Woman: in middle age, you dont have to be sad. How can you be happy

 Woman: in middle age, you dont have to be sad. How can you be happy

Every woman who has reached the middle of her life is afraid of her old face and haggard. Even more than men, she is afraid of the living situation of old on the top and small at the bottom. She is entangled in all kinds of ways and can not get away.

Thats why some women say that middle age is the saddest stage in a womans life.

Youth is gone, but there is no courage to foresee the future.

Do women really live so sad when they are middle-aged?

In fact, the sadness of middle-aged women comes from their own unrealistic calculation.

Yi Nengjing accused her husband in the program that Im still in love with you, but you just live with me. In one sentence, she said that middle-aged women have too many worries: such as romance, such as love.

Middle aged women, in fact, most of them have put down the entanglement of money. Money without money is not so important, but only romance and love must be taken care of.

Although these calculations are impractical in mens eyes, in womens eyes, owning is happy and losing is sorrow.

Mingyi believes that the most embarrassing thing for a middle-aged woman is that her heart is not really mature when she grows up.

Only a woman with mature psychology can really understand how to be a man and how to live happily.

Xie Xian, who is nearly 90 years old, is still on and off with his little girlfriend. Do you think he is talking about long love? However, after enjoying the love interest that only adolescence can have again and again, and his ex-wife, Deborah, is a high-profile remarriage. Age is never the reason for unhappiness. Men can be romantic, women are still natural and unrestrained, and those who are not old in heart will know how to dig for real happiness.

So women, in middle age, do not have to be sad, how happy how to live.

For romance and love that men cant give, you can buy a bunch of flowers and make them by yourself. You can also play a walk and go trip and give yourself a vacation.

Happiness, whether young or middle-aged, ultimately depends on their own creation.

There is a song like this: after a dance, and then sing a song, life is nothing, just a picture of music. There are too many troubles, dont put them in your heart. Why do you think too much? Life is difficult. You can run two laps with nothing, rest when you are tired, and you can live well only if you have a good body

Middle aged women, too.

Please yourself more than others.

Pay less attention to the illusory things and enjoy the reality of the present.

For the rest of my life, how to be happy and how to live, except for life and death, everything is just a small matter.