There are so many choices in diet diary / meal substitute, how to eat is really thin (not for personal use)

 There are so many choices in diet diary / meal substitute, how to eat is really thin (not for personal use)

Some people drink milk acne, Oatmeal Milk will not.

02. Almond powder

The taste is good, can not be the main substitute meal, add in the meal substitute powder can enhance the sense of fullness.

But the main effect of almond powder is whitening.

Milk bubble instead of meal powder almond powder two pronged.

My friends say Im white.

03 oat bran powder

I had a small package on the shaking, so I searched tiktok.

Frankly speaking, the taste is very ordinary.

One of its functions is to brush grease, the other is... The feeling of satiety is huge and strong, and the content of protein is also high.

The taste is really average.

My favorite breakfast is a spoonful of oatmeal bran powder, two spoonfuls of chocolate protein powder, and Oatmeal Milk.

In fact, oat bran with a lot of water, taste like grain tea, after eating hot pot barbecue and other greasy drinks, can scrape oil.

Less water is the texture of sesame paste.

This is the only two spoonfuls of meal replacer (if its meal replacer).

04. Muscle technology protein powder

When it comes to protein powder, many people think of muscle monster.

And whey protein powder intake, can let you maintain the bodys muscle content.

Its fat, not muscle, thats off the scale.

(muscle maintenance requires protein, which promotes hemoglobin production and blood clotting)

So I still eat protein powder every day after I dont exercise.

The chocolate I bought tastes like a chocolate shake with milk.

05. Kelloggs cereal

Theres nothing to say. Cereal milk is a very normal match.

Choose what you like, taste good, and dont shout for sugar.

06 purple potato konjac porridge

A pack of 101 cards, I can eat two packs at a time.

Its delicious and not fat. I think I can buy it at will.

Take a look at the taste and see if there is any cheaper activity.

I often buy different ones, ha ha.

Served with yogurt.

08 konjac

Such a big bag is only 20 calories.

Whats the difference between eating and not eating

But eating it often is like chewing plastic.

Its OK to substitute dinner three times a week.

I want to have a snack now. Ill order Kanto to cook 10 pieces of konjac and dip it in Pepper when I get home.

Ha ha ha

09 / 0 carbohydrates

After the lemonade was served, I took out a bag of sugar and added it to the glass.

Good guy, every time my friends are shocked and give me thumbs up.

My attention to detail has ruined my friends appetite.