Tibet travel diary: I advise you not to save money!

 Tibet travel diary: I advise you not to save money!

After I wrote about my thoughts on the trip to Tibet last time, many readers left messages for me, saying that they hoped that I would write a travel strategy for Tibet, including hotels, routes, prices, etc.

Yesterday, my sister also asked me some travel details, because she planned to go on the National Day holiday. She was considering whether it was better to apply for a group tour or to drive by herself.

What has the final say that what I planned to do was to drive by myself. In recent years, I seldom go to the group with domestic travel. To Yunnan, to Ningxia and to Hainan are to buy a ticket to rent a car after landing. The biggest advantage of self driving is freedom, and what kind of hotel to eat and where to play for long time is the best way to play.

But I finally gave up my favorite way of traveling to Tibet.

The reason is that before I went there, I made an assessment of the risks that I might encounter during my trip, and then found that Tibet is different from other places, and the self driving risk is still a little bit big.

(Linzhi captured by driver and guide in April)

Many people dont take this seriously, especially young people, who lack some reverence for their bodies. But I have to make it clear that everyone who travels to Tibet must take altitude sickness as the top priority.

I saw two girls in their twenties fainting in front of us.

The second risk: road conditions.

Its vast and sparsely populated. Unlike city travel, you can visit several places a day. Tibet travel is basically driving for a day, but only one scenic spot can be clocked in. If the road condition is good, it is smooth. If the road condition is bad, it is really suffering.

Considering these two points, we felt that if we drove by ourselves, we could not be as skilful as local guides and drivers in the face of emergencies, so we finally chose to travel with a group.

Local travel agencies, tour guides and drivers with group conditions are all trained in first aid. They have more experience than tourists in dealing with plateau reaction.

For example, the guide and driver will remind us to prepare different clothes according to different altitudes, and also help us prepare different types and uses of oxygen.

It is said that I dont know how to dress when I travel to Tibet, but because our guide and driver are experienced enough, I have put on the right clothes every time for nine days in Tibet, so I completely avoid the cold that may be caused by too large temperature difference (in high altitude areas, illness can be very uncomfortable).

Therefore, if you want to travel to Tibet, but do not have professional exploration experience, I suggest that you can choose two ways:

The first is to buy a ticket to Lhasa, and then find an experienced and reliable local driver in advance to charter a car trip.

The second is to report to a private group like me.

Lets talk about the cost separately. There are two ways to charge for car charter travel. One is to charter a car by day. No matter where you go on this day, its so much money. The second way is to charter a car according to the scenic spots and charge according to the distance to a scenic spot.

I have asked our master this time, because he often takes such a single car, and his suggestion is that it is more cost-effective to hire cars by day.

But the specific price, different travel agencies, different drivers will have different master, need to discuss in advance, I cant give the answer, so I wont talk nonsense.

But we can give you a general reference through my tour fee this time, because the major part of our tour fee is hotel and bus fare.

Im a small private group of six.

The tour fee includes round-trip air tickets, hotel expenses for nine days, catering expenses for nine days, admission fees for all scenic spots, nine day transportation expenses, and some small expenses, such as oxygen tanks.

The price is 9699 yuan.

This price will also fluctuate. Generally speaking, the earlier a group is, the cheaper the price will be. I quoted it three days in advance. It should be the regular price. Sometimes, because there is a vacancy, I will get a very low price. In a word: it depends on time or luck.

But in any case, ten thousand dollars is certain.

This kind of private group is usually a boutique group. I am not 20 years old. My body and soul have no tolerance for poor travel. Therefore, we must eat well and live well when we travel. Especially in places like Tibet, if we cant eat or live well, we cant afford to eat. My personal suggestion is that even young people should choose the best hotel in Tibet.

Our itinerary is Chengdu Lhasa Nyingchi ramlazo yangzhuoyongcuo Lhasa Namtso Lhasa.

During the nine day trip, I stayed in Lhasa for five nights, Linzhi for two nights, ramlazo County for one night and Namucuo for one night.

There are two better hotels in Lhasa - one is Reggie and the other is intercontinental.

(I shot the night view of InterContinental Hotel, catching up with the music fountain performance at night)

We choose the Intercontinental Hotel, not breakfast. This kind of five-star hotel includes breakfast itself (sometimes it will introduce a room without breakfast). Dinner can be eaten at the hotel at its own expense, or with a group, or you can eat out by yourself.

Our group fee includes a hotel buffet dinner and a local Tibetan meal. The dinner in Lhasa needs to be solved by ourselves for the remaining three days. My husband and I just found that a new Wanda has been opened about a kilometer away from the hotel. All the dinners are used in Wanda. After all, there are many choices.

If you are with a group, the hotel is reserved by the travel agency. If they have an agreement, the price should be much cheaper. If you need to book a hotel by yourself or by car, the standard room of intercontinental is about 1100 yuan per night.

The advantage of this hotel is central oxygen supply, and it is 20 minutes drive from the famous Potala Palace and Dazhao temple in downtown Tibet, which is very convenient.

Linzhi stayed in Hengda hotel in Lulang town for two nights, and Hilton hotel the other night. They are all five-star standard hotels.

The two hotels are the kind of resort hotels. When you open the window, you can see the sunrise and sunset, or walk leisurely after dinner. Its very relaxing.

If you travel by car or charter a car, I suggest that Lulang town can have a little more time. Its like Wulong in Chongqing, with grasslands, sheep, horses, lakes, and faint snow mountains There is often a feeling of being in Switzerland.

(Lurang Town, my husband shot me, you gently make complaints about it, he has no patience to take pictures, ha ha)

Among them, the decoration of Evergrande hotel is very distinctive, like the feeling of a wooden villa, and even the furniture in the room is moribund.

(external and internal environment of Evergrande Hotel)

The Hilton Hotel is more private, with the Yarlung Zangbo family and the Himalayas in the open window.

I like sitting on the balcony here in the morning and evening, listening to the wind and drinking tea. All my troubles are hidden at this moment, and my happiness is quiet.

(Hilton Linzhi Hotel, the house next to the tree is our room)

As for the price, Evergrande hotel is cheaper, about 800 a night, while Hilton is about 1000. The sightseeing is a little more expensive.

Each has its own advantages. If you live in Lulang Evergrande, you can go riding and archery. There are a lot of recreational projects. If you drive a little for an hour or two, you can see the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon and the Namjagbarwa peak, a peak that has not been conquered by human beings so far, and you cant see that you can only rely on luck. It is one of the symbols of Tibets mystery.

Hilton, on the other hand, is very close to the Nyingchi Airport. For people who fly directly to Nyingchi from Chengdu, it is a good choice to live here. You can also see the peach blossom in April and the azaleas like fire at the end of June.

My original plan was to fly here directly in April, but I gave up for various reasons.

I hope you will be prepared to endure hardships.

First of all, the altitude here is very high, 4700 meters, so when I live here at night, I will have some altitude reaction. My reaction is head swelling, my husband is suffering from headache. There are three older uncles and aunts in the group. They will work harder than the three young people.

I said that I saw two young girls fainting. They were young and not equipped with medical oxygen in Namucuo. They were our drivers who contributed their oxygen and saved them (the most reassuring thing was that we met a very reliable driver, who was also from Chengdu, and lived in Lhasa for 23 years).

In Namtso, if you are in awe, listen to the guides arrangement, inhale enough oxygen, and prepare food and water, there will be no big problems. The biggest fear is that you are self righteous.

The master said that he met many young people who didnt listen to advice. If he didnt let him jump, he didnt want to run and scream. He didnt listen. He often suffered from this kind of young people.

Secondly, there is no hotel here, so we can only live in tents of local people. A tent usually houses about ten people. This wave has just left and that wave moves in, so it has all kinds of tastes. The altitude is too high, the boiling point is very low, and the food is basic. Well, its hard to eat. Thats why you have to bring your own food, guys! The only advantage is that you can stand outside the tent and watch the stars.

(when the sunset of Namucuo was just about to start, this was our car and tent)

In terms of accommodation, thats all.

In terms of scenic spots, Namucuo is my personal favorite. Its so wilderness that it really makes people feel open-minded.

I have never seen such a blue sky, such white clouds, such a quiet and mysterious lake, such a spectacular yak herd and sheep.

(master provides photos of sunset in Namucuo)

Also very lucky to see a herd of wild deer and two wild foxes, that moment, really want to ask: shallow, is it you? Feng Jiu, is that you?

But if you are older, this place is not suitable for you. An aunt of the same team has never dared to get off the bus. So travel in Tibet really needs to be young.

On the way to yangzhuoyongcuo from Linzhi to yangzhuoyongcuo, there was a sudden situation on our way. The road that was easy to walk was not accessible because of the landslide, so the master had to choose the old road.

In my opinion, that road is a natural danger. To complete the whole winding through a 5200 meter mountain with a poster, I have fully understood the fact that fruits in Lhasa often buy more than 10 yuan a kilo.

Travel in Tibet is really the trip that is most prone to emergencies. Its bitterness and tiredness may also be a feature of the journey. Because of the bitterness and tiredness, purity and authenticity, faith and awe, the travel here has never been sacred before.

It is precisely because of this sense of holiness that a trip to Tibet is a wish of many people.

But I still want to say that for ordinary people, travel is never an adventure. There is no need to force ourselves to suffer. We should choose the most suitable way for ourselves and be prepared for all aspects of security.

If you really want to go to Tibet, you might as well take Nyingchi, where the altitude and vegetation are very comfortable.

The most important thing Ive learned about travel is awe and not compulsion.

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