Answers to questions such as Im worried about why my love cant last half a year

 Answers to questions such as Im worried about why my love cant last half a year

It is estimated that the others must be some girls. Thats why you are very angry in love. So whats the situation of boys meeting other girls? Is it empathy? Do you want to have two legs? Well, there are such non - specific boys. But are all the four boys you talked about all the same? If the four really have non-specific personality characteristics, then I would like to ask: what have you done to let non-specific boys all fall in love with you? If they dont think of empathy or love each other when they meet other girls, then I want to ask: can you allow some boys to meet others in the process of love?

I know that love has one thing in common - exclusivity. People in love hope to be the only one for each other. So love and jealousy are twins. With this, there must be that. Love is more suitable for each other. What about rampant jealousy? Its going to backfire. Because in addition to pursuing intimacy, human beings also pursue independent space to breathe fresh air. If you want to have true love, you must give up childlike thinking and behavior, and capture the intimate relationship in your life in an adult way. Well, dont say much. I wish you the best. All shall be well, Jack shall have jill!

Q: Hello, teacher, I want to ask. Recently, I have been calm with my boyfriend, but I always want to trouble him from time to time. Some bad things in the past will come up from time to time, which makes me feel particularly unbalanced. I always ask myself, why is he so good to others, and he is indifferent to me, and his attitude has changed a lot, and he is more impatient Well, Im too concerned that the past will affect us in the future?

A: Hello, holding on to the past will affect our future relationship.

I dont know what happened to you before, but now that you have decided to stay together, you should consciously focus on the present. Although we cant forget the past things, we are facing the present things. When you face todays he and what he has done, you cant feel the present him and the real him. You will be separated from him by the past. Your attitude will also affect the other party. What the other party sees in your eyes is not the hope for a better direction, such as being sentenced to life imprisonment which can never be forgiven. Therefore, he will be at a loss and have a distance with you.

Forgiveness is not a simple and easy thing. Facing the present and accepting the other person is a person who will make mistakes is something you need to consider.

Q: teacher, my husband has a macho temper and a little selfish. He is only allowed to lose his temper and not allow others. I trust him, and I am the kind of careless person! What should I do with him.

A: Hello, his control mode may come from his family and it works in his current home. The existence of this model has something to do with your compromise.

His male chauvinism should always exist. What makes you unable to bear it now? Whats the reason you cant fight? Its easy to deal with your own problems and face him again.

Q: my boyfriend is much shorter than me, and is not as good as me in all aspects. Everyone advised me not to be with him. He is very popular with girls. I really care about the girls around him, but he says nothing. Should I give up this relationship?

A: Hello, do you mind if your boyfriend is short and inferior to you in all aspects? Most of your expressions are the opinions of others and the attitude of your boyfriend. What do you think of yourself? What are you with him for?

Do you mind the girls around him because you dont trust him or you dont have confidence in yourself?

I think your uncertainty about him comes from your uncertainty about your emotional needs and your lack of confidence in yourself. Whether you continue or give up depends on your position and your true feelings towards him.

Q: I am a married person. Today I am 27, my husband is 32, I have been married for 5 years. I have a son who is more than 2 years old. My husband does business by himself, and his living conditions are still very good. Since 19 years ago, we began to have conflicts. We dont know what happened. I cant stand him for no reason. He is the same with him. As time goes on, he really lives Its very depressing. In addition to taking care of the children, I still have a job to do. Im in a bad mood all day. My husband doesnt care about me and often goes on business. I work in my husbands company. Since this happens, we have been sleeping in separate beds. Apart from eating and working together, we should have little contact with each other. We are depressed when we are together, and we always want to find something. We have talked about divorce, but there is no result every time. I just do it for the children. I dont know How long can this situation last,,,

In June 19, by chance, I contacted my former classmate. He was a boy. He was the same age as me. He was a physical education teacher in a school. We talked about it very much. We had nothing to do to send a message. After a long time, I told him all these things and felt very aggrieved. Slowly, we had feelings. He was considerate to me. In addition, my family and his parents were both considerate and considerate Yes, they all know our business, and they dont say anything. He is not married yet. He is very down-to-earth with him. He can arrange all the small details of his life well and take good care of me. For example, if I have a cold, he will call me one by one and ask me if I have an injection or take any medicine. However, my husband is just perfunctory, I dont know what kind of feelings I want, and I dont know what type I like in the end. I dont want to hurt anyone, and I dont want to go on like this. Ive said these things to my friends, and some said Ill leave after divorce. Its too depressing. Im not happy at all. Some say that divorce is not good. At least for the sake of children, I dont know where to go when I stand at this crossroad, and I dont know which one belongs to me. I think its bad to cheat on women before, but now I do. I feel sorry for my husband and children, but its hard to give up later feelings I hope you can help me and wait for your reply. Im not in a good mood. My words may not be smooth. I hope you can understand.

A: Hello, you are now faced with an emotional choice: one is a husband who has been married for five years and a two-year-old son; the other is an extramarital affair

First, I would like to ask you some questions about your marriage relationship

1) Is it the presence of children that affects marriage? (there were no other marital disruptions)

The world of two becomes a world of three. Both children and work have to be taken care of, resulting in physical and mental exhaustion, and even less time for husband. At this time, the husband does not express concern and consideration, which leads to dissatisfaction, but neglects expression and communication (you feel depressed), resulting in a vicious circle, which makes both parties look at the other party unfavourably. (of course, this has my subjective inference, because the information is limited)

2) Is it possible to improve the relationship through expression and communication?

3) Why several divorces failed? (the child is just a superficial reason, maybe both parties dont want to divorce)

I want to talk about men who have extramarital affairs

I feel that this man happens to appear when you are in a state of emotional emptiness, and he just gives you the care and consideration you cant get from your husband. You can think about it. Is your husband really not concerned and considerate, or is it due to his personality and not good at expressing himself?

So I suggest you try to communicate with your husband. Maybe you can repair your marriage. We should consider whether there are filling and substituting factors for extramarital affairs. Good luck!