Women in the character of this feature, play a good man will love you all his life

 Women in the character of this feature, play a good man will love you all his life

When she married Jay Chou, netizens yelled: when we were 18 years old, we were still trying to save money to Watch Jays concert, but you had Jay Chou when you were 18 years old.

At that time, many people did not understand why Jay Chou married Kunling at the age of 36?

After all, Jay Chous previous girlfriends have not achieved success. One is the king of Asian music, and the other is an 18 line model. Their status is so different.

In the entertainment industry, there are not a few female stars who are more beautiful than Kunling. However, from the active exposure of love to the dream wedding, after marriage, they support their wifes career and are eager to protect her. They are simply spoiling their wives.


What magic does this woman have?

1. Dont hype with emotion

In his early years, Zhou Dong also said to this relationship: Kunling and I are tired together! Its hard for her to persist for so long.

As a public figure, Zhou Dongs emotional trends affect the hearts of various media, and Kunlings love history is simple.

In the face of the media beating around the Bush, as long as you disclose a little bit of Dong Zhous information, you can make headlines. However, she did not consume this sentiment and never hyped the blog pages.

Two people in love for four years, Kunling has been cooperating with the mans time, which makes Jay Chou very moved and has a sense of security.

I think such a girl is very refined, very simple, such love also makes people feel not mixed with impurities.

2. Gentle company

When interviewed in the early years, Kunling said that she would make ice sugar pear at home because someone was singing at home.

According to Zhou Dongs recollection, the idea of marrying his girlfriend home arose in his mind.

It was a time when he had an attack of ankylosing spondylitis. When he was most vulnerable, he remembered that his wife had been with him silently and without regret.

The heart suddenly rose full of moving, so determined to stay with this woman has been in the back of each other for life.

3. Family assists

Kunlings docile and docile character was deeply loved by his mother, who was a filial son. His early album was named after her mother.

There is also a highly popular listen to my mothers words, which is supported by her mother, which is a great help to achieve a relationship.

4. Excellent conditions

Kunling has a scholarly family and is of mixed blood of China, Australia and South Korea.

Her family background is also very prominent.

Kunlings mother is a Chinese Korean mixed race child who was the chairman of the orphan foundation.

Kunlings father is an Australian and a university professor.

She has such a good family, but she is very modest and low-key. Its no surprise that such a girl is married by Zhou Dong.


After her marriage with Jay Chou, in the program how do you look so good, she talked about the bad comments she had encountered from keyboard warriors on the Internet.

Zhou Jieluns fans left a message and attacked him: how much do you love to play? My idol travels with you every day, and cant open business normally. Would you please leave some time for him to create?

Kunlings response is: in fact, every time we stay in the local area for a period of time to relax, and this time, Jay can find some inspiration, and then go to see the world.

Jay Chou will consider many problems when he is making music.

For example, if a place is not well done, he will not show it to everyone, which is also a kind of responsibility to everyone.

At the end of the question, Kunling also pointed out that it was time for Zhou Dong to release an album and would go home to urge him.

She did not respond to the other party because of some bad comments, but chose to use a more moderate way to alleviate these contradictions.

No wonder the netizens after watching the program all praised: she is really good-natured! Im very strong in my heart. Ive been attacked and Ive got a good reason to reply to you.

Kunling once confessed that she did not always want to tear off the label of Tianwang sister-in-law. Tianwang sister-in-law is only a part of me.

Im Kunling and Jay Chous wife. Its OK to address me with different identities.

If you have good luck, you have to work harder to be worthy of this luck. If you dont work hard, luck will flow out like this, I will feel very wasteful.

Many girls envy Kunlings good treatment, but we should also see her efforts. We can learn a lot from good people.


How to make boyfriends more willing to open their circle of friends?

1. Love him without asking for credit

Some girls do something good for their boyfriends, and immediately ask for credit. They want to remind each other: Im so good, dont you praise me?

For example, take the initiative to cook, or help her boyfriend send a material and so on. If you ask for praise on a small matter, the other party will think that the girl has a utilitarian heart in it.

As a matter of fact, the more successful the boy is, the more cautious he is.

Because every time such a boys love affair is open, it will bring some influence.

Unless he repeatedly confirmed that the girl was really with me, not an old woman who only wanted my money.

Only in this case would he choose to be public.

The two peoples feelings are like a bank account. Kunling paid silently for four years, worked hard and was recognized by Mr. Zhou.

Therefore, in our daily communication, if we do one or two good deeds, we hope that the other party will put us on the cusp of the heart immediately. The expectation is too high.

Its the right way to treat ones partner rather than treat him well and exchange something from him.

Here, Id like to share a story with you

I know a girl named Xiaoling, Xiaolings boyfriend just work when the salary is not as high as her, Xiaoling belongs to the character of knife mouth tofu heart.

Later, with the help of Xiaoling, her boyfriend found a job with good income. Soon, she was appreciated and promoted by the leaders, and her career went smoothly.

But her boyfriend didnt mention getting married. Xiaoling complained that her boyfriend didnt know what to do. Without her, he couldnt have a good job now.

Her boyfriend finally broke out and said she would give Xiaoling the money to find a job, but she wanted to break up. I cant stand the feeling of being scolded when I go home.

If the onlookers at first glance at Xiaolings boyfriend looks like a scum man, but looking back at Xiaolings operation, her boyfriends reaction is also reasonable.

A girl complains every day when her boyfriends career is at a low ebb. When her career gets better, she is required to be grateful. This kind of relationship is difficult to develop in a healthy and long-term way.

Once the man is successful in his career, he cant help escaping from the girls emotional black hole.

In fact, boys gratitude is not necessarily on the mouth.

When girls are young, they dont bully the poor. They work hand in hand. Middle aged and developed, boys will share the fruits of struggle with their wives.

2. Accompany him through the low tide period

When it comes to the love of successful people, I remember there is another person, he is Cao Dewang, the Glass King with a fortune of 2.2 billion dollars.

He said his assets are all in his wife Chen Fengying, she accompanied him through ups and downs, never complained.

I feel obliged to do my duty when I think that she was such a simple girl when she married me, and for so many years, no matter what happens, she always obeys my arrangement.

For this love, Cao Dewang described it like this. It can be seen that his wifes status in his mind is so high.

Therefore, we should be a girl who accompanies boys when they are not feeling well and in a bad mood. The emotional value given at this time will make boys very grateful.

Friend Xiao AI, her boyfriend had an accident fracture on business trip. She wanted to be cast in plaster. As soon as she heard this, she immediately asked the leader for a long leave to take care of her boyfriend.

After her boyfriend recovered, he proposed to her as soon as possible.

When the other half is vulnerable, if the girl can accompany and take care of her in time, then in the emotional account of two people, it is equivalent to saving a very precious emotional fund.

This money can lead to accelerated long-term selection and resistance to emotional risk after a conflict between two people.

Later, when the boy encountered temptation, he would think of the girl to pay for him, this kind of slight guilt.

Let the other party remain single-minded and dont do things that Im sorry for my girlfriend.

Dislike is like pregnancy. It cant be hidden.

And really accompany the other half through the trough and happy years of girls, also won the heart of the partner.

Girls will have an irreplaceable position in the heart of boys.

3. Be strict with yourself and be lenient to others

Kunling is a rare person in the entertainment industry who is strict with himself and lenient to others.

Once upon a time, young people only knew that Kunling was lucky, but gradually we learned more about her. It was found that for a good enough girl, luck was just something out of plan.

Its easier to change yourself than to change others.

We make ourselves better. We are strict with ourselves, but when we are good to others, we should never ask about the future when we are good to others, and we should not mix utilitarianism with us.

Its a rare quality.

The underlying logic is: be strict with yourself, self-improvement will lead to a better circle, contact better people, and people around you will not be as strict as yourself, so you will have many friends.

The other party is attracted and influenced by you to improve themselves, which is much better than forcing your partner to grow up.

And when you meet the same frequency of people, two people are trying to become better, then it is a happy thing.

In fact, boys dont hate that girls are excellent, but they hate that girls are excellent. They have a big temper and start to dictate.

If the other half is gentle and sensible, beautiful and career oriented, he will only wish to tell the world and marry you home in minutes.

Note: when a boy introduces a girl to his circle of friends, dont be self interested and keep a low profile.

This is an opportunity to get to know boys from different aspects.

At this time, girls can look at the type of boy friends, conduct, friends can be said to be a mirror, since we can be friends, it shows that there are common elements in character.

If his friends are not engaged in business, such as eating, drinking, whoring and gambling, then we should be careful not to affect our partner.

At ordinary times, I dont judge my boyfriends right or wrong easily. I have a steelyard in my heart, and my opinions are expressed on the blade.

In a word, everything before marriage is an investigation and should not be neglected.

If we have achieved these three points, and the boys are still reluctant to make public, then dont worry. It shows that the other party has a high self-evaluation and thinks that he is worthy of a better girl.

Or he doesnt want a stable long-term relationship, so lets not delay them.

In fact, when we become a better person, we also improve our partner choice.

So the next man holding you in the palm of your hand will surely be better, and what can be reluctant to give up?

The author, Lu Meiran, has a double masters degree in overseas returnees. She is good at guiding older white-collar women to take off their orders and improve their emotional quotient. Her emotional counseling cases have lasted more than one week and helped more than 2000 visitors answer questions.