Eight hundred night attack preview exposed

 Eight hundred night attack preview exposed

The night attack shocked the actors

In the movie eight hundred, most of the battles are based on the positions of the four line warehouse and shooting through thick walls. One of the scenes in which the enemy attacks the warehouse at night is a zero distance explosive battle. In the current crisis, life and death are ignored. Hundreds of people from both sides of the enemy and our side exchanged gunfire face to face in the warehouse. The bloody nature of the soldiers and the tragedy of the war shocked the audience. Even the actor Bai en said frankly: never met such a scene!

The night attack version of the preview also reveals the background of the high-intensity fighting. Even if it is the shooting of five scenes, it is also the efforts of all the main creators of 800, which is the close cooperation of blasting points and fireworks in countless scenes. As the director Guan Hu said, the pyrotechnic explosion recovers for three or four hours at a time, shooting requires strict control over every actors position, movement and even the angle of each camera. The extreme creation also makes this battle, together with sacrificing ones life for the sake of bombing steel plate array, garrison battle on the top floor and Chong Qiao, become the most impressive paragraphs for the audience.

Eight hundred box office accumulated 2.075 billion

Since the film 800 was released, the real and tragic fighting process and the magnificent and shocking IMAX visual effect have won the audiences unanimous praise, triggered a film watching tide, and helped the film become the worlds first single region film of 2 billion in 2020. As of September 1, it had accumulated 2.075 billion box office. At present, 800 has been fully opened overseas, with several sold out scenes in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Australia has achieved the first single Hall box office on the first day, and the total box office has broken into the top three in Australia. The global hit has also attracted the attention of overseas authoritative media such as Hollywood news front, Forbes, variety show and Hollywood report. Globally, 800 is the highest box office movie since theaters reopened, Hollywood news front said

The film eight hundred is now in the national heat.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020