Li is still obsessed with 20 million fans

 Li is still obsessed with 20 million fans

He became popular with Han Shangyan in dear, beloved.

Then, Green ~ all ~ entertainment ~ circle~

This is a youth idol drama.

Even if it is the overbearing president who has been criticized for a long time, the audience still pays.

Death gaze.

wall thump.

To kill by touching the head.

Within a month, Li Xians Weibo fans rose 10 million.

Countless women looked at him.

No matter you are a little girl, or an old aunt, it is difficult to avoid his charm shooting.

Li Xian, who has a strong boyfriend, is very popular.

On the network describes this kind of feeling is called: in Li Xians poison.

At that time, Li Jing, the host, had dinner with a group of people.

There were four women on the table, of whom the age group was 708090.

They all talked about Li Xian, their faces flushed.

In the impression, he just went to the Spring Festival Gala, and then disappeared.

Li is now popular overnight, it seems that it is only one night.

Li Xian, is this paste?

I can only say that he asked for it.

Li Xians paste is traceable.

He does not cherish his image at all, unlike the regular flow of artists.

Self willed and self destructive.

Under a cool photo, there is helplessness for life - all watches I cant afford.

Life is not easy, but will seriously comfort fans.

Although he was full of positive energy on his microblog, he yelled Ollie to.

When the same picture is sent to INS, the caption is: its hard to earn money, but its hard to eat excrement.

Everyones pursuit of the stars is the benchmark of their career and establish a positive image.

Li xianzhui is the spiritual food of his private life.

He didnt shy away from his hobby - big breasts.

Praise the girls future flower.

Reporter Xianhui: Meili?

He said: both.

Reporter asked again: big chest and long legs?

He said: both.

Get up in the morning and find yourself a woman.

The first thing he said was look at my cup..

In 2019, Li is very happy now.

Its not because its hot, but because the goddess wishes him a happy birthday.

He was so excited that he couldnt speak. He just gave a playful expression.

He seems to have been like this all the time.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with the disqualified artists like him to do something wonderful.

Li has been popular twice.

In 2018, honey, love hasnt been shown yet.

Before this, Li now became popular with the river god for a period of time.

Just saw the paparazzi who was photographing, he went to say hello and left.

A few days later, Li Xian saw an article - the once popular Li Xian, but now only rely on electric vehicles to travel..

Li Xian did not completely ignore or directly deny it.

But I think the values behind it are very meaningful to explore, he said. Ive seen the old experts who cant find a number one by bike to see a doctor every day. Ive also seen a little nurse driving a Mercedes Benz to work. I dont object to peoples pursuit of material quality of life, but I think you should be more aware of which field of enrichment can make your heart more satisfied.

Do you understand?

Hes trying to reason with the marketing number

We can not use conventional thinking to interpret the artist Li Xian.

He can always do things that are incomprehensible and hate that iron is not steel.

He wasted a lot of opportunities to show himself in his career.

As a result, the voice of Li Xian is confused has never stopped.

In 2017, he took his life to a new stage with his river god.

Then he disappeared.

Countless articles came down from the sky -- after the river god, Li Xian was confused.

In 2019, he made it to the top with dear, loved..

After the show was over, his name disappeared on hot search.

He is like a traitor fleeing from the traffic circle, disobeying the business rules of flow first of flow artists.

With the flow of water, he rushed forward, but he avoided the flood and made an emergency landing.

Last August, Li was now in the tiktok.

The video is an official statement:

Hello, everyone, I am Li Xian. This is my first tiktok. I am very happy to meet you here.

It has won more than 20 million likes and 3 million comments.

Its almost a hard record to break.

Lee tiktok has twenty million fans.

If it is a normal commercial operation, it must be strike while the iron is hot, and then commercial promotion.

But what do you think Li Xian has done?

Two days after releasing the video, he officially released his first video.

Its a pity that the real body didnt show up. Its just a photo album.

The third video was released two months later, on his birthday.

This is a very fashionable blockbuster.

He did not speak all the way, only a laugh at the end: ha ha ha ha.

In addition to one or two shows, Li is now on the Spring Festival Gala.

Yang Tiantian, the boss, said:

If I want to make money, I can fill his (Li Xians) time in such a good time.

Yang Tiantian said that he could fill Li Xians time.

I believe that.

What she is good at is creating topics through variety shows, maintaining popularity and making quick money?

Li now has no room for Yang Tiantian to play.

He chose to go to the gym and take Japanese and English classes to enrich himself.

Li is quite a self disciplined man.

He realized that he was red and shook his head helplessly: I dont even have this freedom.

Li Xian never takes part in the resident variety show.

He needs the state of ordinary people, in order to deduce the human state.

On Weibo, he repeatedly denounced paparazzi and illegitimate food.

What I fear is whether I will act, not red or not, he said

Li is very clever now.

He saw the future, not the present.

There are always people on the network asking, Li now how resources so good?

Hot spots are not necessarily resources.

When shooting sword Dynasty, I suffered from lumbar muscle strain.

The sacroiliac joint was dislocated in dear, beloved.

The river god is often soaked in water, freezing to stomach convulsion. This is acute gastritis, more acute, also become chronic gastritis.

Age is getting older, career is on the rise, and work-related injuries are also superimposed layer by layer.

The reporter asked him, is this overload worth encouraging? Can you bear it?

He said, I cant bear it. I have to. If you stop shooting today, the whole team will have to stop working. The whole team was shut down, and hundreds of thousands of them were lost. Actors are not entitled to rest.

Li Xian has only one micro blog certification - actor.

His efforts paid off.

Two years later, when he became popular again, he became one of the most commercially valuable actors.

Fortunately, he didnt get lost.

This is particularly gratifying.

The most charming thing about him is that he has experienced hardships and never changed his juvenile nature, and that he has strong vitality against the current.

Yes, he did as always in his heart: a man is a teenager until he dies.

Is Li Xian really confused?

It doesnt seem to matter anymore.

Not to mention the TV series, he still has four films not shownu2014u2014

This kind of man is terrible.

He is not like other husband, you love for a period of time, do not love, change.

But you have to be readyu2014u2014

He will appear in front of you in a new image, you will call back his present husband.

Author: Tu Lu