Boeing delivers the first modified mh-47g Chinook helicopter

 Boeing delivers the first modified mh-47g Chinook helicopter

According to the report, most of the fuselages of 61 mh-47g helicopters were produced in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Due to the increase of mission equipment on the fuselages for many years, the special operations Chinook was heavier, about 54000 pounds, while the conventional Chinook weighed 50000 pounds.

Mh-47g helicopter

It is reported that the upgrade includes a new rotor design, major improvements to the drive system, and other improvements such as non segmented fuel cells, which will increase the load capacity by 4000 pounds and increase the range.

The U.S. Army originally planned to purchase 473 F-type and 69 G-type Chinook helicopters, but decided to reduce the procurement plan in the 2020 budget application, and only purchase G-type for special operations. The funds saved will be used to purchase the next generation of new vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. (end)

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