Gong Li, 55, celebrates the birthday of her 72 year old husband, and accidentally exposes the reason why she broke up with Zhang Yimou after 8 years

 Gong Li, 55, celebrates the birthday of her 72 year old husband, and accidentally exposes the reason why she broke up with Zhang Yimou after 8 years

Finally, she entered the performing Department of the Central Academy of drama through unremitting efforts.


Those old dreams that cant go back

Its a classic scene

In 1987, Gong Li, 22, was a student. After meeting Zhang Yimou, her life was completely changed.

At the age of 37, Zhang Yimou became one of the best photographers in China because of his expressiveness in one and eight and loess land. Later, he decided to transform to director.

After that, Gong Li became irresistible under the shape of Zhang Yimou. The two worked together on several films. Until now, it is also a movie myth spread all over the country and abroad.

Song Lian in the red lantern hanging high, Qiuju in Qiujus lawsuit, and Jiazhen in living are all difficult to be reborn under the pressure of fate. Even so, there are still reluctant eyes and tenacious spirit to fate, and these are living Gong Li.

The eight years of Gong Li and Zhang Yimous hand in hand are the eight years when Zhang Yimous achievements have reached the acme, and also the most brilliant eight years in Gong Lis performing career.

Good love is mutual achievement. Now it seems like a good story.

Zhang Yimou and Gong Li are just like this.


Love can be met at the wrong time

Marriage requires balance of power

It has to be said that Zhang Yimou at that time had long been trapped in Gong Lis trap and insisted on divorce from his wife Xiao Hua at that time. Even if he was ruined, he would stay with Gong Li.

Gong Li, who only wants to get married when he is 30, and Zhang Yimou, who is divorced and free again, have a deep feeling after eight years of cooperation. The public think that marriage is a matter of course.

Until once, when Gong Li said lets get married, Zhang Yimou only said to her, I never thought about getting married. Isnt marriage just a piece of paper? Why do you have to value this piece of paper?

This sentence completely let Gong Li understand that she is in love, while Zhang Yimou is focusing on her career. In fact, after so many years of love, they have not had the same life goal.

To Zhang Yimous age, what is needed at this time is a good wife who can give up everything and start a family immediately, and be able to be a good wife who can help his husband and children. Instead of Gong Li, who has become a star internationally.

In 1995, Zhang Yimou and Gong Li broke up for the last time.

It has to be said that Gong Li and Zhang Yimou complement each other in their careers, but they are not the most suitable candidates for each other when they enter into marriage.

A good marriage is more important for two people to go hand in hand for the rest of their lives, so hand in hand can make both sides achieve a win-win situation.


Time can play down gratitude and resentment

It can also heal sadness

In 1996, a year after their breakup, Gong Li and Zhang Yimou met again at the Cannes Film Festival. When a reporter asked if the two would be reunited, Gong Li choked.

The year after the break-up, Gong Li chose to marry Huang Hexiang, President of bat Asia Pacific. The dream of getting married at the age of 30 has finally been realized. However, this act of marrying her ex quickly after breaking up with her predecessor has led netizens to guess that Gong Li is gambling with Zhang Yimou. Once a marriage is not reconciled with the old love, it will not last long.

Sure enough, such a day made her and Huang Hexiangs feelings gradually break down, and finally they divorced peacefully. After the divorce, Gong Li was negative for a period of time, and decided to go to live in a foreign country alone and go to a strange place, planning to start from scratch.

This is Gong Li. She loves and hates deeply!

Although in this process, Gong Li has also spread a lot of rumors, but the final results are not settled. Because in her heart and Zhang Yimous experience, has become the deepest scar in her heart, she never completely let go. That years regret, always stay in two peoples hearts.

So they worked together on a film called golden armour in the whole city, which Zhang Yimou promised Gong Li. At the press conference, he said that the film was promised to Gong Li 14 years ago: in the future, she must play the queen once. Zhang Yimou did not break his promise.

After so much experience, they all put down each other, some of the feelings missed, there is no need to tangle, perhaps all this is the best arrangement of fate. Zhang Yimou needs a good wife, but Gong Li is destined to be a queen.


Marriage is regardless of age

Feeling love with heart

On May 17, 2019, Gong Li, who has always kept a low profile after breaking up and divorcing, threw herself into the public view with a piece of news about remarriage and instantly made a hot search.

She and her 72 year old French husband, Jean Michel Yar, attended the Cannes Film Festival and waved to the media. The difference between the two is 17 years old, but they do not feel the difference. The picture of two people walking together hand in hand is like a pair of young lovers in love.

Later I learned that Jean Michel Yar was a famous French electronic music master, and they had similar experiences, common hobbies and goals.

Under the influence of love, Gong Li is happy like a child. Even though she has passed the age of being young and frivolous, she still has the right to have a romantic love.

Gong Li once said in an interview with Yang Lan, I used to yearn for marriage. Think its over before you get married at 30. But now I dont think its necessary to get married. Marriage is just a piece of paper. I dont think a woman cant live without a man. A woman has to rely on herself after all.

Gong Li is ambitious and persistent in her career. In love, regardless of their own, dare to love and hate, live very free and easy. This is what a confident woman should look like.

At the end:

Women do not fade with time; women have the right to regain love even after a failed marriage.

Remember that marriage is nothing but an accessory to a womans life.