Does China want to delay the tiktok deal until after the US election? Trump disagreed

 Does China want to delay the tiktok deal until after the US election? Trump disagreed

With Chinas recent adjustment and release of the catalogue of Chinas export prohibited and restricted technologies, it is still uncertain whether tiktoks deal can be finally concluded, according to the news agency.

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According to the US media report on September 1, trump took the presidential plane Air Force One to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Not long ago, there was a police shooting at African American man Jacob Black, which triggered another round of large-scale ANTI RACISM protests in the United States.

I told them they had to make a deal by September 15, or they would be shut down in the country after that, trump told reporters before boarding

Later, trump added: I think the United States must be compensated, very well compensated, because we make this possible, and the Treasury has to get generous compensation.

It is unclear how Trumps compensation is to be obtained, according to a report from the news agency. According to people familiar with the matter, trump believes that the US government should get compensation after solving the national security threat posed by tiktok, and is also studying the specific methods to obtain compensation.

According to the report, another person familiar with the matter disclosed that Microsoft, a potential buyer of the deal, had given a commitment that it would provide appropriate economic benefits to the United States, including the U.S. Treasury Department. But this commitment refers only to general taxes and job creation.

It has been reported that the White House has considered drawing capital compensation from the tax implementation costs of the transaction, but the cost will not exceed $300000, unable to meet Trumps requirements.

CNBC video capture of Trumps interview with media before boarding for Wisconsin

On August 3, trump once verbally threatened that tiktok would have to sell to an American company before September 15, otherwise it would close down. At that time, he threatened that tiktok should pay a considerable Commission to the U.S. Treasury for possible future acquisitions, because we made it possible..

On August 6, trump signed an executive order banning U.S. individuals and entities from conducting any transactions with byte hopping, which will take effect in 45 days. But on August 14, trump signed a new executive order, forcing tiktok to spin off its business within 90 days.

Subsequently, in addition to Microsoft, which was the first to propose the purchase intention, many American enterprises joined the bidding. On August 18, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that Oracle joined the bidding list and started negotiations with byte jump. Wal Mart also announced on August 27 that it would cooperate with Microsoft to acquire tiktok, forming a situation of two-party bidding.

At this time, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of science and technology of the peoples Republic of China adjusted and released the catalogue of Chinas export prohibited and restricted technologies on August 28, which experts named as possibly related to tiktoks technology. Another person familiar with the matter said it meant that tiktok would need approval from the Chinese government to sell its business.

On August 30, byte skipping followed the regulations and issued an announcement saying that the company would strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations and handle the related business of technology export.

According to the analysis of the Peng Bo news agency, this restriction measure may make the trading of tiktok stop. Doug Barry, senior communications director of the US China Business Council, said it was difficult to judge whether the deal would eventually be concluded. Both China and the United States want to dominate key technologies in the future..

For such an important news, White House spokesman Kayleigh mcenany did not indicate the specific attitude of the U.S. government on August 31, when facing a reporters question. She just claimed that negotiations to sell tiktoks business were still ongoing and that the White House would not comment on such issues in order to avoid affecting the negotiations.

The tiktok deal will be announced as early as Tuesday (September 1) local time, according to a person familiar with the matter quoted by CNBC on August 31. However, relevant companies, including tiktok, have not responded to this, and no formal transaction information has been released as of press release.

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Trump: tiktok needs to reach a deal by September 15 (source: original)

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