The woman was raped and jumped from a building the client told the details of the scene: he showed a very proud smile

 The woman was raped and jumped from a building the client told the details of the scene: he showed a very proud smile

At 13:38 p.m. on August 13, 2019, Xiaoyan, the woman in question, jumped off the second floor of her own clothing store. Ms. Zhang of the shop next door said that she heard a sound at the door and saw Xiaoyan lying on the ground. She had been beaten by her fist and her hair was torn seriously.

The video shows that onlookers began to call Xiaoyan to wipe the blood on her face. Until then, Dou came out from the clothing store.

I heard him (Dou MOU) ask her (Xiaoyan) dare to be brave, very indifferent, no feeling of heartache.

After a years lapse, Xiaoyan Chongs clothing store accepted an interview with CCTV reporter.

Three serious domestic violence after marriage due to husband gambling

Why does Xiaoyan regard the window on the second floor as the only escape exit? According to her description, the biggest danger at that time was not to jump off a building, but Dou, who was in a clothing store. She had suffered domestic violence many times before, which made Xiaoyan afraid of her husband.

Xiaoyan and Dou established a love relationship in 2016. In 2017, they held a wedding ceremony according to local customs. In the same year, their son was born. In 2018, the two married in Zhecheng County Civil Affairs Bureau.

But not long after the reconciliation, the two fell into the vortex of constant quarrel again. Family conflicts can not be resolved, Dou just wants to use violence to shut Xiaoyan up.

Xiao Yan

He called me directly in front of his mothers face in the card game and said I should die and go back to the store and kill me.

The husband burst into the clothing store and started beating his wife

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After hanging up the phone that day, Xiaoyan closed the shop door and ran back to her mothers house. She didnt dare to go to the store again in the next few days. She usually accompanied her family when she went out. She also plans to apply for a personal safety order. During this period, Dou did not show up. Xiaoyan heard that Dou went to Zhengzhou, so on August 13, 2019, she returned to the clothing store alone.

At 1:00 p.m., Dou suddenly broke into the clothing store and began beating Xiaoyan. Because it was not the first time that she suffered domestic violence, Xiaoyan didnt have much fear at first. She called Dous violence intentional assault.

Xiao Yan

Not only that, Xiaoyan summed up the three domestic violence has a common feature, is to take her mobile phone, limit her ability to move.

At that time, Yandou was very slow in catching up with her hair at the door of the bar, and she was very slow to run away from the door of the bar, because she was very quick to catch Ben.

What really broke through Xiaoyans psychological defense line and made her feel flustered and frightened was Dous heavy punch in her eyes. Xiaoyan said that at that time she thought her eyes were blind and her nosebleed kept flowing, and then she couldnt open her eyes.

Xiao Yans cry startled Ms. Li in the shop next door. At that time, Ms. Li also came to inquire about the situation. According to her recollection, Dou looked as usual and said that they were fighting because the curtain was pulled. Ms. Li couldnt see the details inside and left. But according to Xiao Yan, Dou turned back to face her and completely changed her face.

He was very fierce when he hit me, but when he used to talk to the neighbors, his expression became very gentle again.

According to the video, Dou drew the curtain, locked the only glass door of the clothing store leading to the outside world, and then dragged Xiaoyan to the back of the bar.

At this time, Xiao Yan jumped down from the window on the second floor.

Later, Xiaoyan was rushed to the hospital. After diagnosis, her body has multiple fractures and injuries, since then she began a long and painful recovery treatment, also let her suffer from the divorce lawsuit between her and dou.

Three days after the incident, Xiaoyan accepted the first assessment of the degree of injury from the police. According to the first appraisal report made by the material evidence identification room of Zhecheng County Public Security Bureau, after investigation, Xiaoyan left eye injury was caused by her husbands beating, and other injuries were caused by jumping off a building.

The appraisal opinion of Xiaoyan is that the left eye injury constitutes a slight injury, and the pelvic bone fracture and vertebral body fracture constitute the first level of minor injury. For this appraisal opinion, Xiaoyan raises an objection.

In November 2019, according to the appraisal opinion notice issued by Zhecheng County Public Security Bureau, Xiaoyans left eye fracture was identified as grade I minor injury. Dou was investigated for suspected intentional injury.

According to the announcement issued by Zhecheng County Peoples Court: in the investigation stage, because Dou refused to come to the case, the public security organs pursued him online. On March 25, 2020, Dou surrendered to the public security organ and was charged with a non custody lawsuit due to the epidemic situation. On June 15, 2020, the peoples Procuratorate of Zhecheng County initiated a public prosecution against Dou, demanding that he be investigated for criminal responsibility with the crime of intentional injury. On July 21, 2020, the peoples Court of Zhecheng county decided to arrest Dou and is now in custody in Zhecheng County Detention Center.

Is there a situation of long-term transfer without judgment in divorce cases?

In addition to the criminal case part, the divorce case between Xiao Yan and Dou has also attracted much attention. In August 2019, Xiaoyan suffered from very serious domestic violence. After that, she firmly stated that she must divorce. She only got the divorce judgment in July 2020. So, is there a situation that the divorce lawsuit has not been settled for a long time?

According to the judge who heard the case, Xiaoyan only filed for divorce with the court on June 5 this year, and there was no mediation for one year. This is an online misrepresentation. This view has also been recognized by Xiaoyan.

Xiao Yan

In the early stage of treatment, I couldnt sit up for a few months, because I had a fracture all over my body, especially in three places of my lumbar spine. At that time, I couldnt sit up. It was not until early June that I was able to walk on crutches and have the physical quality to sit in court before I filed a divorce lawsuit.

The mediation was not successful, and there was disagreement between the two sides about the jump link

If mediation fails, on July 14, 2020, the peoples Court of Zhecheng county will hear the case. At this time, Dou has not been detained. According to the judge, Dou admitted that he played cards once or twice a week and did not make too many excuses for the domestic violence against Xiaoyan on August 13, 2019.

The judge said that the two sides did not agree with each other in the trial. In the trial, Xiaoyan said that the reason for the jump was that the other party had pulled her to the building, and she jumped to escape. However, the defendant Dou claimed that he did not go to the second floor, and the other party had already jumped down.

Whether Dous position at that time will affect the conviction and sentencing of Dou still needs further investigation and determination by the judge of criminal cases. However, the fact that Dous family violence and gambling is clear, is the legal situation that should be granted divorce. Therefore, there is no case of criminal cases before the people, that is, criminal cases should be tried before divorce cases.

In court, the custody of children and the property division of clothing stores are also the focus of disputes. Also after the trial, Xiaoyan uploaded the video clip of Dous domestic violence to the Internet.

The reason why I firmly wanted to expose him (Mr. Dou) was that I did not get the result of divorce judgment at that time, but also that after the court session, I walked slowly down the stairs with the help of my family, and he (Dou Mou Dou) hopped past me, laughing. I have been so seriously hurt, even left a sequela, and he does not have any guilt, I must let everyone know what kind of person he is.

On July 28, the peoples Court of Zhecheng county made a divorce decision in this case, which means relief for Xiaoyan, while Dou said he would appeal.

Xiao Yan

I experienced a baby from learning to turn over, sit up, stand up, walk. From double crutches to single crutches now, I am very painful. My family members are also very hard-working. They have been with me for a long time.

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CCTV interview with woman who jumped from a building by domestic violence