasury.

That year, the 23-year-old Anhui people admired wisdom, had already graduated from junior high school, and formally went north to become a Beipiao. His first job was to sell money detector, paper and rope to banks.

That year, Huang Youlong, an 18-year-old from Hunan Province, also graduated from junior high school and came to Shenzhen to become an assistant of the leaders. (we all know the real identity, we dare not say)

That year, 14-year-old Ji Xiaobo was studying junior high school in Harbin. Soon he would graduate from junior high school and go to society.

In addition to three junior high school students, there is also a Lai Xiaomins Jiangxi old cousin Wang Yonghong. In that year, 22-year-old Wang Yonghong graduated from university. In the following year, he will go to Beijing to start a business and engage in Automobile beauty industry.

These four future tycoons will all make an indissoluble bond with Lai Xiaomin, and then send him to the road of corruption.


Since the reform and opening up, Chinas economy has been overheated twice, one in 1984 and the other in 1988. Bank credit has been out of control twice, which has resulted in the formation of non-performing assets that are difficult to measure.

In the 1990s, the financial crisis occurred in Southeast Asia, which once again impacted Chinas banking industry, and the non-performing loans further deteriorated. With each other, China is applying to join the WTO, and the business is about to face the competition from foreign banks.

In order to strip off the non-performing assets of banks, state-owned banks should be light-duty. In 1999, the state set up four non-performing asset management companies to take over the non-performing loans of the four major banks.

China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. came into being and received 407.7 billion loans from industrial and Commercial Bank of China. China Huarong undertakes the task of national disposal of policy assets and defuses systemic risks.

However, it is unexpected that 10 years later, its next owner has exposed a huge risk by using it.

In the second half of 2008, Lai Xiaomin, who was studying in the youth class of the Central Party school, was informed by the organization that he wanted him to work in Huarong, China.

At that time, Lai Xiaomin, who had been appointed to the general office of the CBRC, did not want to leave the CBRC. He believes that China Huarong is a down and out, marginalized enterprise.

Leaders talked to him four times. In 2009, Lai Xiaomin took office as scheduled. After reading the account book, his heart was still cold. China Huarongs total assets are only 32.6 billion yuan, and 25 of its 32 branches have been losing money for nine consecutive years, with poor profitability.

At that time, China Huarong had just arrived in its ten-year existence period and was facing commercial transformation. The future is not clear, which makes Lai Xiaomin extremely uneasy about his future.

However, he soon found a way to break through and let Huarong, a marginal enterprise, become a more fragrant pastry in the eyes of mainland rich people than banks.


When Lai Xiaomin became the president of China Huarong, Huang Youlong had completed the transformation from a driver to a mysterious rich man in Singapore.

Since 2001, when Huang Youlong bought his first house in Shenzhen and established Shenzhen dongrunda company, he has played the game of equity trading.

Its routine is to set up a company first, then hold the large shares of the company, and then transfer the shares to others after holding for a period of time, so as to realize the withdrawal. Then they set up a company, and the wealth grew in a rolling process.

In 2008, Huang Youlong, who was still in love with sister Hong Kong champion Ye Cuicui, quickly ended the relationship. Later, he launched a fierce pursuit of Zhao Wei.

The next year, a leader in Shenzhen fell. Huang Youlong and Zhao Wei get married in a hurry, and they havent even had time to do the wedding. At that time, Zhao Wei was already pregnant.

After marriage, Huang Youlong and Zhao Wei became frequent customers in the capital market. They registered a large number of Companies in the mainland and Hong Kong, but they did not actually operate.

At that time, it was also the luckiest time for Yang wisdom.

In 2007, after gaining a firm foothold in banking business, he returned to Hefei, Anhui Province with 50 million yuan, and established the blue Ding Group, which started real estate development.

Yang Zhihuis first real estate project is landingguanhuyuan, located in Binhu New Area of Hefei. It entered the market in 2008, officially opening his career of real estate wealth making.

By 2012, only five years after yangzhihui returned to his hometown to start his own business, the assets of his Lanting group had increased by nearly 4 billion yuan.

Originally, Yang Zhihui wanted to enter the A-share market through the backdoor of Lanting group, but the plan failed.

In 2013, Yangzhi entered Hong Kong with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan, and became the actual controller of Jiahui chemical. In that year, Yang Zhihui changed the name of Jiahui chemical to Lanting international, and obtained an investment platform in Hong Kong.

At that time, Ji Xiaobo suddenly burst into a mysterious moment.

In 2009, Ji Xiaobo and his mother, a usurer, came to Macao from Harbin and became an intermediary of Macaos casinos, commonly known as folding horses.

Ji Xiaobos strength lies in that he can always find a large number of rich people to gamble in Macao. At first, he contracted only one VIP Hall and 12 gambling tables in Macao.

Ji Xiaobo is becoming more and more famous in Macao. In just two years, he has contracted eight VIP halls and 86 gambling tables for many casinos in Macao, bringing him a net profit of 300 million yuan a year.

In 2011, Ji Xiaobo did not seem satisfied with the intermediary fees of the casinos. He spent HK $14 million to buy a 40% stake in Tianyuan investment. Tianyuan investment is the major shareholder of Tianxing international, which is listed in Hong Kong stock market. After that, Ji Xiaobo became the executive director and CEO of Tianxing international.

Also in 2013, Ji Xiaobo, through his mother controlled company, acquired 75% of Hong Kong shell stock natural first food. Two months later, he bought Hengsheng, his casino intermediary company, with 400 million yuan through natural first food.

The next year, Ji Xiaobo renamed the first natural food to Bohua Pacific. His main business was gambling.

These three junior high school students have completed the transformation of the rich. They come to Hong Kong and play finance. Its amazing that they are not limited by their knowledge level and can afford such professional finance.

Is their intelligence quotient superior, or behind has the talented person, everybody savors carefully.

After three junior high school students had a good time in Hong Kong, Wang Yonghong, a college student, had already played all three of them in the A-share market.

After Wang Yonghong came to Beijing, he opened the Beijing yongshunfa auto cleaning company. He and his brother have been running the car beauty business with great success and have opened many chain stores in succession.

In 2000, feeling that the real estate market was about to usher in a great development, Wang Yonghong sold all the chain stores under her name. Then, with all his money, he bought a 600 mu piece of land in the remote East of Beijing.

Two years later, Wang Yonghong founded Zhonghong in Beijing, but he didnt have any real estate works. As Beijing CBD expands eastward, the price of Wang Yonghongs land rises.

Wang Yonghong built Beijing pixels on this land. The dense houses brought endless wealth to Wang Yonghong. A real estate, Wang Yonghong quickly turned over, earning more than 5 billion.

In 2010, the IPO and backdoor listing of real estate enterprises all stopped because of real estate regulation. But Wang Yonghongs Zhonghong shares, still backdoor st Keyuan, successfully landed in the capital market.

After the success of backdoor listing, Zhonghong shares were stir fried, and Wang Yonghong was also in high spirits. She wanted to use the power of capital to enter the cultural and tourism industry.

In 2012, Wang Yonghong recruited a large number of senior executives from Wanda, and arranged cultural and tourism projects in Hainan, Beijing, Changbai Mountain and other places, with a planned investment of 70 billion yuan.

In that year, Wang Yonghong spent 3 billion yuan to photograph the Ruyi island project of artificial reclamation in Hainan, with a planned investment of 12.9 billion yuan.

These crazy and bold gambling will bring Wang Yonghong the ultimate disaster, which also makes him have to come to Hong Kong to find a savior.


On April 18, 2013, Lai Xiaomin established Huarong (Hong Kong) International Holding Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, referred to as Huarong international. With this company, Lai Xiaomin also came to Hong Kong.

The intersection of these five men is also concentrated in the four seasons hotel in Central Hong Kong, which is also the Wangbei tower in the TV series the name of the people.

In 2014, four seasons hotel ushered in its first boss, whose surname is Xiao. With his arrival, mainland bosses came in droves.

Ji Xiaobo came to Hong Kong in the past few years, in addition to making money, also has no leisure in the aspect of beauty hunting. As a rich businessman, he has made many star girlfriends, and Wu Peici is his most open girlfriend. In order to marry into a wealthy family, Wu Peici has also worked hard to give birth to him.

With the resources of female stars, Ji Xiaobo is also famous for his love in wangbeilou. Lai Xiaomin is naturally a frequent guest in the dinner party.

Under the leadership of Lai Xiaomin, China Huarong turned losses into profits in 2012. After setting foot in Hong Kong, Huarong gradually began to deviate from its main business and started capital operation and lending.

With the help of Ji Xiaobo, Huarong international purchased his shares in Tianxing international for HK $468 million on October 7, 2014. Huarong international holds 51% of shares, taking over Ji Xiaobos previous shares. Only the party concerned knows the reason.

The next year, Lai Xiaomin renamed Tianxing international into Huarong financial holding, and in a very short period of time, he got a ticket to enter the Hong Kong capital market.

In order to better serve the needs of gamblers, Ji Xiaobo got the only gambling license on Saipan Island through Bohua Pacific Company.

At this time, Yang wisdom, who had just set up landing international, was not idle. Also in 2014, Yang wisdom acquired the gambling business of Hyatt Hyatt Hotel in Jeju, South Korea, and obtained one of the eight local gambling licenses in Jeju.

Under Huang Youlongs help, Yang Zhihui meets Lai Xiaomin. Inspired by Lai Xiaomin, Huarong also participated in the investment project of Jeju Island.

The supporting hotels, villas and shopping malls of the two casinos have not been built yet, but the temporary casinos have begun to open. The eager and red eyed rich cant wait to send money.

And the most famous is Liu Lirong, Jinlis boss, who lost 10 billion yuan in Ji Xiaobos Saipan casino.

Lai Xiaomin has become more and more famous in Central Hong Kong, becoming the God of wealth in central. Many rich people in China, when they are in financial difficulties and cant borrow money from the bank, come to Central Hong Kong and look for Lai Xiaomin.

In addition to his job as a pan Xia, Lai Xiaomin also made loans. Huarong has a central enterprise background, and the amount of license plate is complete, can obtain a large amount of capital at very low cost. As long as these low-cost funds are loaned to those who are short of money, the profits will be rolling in.

Of course, when Lai Xiaomin helped these bosses, he got the benefits that belonged to him. However, the more investment, the bigger the scale of Huarong, the higher the risk.

Wang Yonghong, a holding company of Zhonghong, is engaged in cultural and tourism projects, and its share price is falling into fairies. As Wang Yonghong was the richest man in Jiangxi Province and Lai Xiaomins hometown, Lai Xiaomin not only gave blood to the Sanya real estate project purchased by Zhonghong, but also let China port bridge intervene in Zhonghongs restructuring.

At that time, Wang Yonghong lived in Wangbei building with his girlfriend Han Xiting. In order to make his 15-year-old beauty smile, he shot Yongzheng pink and green double dragon Zun with 127 million yuan. After paying a deposit of 3 million, it was sued by Christies of Hong Kong for being unable to pay the balance.

In order to pursue Han Xiting, Wang Yonghong also found a big director through the relationship, and asked the director to add a role to her in the thirteen hairpins of Jinling, and the part was no less than the leading role.

He found a mistress in Hong Kong and gave birth to a child for him.

Among Lai Xiaomins many women, there are not only female employees from Huarong, but also many popular female stars.

There are even three rumors of 100 in the market. Lai Xiaomin has 100 related persons. There are 100 suites in the real estate developed in Zhuhai, where he has 100 mistresses.

But this is only limited to legend, there is no real hammer, full of drama, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

Reality is often more bloody than fiction and more exciting than fiction.

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