Radio + August Xi Jinping, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, deployed the two events.

 Radio + August Xi Jinping, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, deployed the two events.

This is the only meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held since August this year. The meeting put forward specific requirements for the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, as well as the implementation of the Party Central Committees decision-making and deployment by the Party group (Party committee) of the central and state organs.

General requirements

We should implement the new development concept, follow the natural and objective laws, promote the comprehensive management, systematic management and source control of mountains, rivers, fields, lakes, grass and sand, improve the ecological environment of the Yellow River Basin, optimize the allocation of water resources, promote the high-quality development of the whole basin, improve the peoples lives, protect and inherit the Yellow River culture, and make the Yellow River a happy river for the people

Specific deployment

It is necessary to adjust measures to local conditions, implement policies according to different categories, and respect laws to improve the ecological environment of the Yellow River Basin

We should vigorously promote the intensive and economical utilization of water resources in the Yellow River

We should focus on the long-term reduction of flood and drought disasters in the Yellow River, strengthen scientific research, and improve the disaster prevention and mitigation system

We should vigorously protect and carry forward the Yellow River culture, continue the historical context, tap the value of the times, and strengthen cultural confidence

It is necessary to promote the implementation of various work with the style of grasping the traces of iron and retaining the imprint of stepping stones, strengthen overall planning and coordination, implement the main responsibilities of the provinces, autonomous regions and relevant departments along the Yellow River, and accelerate the formulation and implementation of specific plans, implementation plans and policy systems

The first one kilometer -- the central government and the state organs need to make two efforts

pecific requirement

Consciously use the partys innovative theory to arm the mind, guide practice, promote work, and actively adapt to the new era, new situation and new requirements

We should have a deep understanding of the functions and responsibilities entrusted by the party and the state, keep in mind the two overall situations, strengthen the sense of mission and political responsibility, and achieve the two maintenance through the practical actions of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities

We should take the lead to enhance the political and action consciousness of reform, conscientiously implement various decisions and arrangements for comprehensively deepening the reform, and constantly consolidate the achievements of deepening institutional reform

We should firmly implement the main responsibility and supervision responsibility of comprehensively and strictly administering the party, conduct pressure at all levels, persist in the main tone of strictness for a long time, establish and improve the mechanism of power supervision and restriction, and continuously rectify the four styles, especially the problems of formalism and bureaucracy

We should conscientiously implement the partys organizational line in the new era, and strengthen the construction of leading groups, cadres and talents, and grassroots party organizations