54 year old Li ruotong is exposed to earn 350000 yuan in a business performance and insists on taking dumbbells out

 54 year old Li ruotong is exposed to earn 350000 yuan in a business performance and insists on taking dumbbells out

When Li ruotong attended the press conference, he was asked why he could maintain such a beautiful appearance and figure. Li ruotong claims that he has been exercising for 20 years, and he always takes dumbbells, yoga mats, sports clothes, etc. whether he is away or going out, in order to keep exercising and keep himself in the peak period.

Today, Li ruotong is 54 years old, but she looks like a girl in her 20s. Without marriage and childbirth, she not only looks online, her figure is as hot as ever. It seems that her age is really just a number in front of her.

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Although Li ruotong himself said in the article: life can have a classic role, already satisfied. However, in addition to creating Little Dragon Girl, she has also successfully created several classic roles, such as Qin Cao in Da Nei spy Zero Zero hair, Yang Bamei in Yang Men female general, Liu Fei in Song Dynastys legend, Shen Rong in Wudang, blue wing in Chen Qingling, etc. It is also appraised by numerous netizens as the only little dragon girl in my heart.

In addition to the role of XiaoLongNu, Wang Yuyan played by Li ruotong in Tianlongbabu is also penetrating. Wang Yuyan and XiaoLongNu are similar in temperament, so they have the title of fairy sister. In fact, Li ruotong not only played Wang Yuyan in this play, but also acted as a triangle, as well as aro and Qi Yufeng. They are three generations of grandparents and grandchildren. Li ruotong interprets them perfectly.

The role of Yang Bamei played by Li ruotong in women general of Yangmen is also very amazing. Yang Bamei is the youngest daughter of she Taijun. She is a member of Yangmen womens generals. She is smart, sharp, and has the spirit of a big husband, but does not lose the feminine tenderness. Li ruotong deduces the unique heroism and softness of the heroine.

Li ruotong also appeared in autumn fragrance. This version of autumn fragrance is somewhat different from the story of Tang Bohu ordering autumn fragrance. This Qiuxiang was originally Miss Lu Zhaorong of the Lu family. She was very beautiful, and was hired to marry Tang Bohu. However, Tang Bohu hung it in the bridal chamber on the wedding night. However, the two men still came together after a round trip. It is worth mentioning that Li ruotongs version of Qiuxiang is the most beautiful one on the screen.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395