Got the crystal ball? The Pentagon released Chinas military power report and predicted that the number of Chinas nuclear warheads will double in the next 10 years

 Got the crystal ball? The Pentagon released Chinas military power report and predicted that the number of Chinas nuclear warheads will double in the next 10 years

However, Forbes said that the statistics itself is misleading. Although the Chinese navy has more ships than the US Navy, the US Navy has larger ships and is ahead in tonnage, including 11 aircraft carriers with displacement of more than 100000 tons.

In this report on Chinas military strength and security development, the Pentagon declared that the Chinese navy is an increasingly modern and flexible force, and its development focus is to replace previous generations of platforms with limited capabilities and support larger and more modern multi role combat platforms. The report pays particular attention to the development of Chinese Navy aircraft carriers and claims that China plans to build more aircraft carriers. New aircraft carriers in the future will also be equipped with advanced devices, such as electromagnetic catapults. In terms of underwater warfare, the Pentagon speculates that China will continue to build more diesel electric submarines and nuclear submarines. The next generation of Chinas type 096 strategic missile nuclear submarine is likely to start construction in the mid-2020s and is said to be able to carry new submarine launched ballistic missiles.

In the next few years, the Chinese navy may deploy surface attack cruise missiles on its more advanced destroyers and new submarines, the Pentagon said in the report The Chinese navy can also transform old surface combat platforms and submarines so that they can attack land and provide more flexible strike capabilities.

However, as mentioned in Forbes, the combat power of the navy is far more than the number of warships and missiles. The US Navy is ahead of the Chinese navy in terms of ship tonnage, advanced weapons and operational experience. The US Navy also has the most powerful aircraft carrier combat capacity in the world. The report deliberately emphasizes that China has the largest naval force in the world, exaggerating and confusing the public and the public is just trying to attract attention and exaggerate the China Threat Theory.

On September 1, the US Department of defense website also interpreted the 2020 report on Chinas military strength and security development. The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense, Chad blakia, said at the US Enterprise Research Institute on the same day that China is expected to double the number of nuclear warheads it has in the next 10 years, and at the same time, it is beginning to make efforts to expand the deployment mode of nuclear capabilities.

Equally important, the U.S. Defense Department said, is how China will deliver these warheads, and China is developing a nuclear Trinity program similar to that of the United States. The nuclear Trinity of the United States can launch nuclear bombs from land-based missiles, sea based nuclear submarines and air-based strategic bombers.

China is comprehensively expanding and promoting modernization to diversify its nuclear forces, said sbrakia Just looking at the number of warheads alone does not tell the whole story. He said that in the next decade, China plans to expand its ballistic missile submarine forces and deploy sea-based ballistic missiles with stronger capabilities and longer range. China also plans to complete the development of bombers with air-launched ballistic missiles. He also said that China plans to deploy more mobile intercontinental missiles on the ground, and may also expand its capability of fixed ICBM in silos.

The United States has always been used to hype the topic of Chinas nuclear weapons, but the reality is that the United States has the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian once said that China has always advocated the ultimate complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons. At the same time, China believes that nuclear disarmament should be carried out step by step in accordance with the principles of maintaining global strategic stability and undiminished security of all countries. Countries with the largest nuclear arsenals have a special and priority responsibility in nuclear disarmament. At present, the international nuclear arms control system is facing severe challenges. The United States should respond responsibly to Russias positive appeal, extend the Treaty on further reduction and limitation of offensive strategic weapons, and further substantially reduce nuclear arsenals on this basis, so as to create conditions for other countries to participate in nuclear disarmament negotiations.

Guessing China builds a world-class army

The report also concluded that, in addition to nuclear capabilities, Chinas goal is to build the PLA into a world-class army by 2050.

According to the report, China is likely to be considering establishing overseas logistics facilities to support its navy, land and air forces, including Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, Angola and Tajikistan.

For the PLA, it means that they have the idea of going out. I think this is one aspect of the world-class army that can have influence at the time point and place of their choice, said sbruckia

In fact, the US military releases the so-called report on Chinas military strength and security development every year to hype the China Threat Theory. In the new era of Chinas national defense published last year, the Chinese government pointed out that firmly defending national sovereignty, security and development interests is the fundamental goal of Chinas national defense in the new era; persisting in never seeking hegemony, never expanding, and never seeking sphere of influence are the distinctive features of Chinas national defense in the new era; and implementing the military strategic principles in the new era is the strategic guidance for Chinas national defense in the new era Adhering to the road of building a strong military with Chinese characteristics is the development path of Chinas national defense in the new era; serving and building a community of common destiny for mankind is the world significance of Chinas national defense in the new era.

The Chinese armed forces faithfully practice the concept of a community of shared future for mankind, actively fulfill the international responsibilities of the armed forces of great powers, comprehensively promote international military cooperation in the new era, and strive to contribute to building a better world of lasting peace and universal security.

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Scholar: if you really listen to pompeios China, it will have to add more than 5500 nuclear weapons

When facing the challenge from China, the trump administration of the United States faces a great paradox, that is, it overestimates and underestimates the challenge. Overestimation is obvious; underestimation is not obvious, but it is more dangerous.

Singapore Straits Times publishes Ma Kaishuos article on Sino US relations photo source: website screenshot

Those who believe that China is about to invade the United States are excusable. However, there is no doubt that the United States is much stronger than China in the military field.

If China follows his call, it will have to add more than 5500 nuclear weapons to its nuclear arsenal, because China only has more than 300 nuclear weapons, compared with nearly 6000 in the United States.

Pompeio also claimed that the Communist Party of China is taking advantage of the free and open society of the United States to send propagandists into our press conferences, research centers, high schools, universities, and even join our PTA..

In short, Chinas influence has penetrated into all levels of American society and may damage American society. Frankenstein is the most popular word used by Mr. pompeio to describe the Communist Party of China. The word means a monster is threatening America. Its normal for Americans to be scared when they hear that.

Frankensteins monster

Pompeio made it clear that what threatens the United States is the Communist ideology of the Communist Party of China.

If global domination is really Chinas goal, then Americans can rest assured. Any attempt to dominate the world will fail. The whole world will resist this plot.

In fact, the Communist Party of China is a more formidable opponent of the United States, because its primary goal is not to dominate the world, but to revive the oldest and most resilient civilization in the world and to make it the most successful civilization in human history. In the historical process of the revival of civilization, the Communist Party of China has done very well.

With regard to the Communist Party of China, it is a little-known fact that since the founding of the peoples Republic of China in 1949, 71 years ago, it is now its most powerful moment.

Last month, the Harvard Kennedy School ash centre published a study entitled understanding the resilience of the Communist Party of China, which explains why the Chinese Communist Party is widely supported in China. According to the report, the theory of political power has long held that autocratic systems are inherently unstable, because if they want to exist, they must adopt high-pressure rule, implement a highly centralized decision-making mechanism, and free individual privileges from organizational constraints. Over time, these inefficient actions tend to weaken the legitimacy of the government, lead to discontent, and trigger large-scale riots.

This is what should have happened in China. On the contrary, as the report says, the party seems to be as strong as ever. The broad support of the people for the regime policy has made the party more resilient. This is why the report concludes that there is little evidence that the Chinese Communist Party is losing legitimacy in the eyes of the people..

Here are some important statistics. Each year, more than 20 million Chinese apply to join the Communist Party of China, but in the end, about 12% of them can join the Communist Party of China, which makes it as difficult to join the party as it is to enter the first-class universities in the United States. In short, the Communist Party of China is not a party about to collapse under the pressure of the United States: its legitimacy comes from the vast ocean of 1.4 billion Chinese people, who are celebrating that they are living at the peak of Chinese civilization. The 2020 Edelman trust barometer reports that 90% of Chinese support the Chinese government.

All these show that there is a key weakness in the US China strategy. With the exception of the current government of Australia, no country will jump into the American chariot and be unable to cope with China. Even allies close to the United States, such as Britain, will not be in this mess. An influential British figure pointed out at the Davos forum held in January this year that the UK will continue to use Huawei 5g technology after the British intelligence agencies have thoroughly analyzed and studied Huawei software. He confidently asserts that the United States cannot dominate Britain because it needs Britain just as Britain needs America.

But in the last month, Britain has succumbed. One can only guess that the United States can really dominate Britain. In sharp contrast, the United States and Britain were equal comrades in arms fighting side by side during the cold war.

The United States has a well thought out and wise strategy that may eventually succeed, and that is to offset Chinas influence by building goodwill around the world. However, as US foreign policy expert Richard Haas said, under this administration, we see the EU as an economic enemy and attack South Korea and Japan If allies cant count on us, its unrealistic to expect them to confront a strong neighbor. .

If the trump administration or the United States really wants to meet Chinas challenges, it will have to regroup and deliberate on a long-term strategy. In trying to understand the true nature of the Communist Party of China, the United States should seriously listen to the views of past strategic thinkers.