When is Li Xiang going to support her husband again?

 When is Li Xiang going to support her husband again?

As for the mysterious man with a wife and children and a vicious heart, it is not mentioned who and why he should be hurt.

Twenty minutes later, Li Xiang followed the microblog to prove that her husband was killed by a traitor.

Can Qing and his wife work together to solve the case these two weeks?

No surprise.

Li Xiangs painting style had been experienced two years ago when Wang yueluns Hotel held a secret meeting with a mysterious woman for three hours.

If I live late into the night every day in order to make money, my husband is just idle, which is enough to annoy me. If you dont contribute to the economy, you can always do it in an orderly way?

If you were framed, it would be even more exasperating: I can dirty you back, isnt your IQ a little low?

Whats more, Wang yuelun was not innocent. A married man easily got into a hot fight with a strange woman and sent him home on the way.

Dont use drunkenness as an excuse. Drunkenness can wake you up. With his witty talk and good humor, I can see that he is an old driver of Huanchang.

Its very likely that someone will set a suit. Its not uncommon in the entertainment industry. Huang Haibo didnt offend the big guy before.

According to this standard, Wang yuelun may be really a good man Yeah.

Li Xiang, a supporter, lost the sympathy and favor of the melon eaters. Some people said that they thought Li Xiang was a strong character, but they didnt expect to be a traditional woman who followed the husbands lead.

I dont think so. When Li Houlins capital chain was broken and became a hollow big man, Li Xiangs marriage was clean and crisp.

Now I choose to continue to share the same hatred with Wang yuelun. I am afraid the most important reason is that they are bound too deeply.

One is kinship - having a common daughter. One is benefit - how much money has husband and wife got together in the past two years?

I seriously doubt that the star played by Cao Yunjin in perfect relationship was written by Wang yuelun.

Out of the track, the first reaction is that he was calculated, regret is not derailment, is photographed.

His wife wanted to get divorced, but Huang Xuan came over and made a calculation. He told her that divorce was a waste of money.

How difficult is it to break up a couples shop? Take a look at Yu Yu and Li Guoqing. It is the husband who is cheating, but the biggest loss is himself. This marriage cant be separated, at least at present.

The play is floating everywhere, but the details are real. The husband can fight a good turn over battle, depends on the wife can forgive. The husband sends a microblog first, and the wife repeats it every 20 minutes to express the attitude of husband and wife are the same.

As long as the wife chooses to forgive, its a household affair for the couple to close the door.

Is this scene familiar? Ma Yilis articles at that time and Li Xiang and Wang yuelun are the same.

Li Xiangs playing method has been very clear: first out, then inside. As long as my husband is involved in an affair, someone will try to plan him, and he will plan on our family.

This is the choice of most principal families. Even if Gu Jia wants to divorce Xu Huashan, he has to solve Lin youyou first. Wu Xiubo got into trouble when he was a junior. Finally, he had to stand up and help him make a statement.

On the 19th, Li Xiang and his wife had basically reached an agreement. The husband expressed his disgust first, and his wife praised him the first time.

Even the pictures of Wang yueluns Micro blog showing love after the incident were picked up from Li Xiangs microblog in September last year (how long has it been since the couple got together)?

What she saved was not the relationship between husband and wife, but the partnership business with her husband.

In marriage, everyone cares about different things, and their choices are also different.

However, it is not easy to walk with such a worried giant baby husband.