The first is about Xi Jinpings overseas circle of friends. August: letters, friendship and cooperation.

 The first is about Xi Jinpings overseas circle of friends. August: letters, friendship and cooperation.

Letters convey friendship, and cloud promotes cooperation. In these letters and calls, President Xi talked not only about the friendship of fighting the epidemic, but also about practical cooperation. He also focused on the overall situation and the future to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

What do the media and overseas netizens think about the diplomacy of the head of state of China? First report collects relevant reports and comments for youu2014u2014

While maintaining frequent cloud diplomacy, Chinas diplomacy has actively carried out face-to-face exchanges under the line, among which peripheral diplomacy and exchanges with Europe are particularly active

u2014u2014Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the office of the Central Foreign Affairs Working Committee, visited Singapore and went to Pusan, South Korea for consultations;

u2014u2014Indonesian Foreign Minister retno and Hungarian foreign minister sialto visited China successively, becoming the first foreign minister to visit China in the post epidemic period and the first foreign minister of EU countries to visit China after Chinas epidemic prevention and control has entered the normalization stage;

u2014u2014State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi held the second China Pakistan strategic dialogue with Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi in Baoting, Hainan Province;

u2014u2014China and Vietnam held land boundary commemorative activities in Dongxing, Guangxi;

u2014u2014Wang Yi paid official visits to Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, France and Germany;


The first report noted that in these high-level exchanges, there are also figures of exchanges between the heads of state. For example, during his visit to China, Indonesian Foreign Minister raitno brought a letter from President Joko to President Xi Jinping; in France, Wang Yi conveyed President Xis message to President Marcon and handed over the books presented by President Xi.

Deepen strategic communication, strengthen confidence in the fight against the epidemic, promote mutually beneficial cooperation, safeguard multilateralism, and strengthen global governance In the past August, China actively interacted with the world and conveyed rich information.

China novel coronavirus pneumonia, the former president of the Institute of international studies, said that the current international pattern is undergoing profound adjustment. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated the changes in the world situation. Facing the great changes, Chinas diplomacy has unswervingly coordinated the two overall domestic and international situations, unswervingly upholding and promoting the peaceful development of the world, showing the wisdom and determination of calm and responsive strategies.