Zhang Yuhuan submitted a state compensation application for more than 22.34 million claims, and two claims exceeded 10 million yuan

 Zhang Yuhuan submitted a state compensation application for more than 22.34 million claims, and two claims exceeded 10 million yuan

Zhang Yuhuan applied for state compensation of more than 22.34 million yuan and demanded a public apology (source: original)

According to a previous report by Red Star News, on the afternoon of August 4, the Jiangxi Provincial High Court re tried the case of Zhang Yuhuans intentional killing of children 27 years ago, holding that the facts and evidence of Zhang Yuhuans killing two children were not clear and the evidence was insufficient. According to the principle of no suspected crime, Zhang Yuhuan could not be convicted and his innocence was changed according to law.

Six years later, in 2001, Nanchang Municipal Peoples court again sentenced Zhang Yuhuan to a suspended death sentence. Zhang Yuhuan himself firmly denied the murder and said he had made a guilty confession under torture.

After years of complaint, in March 2019, Jiangxi Provincial High Court decided to retrial the case of Zhang Yuhuans intentional homicide. On July 9, 2020, the case was tried again in Jiangxi Provincial High Court; on August 4, Zhang Yuhuan was acquitted.

In the judgment, Jiangxi Provincial High Court said that except for Zhang Yuhuans guilty confession, there was no direct evidence to prove Zhang Yuhuans murder in this case, and Zhang Yuhuans guilty confession also lacked stability and authenticity, which could not be used as the basis for the final decision.

On the morning of September 2, accompanied by his family and lawyers, Zhang Yuhuan went to Jiangxi Provincial High Court to submit the state compensation application. He claimed more than 10.17 million yuan of compensation for infringement of personal freedom, 1 million yuan of compensation for infringement of the right to health and follow-up treatment, 10.17 million yuan for mental injury, and reasonable expenses for redressing grievances in recent 27 years (transportation expenses, communication expenses, accommodation expenses, etc The total amount is more than 22.34 million yuan.

In addition, Zhang Yuhuan also proposed to ask Jiangxi Provincial High Court to make an apology in the national and provincial and municipal media and restore its reputation, so as to eliminate the negative impact of the wrong judgment.

The wrong case led to Zhang Yuhuans accusation of murderer , and his family members were also stigmatized and discriminated against. In the past 27 years, my father died and my mother was white haired, so I couldnt do my filial duty to serve my parents; my wife was seriously ill and remarried, so I couldnt do my husband and wifes justice; when I was wronged, my two sons were only 3 or 4 years old, and they missed the growth of their children and could not make up for the responsibility of being a father. Zhang Yuhuan said in the state compensation application that after the acquittal, he still lived in boundless fear and regret, with nightmares alternating every day and suffering great mental stimulation and torture.

Zhang Yuhuan also said that for him and his family, the 27 year late acquittal is a start, not an end, for him and his family, which belongs to the familys normal life. After years in prison, once out of prison, what needs to be repaired is not only the abandoned old house, the missing family relationship and the recognition of the new world, but also through a long time, a lot of energy and sufficient things Qualitative basis, to restore their own shrinking social labor capacity, heal the trauma suffered by the heart

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Promoting the case of Zhang Yuhuan: exposing the truth of a childs murder

I always thought, since this case has been solved, why did Zhang Yuhuan not fall into the law? Where is the truth? This is the reporter Im looking for, the lawyer Im looking for. For my whole life, I have to see what the truth is? This life, from this thing happened to now, why has been hanging heart can not put down? I dont care about Zhang Yuhuan. I care about the truth.

Zhang Youling, 65, came to Wuhan in 2014 to work as a doctor in a clinic. Photo by Du Wenwen, reporter of Beijing News

Zhang Youling, 65, has caused herself trouble this summer.

Zhang Yuhuan, who was detained for 9778 days, was released from prison with a verdict of innocence. In this village where acquaintances are intertwined, Zhang Youling used to be a benefactor in the eyes of the victims family members, because talkative revealed the truth of the childs killing; now, his role is reversed, and he helps the recognized murderer to regain his freedom.

The villagers in the same village who had made friends with him would call him for 70 minutes to argue about the case and express their dissatisfaction, why was Zhang Yuhuan released? From time to time, he would receive satirical messages, sometimes attacking his motivation for participation, and sometimes scolding him with his moral character, Doctor Zhang, how much money can you get for Zhang Yuhuans lawsuit? You cant get up early without profit!

Even his wife was worried about him on the phone, Oh, people are spreading it outside, saying that you are just for money and that you have got 1 million miles. What do you care about those things?

Zhang Youling had been living in Wuhan for six years before his meddling. Few people know that the doctor who used to work in Beiling forest farm of Jinxian county had a deep connection with Zhang Yuhuans case.

In this city, he is just a doctor of andrology, living in an old community house with a monthly rent of 1000 yuan. There is no elevator in the building. The gas tank is used for cooking. When she went home at night, Zhang Youling had to turn on the flashlight on her mobile phone to avoid falling in the dark.

Most of the time, he wakes up at 6:30 a.m., takes a simple exercise, eats noodles or eggs, and takes an 8-minute bike ride to the outpatient department of a private hospital to start his daily work. Every month, Zhang Youling saves enough time off to take the train back to her hometown in Jiangxi Province to visit her wife and 91 year old mother. He had to worry about all the family affairs. When a lamp broke, he had to wait for him to repair it. He also prescribed his wifes diabetes medicine before taking it back.

But for Zhang Youling, over the years, his inner pressure has increased a little. At first, it was just a little doubt, why hasnt Zhang Yuhuan been shot?

By chance, Zhang Youling went to Wenzhen prison in Jiangxi Province to visit her colleagues. She accidentally learned that Zhang Yuhuan, who was in the same prison, had been on a hunger strike. Until her colleague was released from prison in 2012, Zhang Yuhuan was still complaining.

He occasionally heard about the changes of Zhang Yuhuans family: his wife song xiaonu and Zhang Yuhuan left for Fujian to work after they separated. Their two sons, who were studying in Linchang primary school, were bullied from time to time. However, who cares about the children of murderers? Everyone hated him at that time..

At the end of 2016, Zhang Youling saw in the newspaper that the unjust case in Leping, Jiangxi Province was vindicated, and the four defendants were acquitted, which was quite shocked. In the years after that, he took the initiative to find reporters to state the case and promote the process of the case with his relatives and lawyers.

He said that he never regretted that he had been involved in this highly concerned case many times in his life. He only felt that he had done something plainly in his life. I helped him, not because I cared about Zhang Yuhuan, but because I cared about the truth.

Zhang Yuhuan took a photo with the old house with the verdict of innocence. Photo by Du Wenwen, reporter of Beijing News

I just took the lead.

Beijing News: some media have defined you as the key promoter of Zhang Yuhuans case. How do you think of your role in the case?

Zhang Youling: its too high. In fact, I just played a leading role in it. It is true that it is still the first reporter Cao Yinglan, Lawyer Wang Fei, lawyer Shang Manqing who helped the case and Zhang Yuhuans own relatives.

Beijing News: what have you done?

Zhang Youling: the two children cant die for no reason. At that time, through the investigation of the public security department, Zhang Yuhuan was caught and identified as the murderer. The whole village, including me, very much agrees with this conclusion. But as time went on, the pressure in my heart increased step by step.

I had a few doubts. First, after so long, why hasnt Zhang Yuhuan been shot? Why hasnt he been subdued?

Secondly, when I went to Wenzhen prison for a visit, my colleagues talked about Zhang Yuhuan, saying that he was unjust and committed suicide by fasting, which increased my pressure.

In the Spring Festival of 2012, my colleague got out of prison ahead of schedule with commutation. He came to my house to play and talked about Zhang Yuhuan. This is my third pressure, since he called injustice, where is the injustice? I really want to find out about this, but I have no way out. I dont know who to ask.

I have the contact information of Jiangxi TV clock reporter. In 2016, I was very happy to see the redress of the unjust case in Leping, Jiangxi Province. I sent a message to reporter Zhong, I have a lump in my heart. Ill tell you something.. Later, he introduced to me the reporter Cao Yinglan who made legal reports. Through reporter Cao, we found Lawyer Wang Fei and Shang Manqing.

In 2017, we went to Zhangjia village, and song xiaonu also rushed by. I havent seen her for more than 20 years. She called me big brother and said while crying. I knew that she was ill, and it hurt me a lot. I told her, no matter what, if Zhang Yuhuan did this thing, he deserved it. If he didnt do it, he would like to rearrange the matter and give him a statement. This is my original intention.

At that time, the lawyer also said that it might take three or five years, or eight or ten years, to help Zhang Yuhuan to appeal, and that might be the case. Let us and our families stick to it.

After entering August, many reporters came to him for telephone interview. He wrote down his daily tasks on his desk calendar. Photo by Du Wenwen, reporter of Beijing News

Old case: Zhang Yuhuan is not the only one suspected

Zhang Youling: I was a doctor in Beiling forest farm at that time. The forest farm was five or six hundred meters away from my home. In the afternoon of the accident, several childrens families came to me and asked, Doctor Zhang, did you see two children playing here? I remember very clearly that in the evening, it was dark, and the grandfather of the 6-year-old child came to ask me again, did the child come to play with you?

The next morning, people who came to see me said that the child was drowned in Xiamatang reservoir. I have the first question in my mind. Its impossible. The reservoir is far away from our village, and the villagers fields are not there. To get to the reservoir from the village, we have to go through a sheeps path covered with grass. Children have to walk for at least 20 or 30 minutes. Generally speaking, children in the village will not go in that direction.

Because my hometown is from zhangjiacun. In 1969, I went down from the forest farm to Zhangjia village to farm. In 1972, I went back to the state-owned Beiling forest farm to work as a doctor. I knew the villages fields and ponds very well. Moreover, it was autumn harvest at that time. The second season rice was cut, and the pond was dry with big cracks. How much water did it come from? The slope of the pond is not steep. It is impossible for a child to fall down suddenly while walking.

During the lunch break, I lay down and thought about it all the time. I simply got up and rode a bike to have a look. I didnt know whether it was Gods will or what. I just met them and prepared to bury the child. The two children were on the grass, covered with bamboo mats.

Beijing News: what did you see at the scene?

Zhang Youling: I came here with suspicion, so I looked carefully. When I opened it, I found something was wrong. The older 6-year-old child had very obvious congestion marks from his mouth to both cheeks. It was the upward strangulation mark from the mouth to the cheek. There were also many purple bruises in the chest and abdomen, which were the size of the fingernails. Another look at the 4-year-old child, neck strangled by the right hand, four fingers plus a finger, very clear.

At that time, there were many family members around. I said, why are you so stupid? I cant see such obvious traces. Its homicide. I graduated from Jiangxi College of traditional Chinese medicine, adult self-taught examination, anatomy, physiology books, I am very familiar with the knowledge I have learned, how to judge the scar on the body, how long the scar formation time, I can see. In addition, I also like to study things to solve crimes, like to read Sherlock Holmes novels, the scene of that day just used.

I was very impressed that I said that this situation should be reported to the police. The uncle of one of the children asked, do you want to pay for the report?

Chinese medicine books in Zhang Youlings home. Photo by Du Wenwen, reporter of Beijing News

Zhang Youling: the childs uncle ran to the village to report the case. Then the whole village knew that the child had been killed and surrounded. It was drizzling that day. The police arrived at about three or four oclock in the afternoon. Two police cars came, about three or four policemen. After seeing the scene, the medical examiner took the childs body away.

The next morning, two policemen came to my work and inquired for more than ten minutes. They asked me if I didnt understand the situation. Who did this thing? Do you know who has a grudge against whom? I dont know. I just said, there is nothing in the world for no reason, just like we see a doctor. We need to find out the reason.

Later, the police came several times and asked me the names of several suspects. Zhang Yuhuan was just one of them. The police also asked Zhang Yuhuans mother. I said that she was usually a hot girl in the village. A few days later, Zhang Yuhuan was taken away. After a few days, the police came to the village to say that the case was solved. The murderer was Zhang Yuhuan.

Beijing News: after the case was solved, what else happened in the village?

Zhang Youling: at that time, we felt that the murderer had been caught and the childrens grievances had been vindicated. We all felt at ease that this matter had come to an end. Theres a little episode behind it. After about a few months, the family members of the deceased child ran to the Public Security Bureau. When they saw that Zhang Yuhuan had not been shot, they ran to question him.

Why did I know about it? Because they went there several times without result. The family members came to me and asked what to do with the situation? Say otherwise, Doctor Zhang, you help to write a number one and ask why he has not been shot? Did someone keep him?

After that, there was almost no movement. I have been practicing medicine all the time. I only heard that song Xiaonv went out to work and divorced Zhang Yuhuan and married someone else. There is a primary school in Beiling forest farm. All the children in Zhangjia village are studying there. Zhang Baoren and Zhang Baogang are also reading there. The teacher who teaches is my good friend. I only heard the teacher mention that the two children do business.

At that time, I also heard that Zhang Yuhuans son was bullied in the village, but people living in the countryside were stubborn and narrow-minded. At that time, the villagers thought that Zhang Yuhuan had killed people, and everyone hated him. Even if the children were bullied or anything, they didnt care.

Responding to the question of motivation: Im not selfish

Beijing News: what else have you done in the past two years after lawyers involvement in the case?

Zhang Youling: we have set up a group to share information related to the case in time. In May 2018, Lawyer Wang Fei passed through Wuhan and met with me in a hotel in Wuchang District. I dictated all the details of the case I knew. The lawyer agreed to come out and let me sign it, like a written record. In August of the same year, lawyer Shang Manqing also came to Wuhan and repeated it again. I also signed it.

Later, reporters from different places gradually came into the group. I also typed the case from the beginning to the end in the form of words. It was very long, and I sent it to the group in many paragraphs. I told you all about it.

In addition, Zhang Minqiang, Zhang Yuhuans brother and I also have a lot of telephone communication, mainly to encourage and support each other. At the beginning, Zhang Minqiang and I had similar ideas. He went to ask his brother many times in person, did you do it? During the complaint period, although we were hopeful, we did not have much hope. We did not know that it would be the turn of the case.

During that time, my circle of friends hardly ever sent anything related to the case, mainly considering the feelings of the victims families.

Beijing News: can you understand why the village cant accept Zhang Yuhuans return?

Beijing News: many villagers in the village now question you and say whether you are helping Zhang Yuhuan complain for money?

Zhang Youling: I didnt think about money at all. I didnt take them as an example. I didnt expect Zhang Yuhuan to come out. Unexpectedly. A reporter asked me, Zhang Yuhuan came out, are you very excited? Im not excited at all. Im still under pressure. He didnt kill this man. Who killed him? This is what I care about. What I want is the truth.

People in the village have so far recognized Zhang Yuhuan as a murderer. They called me and talked about a lot of cases. I told him that as long as you have evidence, the police are there and the court is there. You can report the case. As long as it is proved that he did it, he can be arrested.

On the afternoon of August 7, 27 years later, 11 members of Zhang Yuhuans family took a group photo of the whole family at their door. Photo by Du Wenwen, reporter of Beijing News

Beijing News: dont you worry about collecting money? Do you believe it? Dont you have the pressure to go back to the village? Not afraid to be revenged?

Zhang Youling: I dont care. If its true, its useless to say its fake. My family also advised me not to be interviewed by reporters and not to be in the limelight. Im not afraid. I can sit still. Im not afraid of anything. Im not selfish. How much state compensation can Zhang Yuhuan get? Its his business. I dont participate in it, and I dont do anything. My pressure is mainly the concern of my family. My child also works in the public security system, which is afraid of bringing pressure on him.

Beijing News: after Zhang Yuhuan went home, did your daily life in Wuhan be affected by the case?

Zhang Youling: whether Zhang Yuhuan comes back or not, there is no change at all. The only change may be that more reporters come to me. I work in the outpatient department of a private hospital, the contract is signed every year, and there are patients all over the country who come to see me. I go to work at 8:30 every day, leave work at 5:30 p.m. and take two-hour lunch break at noon. My monthly salary is about 10000 yuan. In the past few years, the maximum amount was 20000 yuan. I dont know how much credit I have given to patients, including my current medical treatment. I had a good life, so they said I was a bit ridiculous for money.

Zhang Youling: do you think I can put down the pressure in my heart? Even if I cant put it down in my life, I have to put it down if I cant. I understand what the villagers say to me, but what is the effect of these words? It doesnt work. Whether they are angry or they dont understand, I have a clear conscience.

Beijing News: do you have any relatives with Zhang Yuhuan and the victims families?

I did one thing in my life.

Beijing News: how important is the truth of Zhang Yuhuans case to you?

For my whole life, I have to see what the truth is? This life, from this thing happened to now, why has been hanging heart can not put down? I do this thing, not care about Zhang Yuhuan, I care about the truth.

Beijing News: what are your next plans for this case?

Zhang Youling: after Zhang Yuhuan went home, the only contact I had with him was the video phone call I made a few days ago. I mainly said two things. One is that Zhang Yuhuans people are now out, but how can we dispel the villagers concerns about him? This is my worry. I hope the government and the media will give more consideration to this aspect and help him integrate into society. Another thing Im thinking is that this case should also be explained to the families of the victims.

Some media reporters wrote that I am still searching for the truth. What strength can I have? What can I find out as a civilian? Its just that my mind is like this. There must be a killer who killed someone. So where is this person?

Beijing News: what does this case mean to you?

The first time I found out the cause of death of a child, I saw that I wanted to kill my head. I also wanted to say that he killed me.

The second time, Zhang Yuhuan called injustice. Where is the truth?

I feel like Ive done my best and Im worthy of it. The most important thing is that I feel that I do this and I dont regret it, because I feel that it is a just thing. Whatever they say, I dont think Ive got any benefits. I just think that I have done one thing in my life, and thats what I think.

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Live: Zhang Yuhuan applied for state compensation of 22.34 million; live broadcast: Zhang Yuhuan applied for more than 22 million state compensation