AB crying drama hot search? Skyscraper is not about AB!

 AB crying drama hot search? Skyscraper is not about AB!

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At first, he paid attention to skyscraper because of the director Chen Zhengdao. As a new director of post-80s generation in Taiwan, he directed many films with different styles but good reputation, such as midsummer light year, hypnosis master and returning to the age of 20.

It was not until angelababys crying drama that she seized the hot microblog search that she suddenly realized that this skyscraper was angelababys latest work, and I didnt know whether to be happy or sad for a moment. After all, according to the films and TV plays in which AB has starred for so many years, her acting skills are still quite resistant.

I was in a dilemma whether to watch or not, so at the beginning of the launch of skyscraper, I chose to stand still and wait for word-of-mouth.

Douban score is 7.9, which is not bad in domestic suspense dramas, but it can be regarded as the middle or upper level. Originally, I thought that the score would drop in a few days, but surprisingly, it did not fall but went up all the way up to 8.2. As a result, my friend Amway didnt need me. I was so excited that I was emboldened to open a pit.

After watching one episode, I found out that the female host was Yang Zishan. AB took the lunch box in the first episode, and it also appeared in the follow-up. However, it only exists in the memory of suspects, which makes me understand the possibility of rising scores in an instant.

Skyscraper has 16 episodes in total. It doesnt feel hard to chew it. At least, it doesnt feel embarrassed. Its a murder case at first. The rhythm is fast enough to directly enter the theme.

After that, the police arrived at the scene and found that the dead man was wearing a white dress, barefoot, peaceful face, without any struggling appearance. The cause of death was head impact. There was no trauma on the body, no signs of sexual assault, and the room was not damaged. Therefore, according to the police, the murderer should be familiar with the environment of the room, and it is likely that an acquaintance committed the crime.

But the fact is not as simple as that. A coffee shop owner with limited income has a room full of famous brands and online beauty. Therefore, the first inference of the criminal police is: love killing!

But about Zhong Meibaos death, everyone in the building seems to have predicted in advance. Who killed Zhong Meibao? The police began to look up sherpaul, the first security guard to find the body.

When the police asked why Paul TSE claimed that he had killed Zhong Meibao. He denied that it was only superficial meaning. He did not kill her, and he claimed that he had a friendly relationship with Zhong Meibao.

In such a high-end community, a property owner and a property security guard are friends, which is enough to make people wonder. In order to illustrate all this, Shepard tells his own story.

He had graduated from a famous university and had a successful career. He was planning to buy a house with his girlfriend. As a result, a car accident destroyed everything. He was squeezed out of money by the victims family and lost his job. His girlfriend broke up with him.

He claimed that the first time he saw Zhong Meibao was when there was a power failure in the building for the first time. Because she lived on the 20th floor, he helped her carry her luggage and chatted with each other along the way. He claimed that Zhong Meibao was different from other owners and she cared about the people around him. So he told Zhong about his accident. Finally, out of comfort, Zhong Meibao hugged him.

But these are only his one-sided words. The Criminal Police Officer Yang Ruisen (Yang Zishan) was moved by the story, and felt that it was not easy for Xie Paolo to come all the way. As a result, the criminal police captain Zhong Jingguo (Guo Tao) threw a basin of cold water on her. It turns out that his story has another version: after breaking up, his ex girlfriend reported that he was following him, that his work was to muddle through life, and that his life was like a waste Chai is not successful in his career as he said.

And most importantly, the relationship with the dead Zhong Meibao is not what he calls friend relationship.

After the polices inquiry, it was found that everyone in the building was hiding his secret. Everyone was closely related to Zhong Meibaos death. It seems that everyone is suspected.

There are all kinds of people living in skyscraper. Living in it, it feels like the epitome of the city. The plot takes the residents in the building as an independent chapter. While they are telling their own lives and defending themselves, they are also talking about Zhong Meibao in their eyes. Later, the police and the audience, like the audience, pieced together Zhong Meibaos life from their known information. At the same time, the testimony provided by each suspect does not make the truth of Zhong Meibaos murder more and more clear, but more complicated and confusing.

Lin Dasen, a new designer, is a phoenix man who relies on his wifes plagiarism. He is also Zhong Meibaos childhood sweetheart and secret lover. He claims that he bought a room on the 20th floor of the building, rents it to Zhong for free, and often gives her various famous brand gifts. But in fact, Zhongs room has always been under the name of Li Moli

Lin Dasens wife, Li Moli, knows that Zhong Meibao exists around her husband, but she acquiesces to the relationship between them. Her works are plagiarized, so she can only accept the planting silently. She is willing to become a stepping stone for her husbands career. Why is she willing to share her husband with another woman? Why does she have such a grievance when she is obviously talented?

He has a special relationship with Lin Meibao, and he likes to peep at Lin Meibao

Her opposite neighbor is Wu Mingyue, a novelist suffering from megalopolism. She never goes out and doesnt have much communication with people. In addition to Zhong Meibao, they have a very good relationship and even have the key to each others home. She also knows the secret of Zhong Meibao: being sexually assaulted by her father when she was a child

Ye Meili, the housekeepers aunt in the building, can talk and laugh with foreign clients. When an accident happens to the employers child, she knows professional first-aid methods. She is not like an ordinary housekeeper

Zhong also has a talented pianist brother, ye Shujun, who suffers from mental illness

We can see Zhong Meibaos miserable childhood, her mentally troubled mother, and her stepfather who sexually assaulted her. She should have escaped from such a family, but she could not escape the nightmare of childhood.

The plot takes Zhong Meibaos death as the main line, and sets up the spectacle of all the villains. The content covers but is not limited to incest, peeping, cheating, domestic violence, campus bullying, juvenile sexual abuse

In domestic dramas, suspense dramas like skyscrapers are really more than good. Ask the writers to let go of 30-year-old women, to see how to make a suspense drama full of suspense, but also let the audience reflect on themselves.

Skyscraper is a world of suspense that has been overthrown and reconstructed constantly. Its length, conscience and quality guarantee are not intimidated by ab. I believe that many people have already spent money to watch the finale. Although I havent seen the ending yet, I dont know whether its unfinished, but I still recommend it. In short, its a good suspense drama!