US media: Chinas new shipborne early warning aircraft is exposed, which is similar to the US E-2

 US media: Chinas new shipborne early warning aircraft is exposed, which is similar to the US E-2

According to the photos released by Forbes, the new AEW is roughly the same as the E-2 eagle eye series, but its body is generally green, which may have used a lot of composite materials to reduce weight.

The satellite photo released by Forbes was taken in the West flying picture source: Forbes

Some Weibo netizens took photos of suspected first flight of new carrier based early warning aircraft

On August 29, Forbes magazine website published an article analyzing satellite photos of suspected Chinas new generation of Shipborne early warning aircraft. Forbes calls it the air force-600.

According to the article, satellite photos of the prototype of the air police-600 were taken at an airport in Western China, and the new aircraft was identified in commercial satellite photos by satellite photo analysis expert Chris Biggs.

Forbes said that despite the photos, evidence of the existence of the air police-600 program had been found before. The model of the aircraft was found on a large concrete aircraft carrier model in August 2018. It is speculated that the Chinese navy is using the training facility to test the deck layout.

Forbes believes that the early warning opportunity of the air police-600 will change the situation that the PLA lags behind the US military, which is a major development and capability leap of the Chinese navy. The new carrier based early warning aircraft, with new aircraft carriers and operational facilities, will be part of the dramatic change in the strength of the Chinese navy. However, Forbes did not know whether the air force 600 took off and landed on the sliding deck.

Forbes analyzed satellite photos and said that the layout of the air force 600 is very similar to the U.S. Navys E-2 eagle eye series aircraft: all twin propeller aircraft, which can fold wings to park in the aircraft carrier hangar. The fuselage of the air police-600 is relatively small and can accommodate just four to six crew members. The radar is installed in a large rotating cover at the top of the fuselage. Finally, the tail is divided into several smaller vertical stabilizers - like World War II bombers.

Forbes said it was not clear whether the air police-600 radar could rotate like the eagle eye series, or use three or more fixed radar arrays on the big plate to cover all directions. Previously, China has applied these two schemes to different types of early warning aircraft.

According to the article, Chinese enterprises have previously tried to fly jzy-01 early warning aircraft, which is a prototype of carrier based early warning aircraft based on Y-7 transport aircraft. The Y-7 with dual propeller engine is developed based on An-24 transport aircraft. Jzy-01 early warning aircraft is widely considered as the technical verification aircraft of air police-600, which is more compact and precise than jzy-01.

However, Forbes routinely compared the new carrier based early warning aircraft with foreign projects. Although Forbes mentioned in the previous article that the new AWACS look like the E-2 series AWACS, their technical sources may be closer to the yak-44 AWACS developed by the Soviet Union.

Observer network military commentators believe that shipborne early warning aircraft, as the name implies, is an early warning aircraft carried on an aircraft carrier. Compared with surface warships, the radar range of Shipborne early warning aircraft is not limited by the terrain and horizon. At the same time, it has fast maneuvering speed and long range of activities, which is the combat power multiplier of aircraft carrier strike force.

At present, only the United States has successfully developed and deployed E-2 series fixed wing early warning aircraft on aircraft carriers, while other countries generally use early warning aircraft modified from helicopters. If China has successfully developed a new generation of early warning aircraft, China will become the second country in the world to master the technology of fixed wing shipborne early warning aircraft.

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