Dont use the rhythm of Tan songyuns grief zone any more

 Dont use the rhythm of Tan songyuns grief zone any more

This is really a tear in my eyes, especially for those of me who have been in a bad time and have been in debt and running away from home.

Because of the bad nature of the escape case, the arrogance of the perpetrators attitude, it is not too much to sentence him to death for 100 times.

For Tan songyun, how much compensation cant change her mothers life.

However, the fact is that because of Tan songyuns reputation, this traffic accident escape case has received ten times or even 100 times the attention of other hit and run cases from the beginning, indirectly ensuring the transparency, openness and fairness of the court trial.

Just like the gang rape case of Li Tianyi, Li Shuangjiang could not protect his son with so many eyes.

Therefore, there are not many variables in this lawsuit. The evidence is solid and the circumstances are bad. The public prosecution lawyers have clearly proposed to punish them with heavier punishment. The only controversial issue is how much money to pay.

According to the report, the amount proposed by Tan songyun is more than 5.01 million yuan.

Strictly speaking, only the part of civil claim is the duty scope of Tan songyuns Lawyer Zhang Qihuai.

However, as a well-known lawyer who has led the Li Tianyi gang rape case, Wang Baoqiangs divorce case and Sun Yangs doping case, Zhang Dazhuang may think that there is not enough room to play in this case, and he just adds drama to himself.

In the court, fans and marketing numbers complained for him, suggesting how black prosecutors and judges were, and even pulled out the drama of losing key evidence.

The actual trial scene is as long as ten hours, which is quite lengthy. It is very difficult for ordinary people to really see from the beginning to the end. Marketing agencies have grasped this point and spread the clips that have been edited and distorted widely.

For example, in a five minute courtroom video, which is very popular on the Internet, Zhang Dazhang angrily scolded the judge and the prosecutor for not letting him play the evidence video.

As a result, judges and prosecutors have been sprayed into a sieve by netizens

So what is the truth?

However, Zhang Dazhang has always been aggressive. For a while, he said that the public prosecutor did not understand the law, and at the same time questioned the authority of the judge. What is the expansion like?

The public prosecutor has shown the drunken part of the video, but Zhang Dazhang said that he wanted to show it completely. He just said publicly that the public prosecutor did not know the law, and he said it over and over again at least five times.

The judge agreed and said you can broadcast it yourself. As a result, he said that he didnt bring a computer with him, and then he said excitedly that the public prosecutor didnt play all of them. He stopped him from giving evidence and became a defender.

Take a look at his video. Its only 4KB. Its estimated that its a shortcut copied and pasted. Its strange that it can be opened. This is what you call regular professional lawyers?

The judge kindly said, no, just play it on the prosecutors mobile phone. Unexpectedly, Zhang Dazhengs voice suddenly rose to an octave and began to roar

You dont control my evidence! Trial centered! What are you afraid of?

It is such a senseless video that, after skillful editing, pinches out the words of the judge and the prosecutor, and turns out to be a shining moment for Zhang Dazhang as an envoy of justice.

Another example is that some marketing numbers are hot, and the judge drives the lawyer out. The truth is that Tan songyun wants to apply for the lawyer to go out. The judge approves and says, yes, because you dont speak at this time..

When this sentence got to the mouth of the marketing number, YY became the judge to tease Tan songyun, and said with a sarcastic face, you are beautiful anyway. What you say, you have no contribution..

Lets take a look at Zhang Dazhangs debating skills

At that time, the defendants urine test was positive, but the hair and blood tests were negative, which became false positive.

There was something wrong with the polices treatment. The hair and blood samples were taken for testing, but the amount was not enough. There was no backup. The procedure was not proper.

This is totally different from the so-called evidence loss conspiracy theory on the Internet, and the evidence chain is still complete.

However, Lawyer Zhang seized the loophole and repeatedly questioned the non-compliance of the police inspection procedure and wanted to overturn the test results.

His purpose is not difficult to understand. He wants to coerce public opinion and impose heavy punishment on him when the evidence of drug driving is insufficient.

I didnt expect that the defendants lawyer did not comply with the regulations. There was no doubt that the three test results should be denied.

Pretending to be unable to make an eclipse of rice, I dont know that he was the undercover sent by the defendant.

Fake public opinion, take advantage of public sentiment, for their own interests, this is a lot of Internet red lawyers are good at, but whether the parties can benefit from it, this is two.

Take Tan songyuns case as an example. After several rounds of hot searches, peoples attention has shifted from the traffic accident case itself to a myriad of public opinions.

No one talks about denouncing the real troublemaker. Its all about how dark the society is.

You have to say that such a lawyer is not professional. He is a partner of a large firm. He is well-known in the industry and well-known outside the industry. Otherwise, there would not be so many celebrities and stars looking for him.

However, every time they appear in front of the public, they are always playing the conspiracy theory and the public security organs and the law are black. The point they focus on is the peoples distrust of public power.

Use public opinion to fight a lawsuit, so as to expand their own popularity, which is to let the victim lick blood on the point of the knife.

In recent years, Zhang Dazhang has been involved in a wide range of cases, from divorce cases to criminal cases, and then to foreign affairs and sports cases. He can be called a young slash lawyer.

Let a dentist do eye surgery, he dare to do, you dare to use it? A lawyer who dares to take any lawsuit depends not on his professional ability but on his courage.

Although Lawyer Zhangs professional ability is not praiseworthy, his ability of marketing packaging, mixing circles and manipulating public opinion is first-class.

He made all his money and fame when he won the lawsuit, but he lost. Anyway, it was the party who carried the case.

After the full record of the ten hour trial was released, many people called for the reversal of the incident.

Drunk driving is real, hitting people is real, escaping is real, bad attitude, and persuading people to vote is also true. Whats the reversal?

Justice, which belongs to the victims, does not need to rely on manipulating public opinion to distort the truth.