The United States released the Chinas military strength report, rendering the PLA leading in many fields

 The United States released the Chinas military strength report, rendering the PLA leading in many fields

This years China military and security development report 2020 continues to focus on the current situation and development direction of the PLA. In this years report, the U.S. military exaggerates that the PLA is making unremitting efforts to build a world-class army in an all-round way by the middle of this century. The PLA has surpassed the United States in shipbuilding industry, conventional ballistic missiles and cruise missiles and synthetic air defense system.

At the same time, the United States also declared in the report that the PLA is expanding its nuclear arsenals and developing a Trinity of sea based, land-based and air-based nuclear forces. The report speculates that within five years, the number of nuclear warheads that the PLA can threaten the US mainland will double, and the number of nuclear vehicles that can deter the US mainland will also increase. The size of the PLAs nuclear warheads will double in 10 years.

Cover of China military power report 2020

China has the largest maritime fleet in the world

On September 1, local time, the Pentagon released the report on Chinas military and security development 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the report) previously submitted to the Senate on its official website. Compared with the report released in May of previous years, this years report has been postponed to September, but the content has also increased compared with previous years.

According to the requirements of the national defense authorization act every year, the U.S. Congress requires the U.S. military to submit a report on Chinas military strength every year. This report will discuss the current situation and possible development direction of the PLAs military technology; the principles and possible development of Chinas national defense security strategy and military strategy in the next 20 years; and support Chinas security strategy and military war A slightly developed military organization and operational concept.

At the beginning of this years report, the rapid development of the PLAs military strength was mentioned, and the China Threat Theory was exaggerated. According to the report, in 2000, the PLA was still a huge and backward army, only suitable for large-scale land war. Its navy, network warfare and information technology capabilities are limited, and it is slowly adapting to modern warfare.

However, with the continuous development and modernization of Chinas military power in the past 20 years, the PLAs goal in 2020 has become building a world-class army in an all-round way by 2049. According to the report, this goal means building an army comparable to, or even better than, the United States in some cases.

In the process of achieving the long-term goals, the report said. At present, the PLA has caught up with or even surpassed the modernization level of the United States in some military fields. Examples include shipbuilding, conventional ballistic and cruise missiles, and synthetic air defense systems.

Screenshots of the report on Chinas advantages

In terms of shipbuilding, China already has the worlds largest maritime fleet and is improving its shipbuilding capabilities and operational capabilities at all naval levels.. China has 350 warships and submarines, including 130 main combat vessels, while the United States has only 293 warships and submarines.

In terms of land based conventional ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, China has more than 1250 land-based ballistic missiles and land-based cruise missiles with a range of 500-5500 km. At present, the United States has a conventional land-based ballistic missile with a range of 70 to 300 km, and there is no land-based cruise missile.

In terms of integrated air defense system, China has the largest advanced long-range ground to air system in the world, including S-400, S-300 made in Russia and domestic systems. These air defense systems constitute their robust and redundant integrated air defense systems.

The report also mentions that the military reform has reshaped the PLA. According to the report, compared with the alarming number of new and cutting-edge military equipment of the PLA, the recent military reform deserves more attention. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the PLA has been completely reorganized. The military reform makes the PLA a more suitable army for joint operations, improves the overall combat readiness level of the PLA, encourages the PLA to accept new operational concepts, and helps the PLA expand its ability to operate overseas.

According to the report, although the PLA has made progress in the past 20 years, major gaps and deficiencies still exist, and Chinese leaders are also aware of these problems.

Exaggerating the scale of the PLA nuclear arsenal

Different from previous years, this years report mentioned the PLAs efforts to modernize its nuclear arsenals. According to the report, due to concerns about the security situation and the viability of nuclear weapons, significant changes have taken place in the size, capability and readiness of the PLAs nuclear forces.

In response to specific nuclear weapons construction, the report holds that Chinas nuclear forces will continue to be modernized and diversified in the next decade, and the PLA will increase the number of land-based, sea based and air-based nuclear delivery platforms.

In terms of specific quantity, this years report gives a certain number. According to the report, at present, China has 100 ICBM vehicles that can threaten the United States, and China currently has 100 ICBMs that can threaten the US mainland.

At the same time, the report also focuses on the number of dongfeng-26 and other medium and long-range missiles, which are both nuclear and permanent. This years report has greatly increased the evaluation number of medium and long-range missiles dongfeng-26, from the estimated 80 vehicles last year to 200 vehicles this year. The number of missiles has also been adjusted from 80 to more than 200.

According to the report, China has 100 ICBM vehicles and 200 medium and long-range ballistic missile vehicles

The report speculates that within five years, the number of land-based missile warheads attacking the United States will double, while the number of vehicles (mainly intercontinental ballistic missiles) hit the United States will also increase.

The report speculates that China is developing an air launched nuclear ballistic missile. The report believes that the h-6n is the first bomber with nuclear capability that can be refuelled in the air.

According to the report, the expanded nuclear weapons will change the PLAs nuclear policy, and the PLA is promoting the nuclear concept of launch based on early warning (low). Therefore, China and Russia are cooperating to promote the early warning system.

Technical advantages brought by civil military integration

According to the report, China believes that this transformation will bring about a military revolution and ultimately provide support for future battles. It is expected that future combat will require faster processing and information fusion to achieve faster decision-making and command and control efforts. China has mobilized huge resources to fund state-level research and support strategic enterprises, while urging private enterprises, universities and local governments to cooperate with the military.

The report also mentioned Chinas national strategy, national defense strategy, diplomatic strategy, economic strategy, energy strategy and a series of other topics. At the same time, we evaluated the situation in the South China Sea, China India border and the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

In addition, the report also describes and evaluates the current situation, capabilities and development goals of the PLAs army, air force, Navy, rocket force, joint logistics support force and strategic support force. The report also evaluated the PLAs conventional missile strike capability, regional denial / anti intervention capability, and military delivery capability.

Chinas Ministry of defense has also responded to the issue that the United States routinely issues Chinas military and security development report every year to exaggerate the China Threat Theory. On May 3 last year, Ren Guoqiang, spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, made a speech on the US sides 2019 report on Chinas military and security development. Ren Guoqiang said that the 2019 Chinas military and security development report ignores the facts, confuses right and wrong, distorts Chinas strategic intentions, makes false comments on Chinas normal national defense and military construction, and talks about Chinas legitimate behavior in safeguarding its sovereignty and security interests.

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