The reclaimed water was connected to tap water, and the residents drank it for more than half a year

 The reclaimed water was connected to tap water, and the residents drank it for more than half a year

Its not just that the meter has gone through so many words. Tenants find that when they dont use water, the meter turns backwards. Therefore, the tenants inferred that the reason for using more than 90000 tons of water was that the water meter continued to reverse after turning to zero, reaching more than 90000 tons.

So whats the reason for the meter to reverse? A tee in the toilet caught the attention of the staff.

This tee connects the water connection of the toilet, the washing machine and the tap.

The pressure of the middle water pipe is higher than that of the tap water, so the water in the water pipe is pushed back by the reclaimed water.

After finding the problem, the property quickly removed the water meter, cut off the source of water pollution. Ms. Lu and the tenants did not expect that they had been drinking reclaimed water for seven months.

Ms. Lu quickly contacted the staff of the free company. For the reason that the water pipe was connected to the water pipe, the staff said that the water meter before Ms. Lus rental house leaked, so the decoration master stopped the middle water meter, installed a tee, and flushed the toilet with tap water. But in the second round, the decoration master opened the water pipe again, which led to such consequences.

After learning the whole story, Ms. Lu hoped that she could take 4 residents for medical examination and give them some compensation.

At present, free staff said that they could refund the service fees paid by tenants, and Ms. Lu was not satisfied with the result.

Liu Ning, a lawyer with the Beijing Lawyers Association, said that according to the tort liability law, the actor should bear the tort liability if he infringes on the civil rights and interests of others due to his fault. In this case, free connected the middle water pipe and the water pipe wrongly, resulting in Ms. Lu and other tenants drinking reclaimed water for seven months, which has infringed on the civil rights and interests of Ms. Lu and others, and should bear the liability for infringement.

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