Kill and dismember! Women kill cohabiting boyfriends with relatives and throw their heads into the river

 Kill and dismember! Women kill cohabiting boyfriends with relatives and throw their heads into the river

Liu Zhiqiang, an old criminal police officer, told the modern express that at 6:00 a.m. on December 23, 2003, a vegetable farmer of Dingyan village committee reported that there was a headless corpse on the railway slope protection. The criminal police detachment of Changzhou Public Security Bureau and the former Qishuyan public security branch set up a special team to carry out a network investigation on the central scene. There were only two pools of blood around the scene, and only a small amount of blood was extracted from the dead There is no valid information to prove the identity of the deceased.

In order to crack down on the case, Changzhou police organized a large number of police forces to carry out a detailed search of the surrounding villages and towns for half a year. They successively visited and asked more than 30000 people, and sorted out and analyzed the information of more than 10000 missing persons in key provinces such as Jiangsu, Henan and Anhui. Unfortunately, no missing persons were found matching the bodies at the scene. Limited by the limitations of traditional technology and other aspects, the identity of the deceased has been unable to determine, and the detection of the case is in a deadlock. Liu Zhiqiang said.

The police did not give up. In 2010, the clue came: a blood pool a kilometer away from the center site was hit by a prisoner in a prison in a certain place for theft. After learning about this situation, Liu Zhiqiang and his colleagues were extremely excited: Although the bloodstain is not necessarily the suspects, it has at least made a breakthrough. The special group rushed to the local area to take the prisoner and his accomplice to Changzhou for interrogation. However, the reality was beyond the expectation of the police of the ad hoc group. They did go to the Dingyan Village Committee on the night of December 22, 2003, but they only committed theft and scratched their legs when they ran away, which left blood stains and did not go to the central scene.

Liu Zhiqiang said that after a weeks trial, the ad hoc group ruled out the two suspects. These two cases are really coincidental. The scene of the crime is very close, so we took a detour and once combined the two cases for investigation.

The latest criminal investigation technology helps to determine the identity of the dead

On September 17, 2018, through the latest biological testing technology, it was found that the unnamed death may be song Yifu, a man from Guannan, Lianyungang. The special group immediately organized the police to go to Guannan for verification. After inquiry, it was learned that song had disappeared around 2003. The police immediately rushed to Suzhou and found songs wife and daughter working in Suzhou to collect blood samples. After examination, the deceased and songs daughter had biological father daughter relationship, and the identity of the unknown deceased was finally confirmed, it was song Yifu.

However, according to songs wifes memory, before his disappearance, song worked in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province for a long time, and there was no human relationship in Changzhou. So why was song Yifu killed in Changzhou? Who has such a deep hatred with him, so cruel?

The special group conducted a secret investigation around the victims activities and close contacts, and an important person who had close contact with the victim emerged. She is the flower of Chuang in Guannan village of song. Song Mou Fu worked in Hangzhou, and Zhuang spent a period of time living together.

Another key clue was found by the ad hoc group: at about 16:00 p.m. on December 23, 2003, Zhuang took out all the more than 10000 yuan in his passbook at a bank branch in Hangzhou east railway station. The time to withdraw the money was in the afternoon of the day when the police received the police. So, is Zhuang Mou Hua the murderer who killed song?

In the unremitting visit and study of the police, the case has made new progress again. The team found that Zhuangs nephew, Zhuang Yifei, had a temporary residence in Dingyan Town, Qishuyan, Changzhou in 2003, and was very close to the scene of the crime.

The police further visited the factory nearby, and the old staff in the factory reported that Zhuang did work in this printing factory at that time, and Zhuangs younger brother Zhuang and cousin Gao had also worked in this printing factory. Among them, Zhuang was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for robbing the game room in 2007, and then died in 2013.

A flower of Zhuang was investigated by the police

Emotional disputes and economic disputes made her lose her mind

In order to avoid scaring the snake, the police of the special group investigated Zhuang Yiyu, Zhuang Feifei and Gaos army. On May 13, this year, with the assistance of Guannan police, the special group took Zhuang Huahua to the local public security organ for an overnight interrogation in a tea room for gambling. At the same time, the other two groups of police forces were stationed at the residence of Zhuang and Gao in Changshu, and arrested at any time.

After Zhuangs arrival in the case, the police of the ad hoc group made a careful trial plan around Zhuangs personality, age and family situation. At first, Zhuang refused to admit the facts of the crime, trying to use silence to deal with the police interrogation. The case handling police first mentioned those events with emotion, and then seized the contradiction point, and finally broke Zhuangs last psychological defense line.

Zhuang finally confessed that he had resentment against song because of emotional disputes and economic disputes. After plotting with Zhuang, Zhuang and Gao, he cheated song to Qishuyan, Changzhou, and killed song by the railway in the north of Dingzhuang village in Dingyan. Zhuang took a kitchen knife to cut off the victims head and threw it into Hanoi. At present, Zhuang, Zhuang and Gao are all transferred to the procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution.

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The murder case was solved 17 years ago! Woman killed her cohabiting boyfriend with relatives and threw her head into the river (source: Modern Express)

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A woman in love with her life went abroad to work. Unexpectedly, her neighbor who rented a house was a ruthless criminal. Just because of a little conflict, the girl was killed by her evil neighbor, and her limbs and reproductive organs were cut off after her death.

The tragedy took place in Taiwan, China. On the evening of January 6, 2020, a Malaysian man working in Taipei, China, found that his cousin Deng Yongen, who was renting with him, was not coming home for dinner and could not be reached by phone. After calling the girls colleague, he learned that his cousin had not been working all day. The man immediately called the police and the police filed a case of missing.

The next morning (January 7), the police went to the residence of the missing person to investigate. It was the fifth floor of a dilapidated apartment building in Fumin Street, Wanhua District. Deng Yongen, 25, shared a two bedroom apartment with his cousin.

Police found that there were some bloodstains in the corner of the toilet, and the missing case immediately escalated to a homicide case..

Deng Yongens cousin had several alibi, which soon ruled out the suspect. The police then visited the neighborhood. Lin Guoping, a resident of the opposite unit, is a 45 year old bachelor from Taiwan, China.

When the police asked, Lin Guoping answered the question like a stream with a calm expression. He said he knew that there were two young people living opposite, but he was not familiar with them, just nodding acquaintance.

The police returned to the police station to check the information and found that Lin Guoping was a released criminal who had previously been jailed for theft and robbery.

In addition, police recalled that Lins apartment had strong odor of pesticides and perfume, and seemed to try to cover up what was in it. At this time, the police woke up and thought that Lin Guoping was probably the murderer.

The suspect disappeared overnight

The next morning (January 8), the police arrived at Lin Guomins apartment again, but found that the suspect had fled. Criminal investigators in his apartment to collect debris and found blood reaction, speculated that there was blood spatter in the house.

Police tried to track the location of Lin Guopings mobile phone, but it was abandoned and damaged. The last call was in Xinbei City, 14 kilometers north of Taipei, China.

Meanwhile, Lin Guopings abandoned car was also found in Xinbei city.

Police issued a wanted order for Lin Guoping, announcing his physical features and calling on the public to help identify the suspect.

Missing woman abandoned in wilderness

Three days later (January 11), a female corpse appeared in a mountain forest in Qidu District, Keelung City, Taiwan, 30 kilometers east of Taipei, China. The police DNA test confirmed that the dead is the missing person Deng Yongen.

Forensic Medicine found that the deceaseds body was seriously damaged, very tragic. Although the face can be basically recognized, but the body has been cut into five pieces, limbs have been cut off, genitalia has also been strangely cut away.

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