Silent reading: for those who really love each other, the dust settled down is the best ending

 Silent reading: for those who really love each other, the dust settled down is the best ending


Then there are the actors of Fei Du and Luo Wenzhou. I dont have too many suggestions to film and television these two people? It should be extremely difficult. A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts. It really cant satisfy all peoples requirements. Do you think the glorious history of the petition will be repeated? This miracle can never be repeated. Well, lets feel the feelings between Fei Du and Luo Wenzhou first. In this way, it is more direct.



The ups and downs of the process are very rare. Although we know that Feidu always intentionally or unintentionally find Luo Wenzhous trouble.. If it is not a good impression, who will always think of you when you have nothing to do. Tao Ran is the most innocent, but also in the middle of the dilemma. Even, Luo Wenzhou was jealous for nothing. Ferdu, are you too bad? Until a long time later, Luo Wenzhou still remembered the bunch of roses and the touching love poem.



You are my man. Even if you gasp, it has something to do with me. If you cant clear it, remember. As you can imagine, ferdus smile was dizzy. This poor child, did not grow crooked, also has Luo Wen Zhou Tao Rans credit? And making you happy is the most important thing. You cant spoil and protect the one you love. Anyway, its not difficult to feed him. At most, he doesnt eat this or that. Let him sad, it seems that you cant help loving you.


In short, the dust settled is the best outcome. So shallow chest, so deep heart.

In fact, I like you and want to follow you. Feidu, how can you not admit it?

The person who meets the true love has no other thoughts. And, ever since

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