Korean priest Hallelujah bows in public to apologize for infection

 Korean priest Hallelujah bows in public to apologize for infection

Quan Guangxuns speech (Seoul economy)

Quan Guangxun wore a mask on the day. He first claimed that he worried you. Im sorry and then bowed. Then a commonplace talk of an old scholars criticism was made. The criticism was made by the government to deceive the people. He said, give a month to apologize, and stressed that he was ready to die for martyrdom. The whole speech lasted about five minutes.

Quan Guangxun once said that it is impossible to infect the new crown outdoors (MBC TV station)

In February this year, Quan Guangxun held an illegal assembly in Guanghuamen, Seoul, and was arrested, but was eventually released on bail. At that time, he called out to the believers, outdoor infection of the new coronavirus, Hallelujah! It caused public opinion condemnation, and was also jokingly called Hallelujah priest by some netizens.

After diagnosis, Quan Guangxun takes an ambulance with a smile (national daily)

Recently, the epidemic in South Korea has spread rapidly, with more than 100 newly diagnosed cases in a single day for 20 consecutive days. This is mainly related to the outbreak of cluster infection in the love first church. As of noon on September 1st, there were 1083 confirmed cases related to the church, which became the second case of cluster infection in Korea after the new world Church (5214 cases).

Members of Quan Guangxuns Church attended the Guanghuamen rally in August (East Asia daily)

At present, quanguangxun is in constant trouble. He was charged by the Seoul municipal government for violating the infectious disease prevention law. He was also charged by the Central District Court of Seoul for violating the public election law. In addition, businesses near the church also planned to sue the church collectively because the love first church did not cooperate with the epidemic prevention and affected business.

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