Read when confused, think when alone, sleep when sad

 Read when confused, think when alone, sleep when sad

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People really need to strive for self-improvement. As soon as we make achievements, the whole world is happy.

u2014u2014Hua Jieyu by Yi Shu

All festivals are not meant to be gifts, but to remind ourselves not to forget to love and be loved.

Anything you say has a chance to be forgiven, but dont lie.

You can afford roses, but still want him to send you, just like you can live alone, but still want someone to love you.

Work seriously, read when confused, think when alone, sleep when sad.

If you are too tired, please take a vacation with your life. Life is not to catch the road, but to feel the road.

Everyone will meet the most important person at a certain time. But some people are very lucky, in every period after that, the most important people around are the same person.

@The rabbit cant lay eggs: in August, I finally succeeded in the examination. Im very grateful to my parents and friends for their encouragement and support. Since September, Ive been a qualified peoples teacher. I hope everything goes well.

@Ha ha ha ha strange: 2020 is a very bad year for me. I am unemployed and lovelorn. I feel that nothing is good. Fortunately, in these bad days, I still have a good effort and move forward step by step. I believe that life will return to the right track. I hope September can be better for me.

So, lets talk about it today. Whats your expectation for the new month?