From Zeng Guofans four words, do you see that you were and are still immature?

 From Zeng Guofans four words, do you see that you were and are still immature?

[if you are short of talent, you will be more resourceful

Ren Zhengfei once fired an employee of Huawei because he made dozens of suggestions. He thought Ren Zhengfei would promote or even reuse himself when he saw these suggestions. Unexpectedly, he was dismissed.

Some people say that Ren Zhengfei is headstrong.

It is also said that the new employees who have been working for less than half a year are obviously showing off their talents by putting forward so many suggestions.

Zeng Guofan once said that if you are short of talent, you will be more resourceful. It is intended to remind those who regard themselves as high-ranking people that they should speak less and do more things at the beginning of their posts. If you dont believe that the people who speak much and close to each other, most of them dont have much talent, and they like to make suggestions to attract peoples attention.

[if you dont know enough, you should think more about it

What if you dont know enough? Listen more, watch more, and participate more. Before your wings are not enough to withstand the wind and rain, you should accept it with an open mind.

[less powerful, more angry

In the letter received by Ming Yi, occasionally some readers will complain about the workplace. The most impressive one is that a reader said, the boss comes in by relationship. He is inexperienced and incompetent. If he shouts for achievements every day, he will know how to lose his temper. Alas, in this world, it doesnt matter. We who have no backing can only be angry with such people.

The workplace is like a battlefield. It is the sorrow of the soldiers to be ungrateful, but it is the peoples will that will lose the talent of being handsome. If they are not powerful, they will be more angry. Because they have no prestige, they want to rely on external anger to arm themselves. However, the angry people often lose their sense first, and how many can really solve the problem?

[if you dont believe enough, you will say more

The reason why network fraud is prevalent, many people say that the current people are easy to cheat, a few good words are regarded as loose money boy.

Mingyi remembers an old man interviewed, who was cheated by telephone for more than 300000 yuan, and asked, why dare you make money to each other even though you havent seen me? The old man said, call me every day. That guy is so warm If it hadnt happened, I would like to recognize him as my son...

A few sweet words, you think it is true, in fact, is no longer a false deception. Maybe you wake up to understand that the more people say good things, the more cheaters they are. But as a liar must know, do not say good words, and where to cheat?

If there is no sincere person, he will use emotion as a cover.

People without credit will coax you with good words.

The more people like to talk full, the more unreliable they tend to be. This is a person without faith.

Every day we are growing, everyone is eager to mature.

Growth depends on time, while maturity depends on ourselves.

Perhaps, you have already put down the past, but only can not let go of themselves, still regret for the infatuation of youth.

Perhaps, you have looked down on life, just want to spend the rest of your life, want to let the heart return to calm as soon as possible.

However, growth always needs a price, and maturity needs to be honed. In the middle of life, looking back at the dusk, from Zeng Guofans four words, do you see yourself, who was and is still immature?