Its embarrassing to track down residents digging holes for express delivery. These sealed doors should be opened

 Its embarrassing to track down residents digging holes for express delivery. These sealed doors should be opened

Enclosure seal door

Residents tear up small openings for express delivery only

Sir, where can we get into Building 29? In the middle of the afternoon, on Jianan East Road to the north of yinghuayuan community, a delivery boy asks a resident anxiously across the railing. Dont go ahead. Weve closed all the doors in the north, but the east gate and the west gate are still open!

As the resident said, the entrance to the north of the residential area along Jianan East Road from west to East is guarded by iron generals. One gate is not even a regular one, but is stacked with fences, iron frames and fences. After more than half a year of wind and rain, the closed notice posted on the door is already dilapidated.

Outside the big black iron gate, there is a steel plate, but a small rectangular hole is dug out in the middle and lower position. What is this for? At the South Gate of Huawei Beili community, the reporter was puzzled. A resident living in No. 39 building next to her home actively explained, this is what we keep for express delivery, otherwise it will be too far around the west gate.

Laosheng, who lives in No.12 courtyard of meishikou Road, often takes a bus to the nearby yuegezhuang bridge north station. Originally, he came out of the community, not far south to enter a Hutong, from the alley to the East can reach the station. However, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the road leading to the Hutong at home has been blocked by a baffle. Laosheng needs to bypass meishikou road and the auxiliary road of West Fourth Ring Road to the station, which takes 10 minutes more to walk.

Laosheng said that the baffle was located at the south entrance of Tiangezhuang East Road. Because of the existence of the baffle, Tiangezhuang East Road became a dead end road. On the fender, there was a sign saying this intersection is closed, please detour and there is a tattered notice next to it. The reporter barely recognized that the notice was posted by the general Party branch of yuegezhuang village, and the signature was at the end of January this year. There were statements on the notice, such as in order to prevent the imported spread of the epidemic caused by returning to Beijing after the Spring Festival and please the residents to enter and leave nianzifen Street.

When the reporter went around to investigate the other side of the baffle, it was found that someone came out from the side of the baffle. A closer look shows that the west side of the original baffle has been damaged, and a hole has been dug out, and people can drill through the opening. Because the gap is hidden in the middle of the trees, it is not clear to residents like Laosheng, but it has become a common access for other residents.

A staff member of the general Party branch of yuegezhuang village said that he had not received a notice from the higher authorities to open the baffle, so it was not possible to remove the baffle at present.

Travel inconvenience

The subway is separated by a wall, but it has to go around one more circle

The structure of the west gate and the east gate of the cherry blossom garden community is similar - driving in the middle and walking in the side door. Pedestrians, bicycles, electric vehicles, wheelchairs, etc. come in and out from the small door. Sometimes there are many people and vehicles passing in two directions, and they have to wait for each other for a while, which is quite messy. No way, now closed management means more people. A volunteer mother on duty in Ximen was sitting under a tree, sweating repeatedly. We also want to open the north gate, especially those who live in the north. Its not convenient to go out.

Uncle song, who lives in the No.3 building, told reporters that there was an exit downstairs. It was very convenient to go to the Yuandadu Ruins Park in the north and the subway station in the northwest. Now he can only go up a section to the South first, and then turn out from the east gate, one trip will take 10 minutes more..

A resident of Huawei Beili community introduced that the community is close to Panjiayuan subway station, and the south gate is the nearest door to the subway station. Our building can be said to be separated from the subway. In the past, when I went downstairs and went out from the south gate, it was the subway. During this period, the west gate of the community is still open. I have to take a detour for 20 minutes every time I go back and forth.

The reporter saw that Huawei Beili community has three doors on Panjiayuan road. In addition to the South Gate nearest to the subway, the other two iron gates are also closed. A resident said that if you go home from the subway, you need to walk westward along Panjiayuan road to Huawei Road, then northward, enter through the only open west gate, and continue to walk eastward to the home that has just passed by, which is a full circle.

The west gate is closed. Please make a detour. Please show me the health treasure. At the east gate of Dongdan Park, reminders are played in the loudspeaker. A staff member measured the temperature of each tourist entering the park, and few tourists showed health treasure. For the closed Ximen, a staff member said that the reason is that the epidemic prevention and control is easy to manage. Opening up needs to consider the current situation of epidemic prevention and control before making a decision.

In qiaofufang grassland center, many entrances and exits are closed, leaving only the east gate. An automatic thermometer is facing the east gate. Many people line up to scan the health treasure QR code, waiting for the inspection to enter. There are several tables outside the south gate, separating the courier from the white-collar. A white-collar worker who works here introduces that it is here to send and receive express delivery and take away food. When it comes to the peak, many people gather here. In such a large place, many people gather, which is not conducive to epidemic prevention. A staff member of the center said that whether other entrances and exits can be opened or not needs to be discussed before a decision can be made. At present, there is no plan to open other entrances and exits.

A staff member of the yinghuayuan community neighborhood committee said that there was no plan to open the north exit at present. We are still in the period of epidemic prevention and control. We have to be on duty as soon as the door is opened, and it takes about ten people to change in 24 hours. There are not so many people. The reporter pointed out that even if the west gate and the east gate were manned, there was almost no inspection when the personnel entered. The staff said that they may not be in charge when they are free, but once something happens, someone has to be there. Whether its in the street or in the District, I have to get the superiors notice before I can open this door. Open the door quickly. If you open it, you can open it immediately. I hope you can overcome it again.

A staff member of Huawei Beili community neighborhood committee said that the most likely opening in the near future is the south gate near the subway station. Youre not the only one to reflect that, and were particularly interested in it. Because this door is not intelligent, you cant swipe your card or face. You can only take out people from the property to guard it. We have been actively communicating and coordinating with the property management, striving to bring convenience to everyone as soon as possible.

Waste of equipment

Barbed wire blocks the gate, face recognition is still closed

At 3:00 p.m., Lu returned to his home in the third district of Yilan garden. Although the building she lives in is on the south side of the community, because it has been in a closed state, she can only enter through the north gate.

When the epidemic occurred, the community closed the South Gate in response to the governments request for closed management, leaving only the north gate for residents to enter and leave. By the middle of June, the south gate was temporarily opened because of the control of the epidemic, but it was closed again because of the second outbreak.

On the south side of the third district of Yilan garden, two doors for people and the road gate in the middle responsible for blocking cars are all closed. A circle of wire netting is also tightly enclosed outside the door. Lu introduced that this circle of barbed wire was installed after the second outbreak, which was justifiable at that time. It turned out that some vegetable farms near the community were temporarily closed due to the impact of the epidemic situation in Xinfa market. In order to make a profit, some vegetable merchants went to sell vegetables in the private self-sufficient community outside Nanmen. Because the south gate has been closed, the vegetable merchants send vegetables to the community through the car gate, which also leads to the gathering of residents. The establishment of barbed wire fence is also a helpless move to put an end to this phenomenon.

Aunt Cai, a resident, often goes to a market on the south side of the community to buy vegetables. The closure of the South Gate led her to walk seven or eight minutes more every time she went to the market. In addition, there is No. 425 bus stop not far from the south, but because of the closure of the south gate, you need to take a detour.

A staff member of the property company of the community explained that the reason why the barbed wire fence was set up outside the south gate was not only to crack down on illegal vegetable selling, but also because someone turned into the community from the car barrier in order to avoid entrance inspection. As for why the south gate has not been opened, the main reason is that there are not enough people on duty.

For the response of the property, Mr. Lu did not quite understand. At present, in order to facilitate the management of the community, the face recognition system has been activated at the door, and the owners of the community need to brush their faces before entering the door. And this system is in the south gate and north gate. If the south gate is opened and face recognition is turned on at the same time, it doesnt need too much manpower.

Outside the north gate of the community, there are two property managers with armbands and a security guard beside them. However, residents only need to brush their faces on the machine screen and do not need to check the pass or scan the health code.