What face cut what bangs, these 5 models are too small

 What face cut what bangs, these 5 models are too small

The shape of the cranial apex was tested by Takayama

Da Guangming Tai tests hairline:

Although the advantages of hair and skull top are not enough, they can be made up with bangs. You cant imagine how much bangs can change girls!

Goddess Gakki does not have bangs is really very big, very passers-by, once the bangs blessing, the beauty does not know how much to improve!

So, today, Id like to give you a bangs transformation special to help Jimei climb to the peak of beauty as soon as possible, crush your enemies and capture the hearts of male gods!

And for Jimei, which has a wide forehead, it can also be decorated visually, with meatball head or horsetail, which is lovely and has a girlish feeling.

So this kind of atmospheric facial features, it is very suitable for this kind of not too exaggerated lanugo bangs, not only can not block the facial features, but also cover the brain gate.

Similarly, there is Li Qin. Her facial features are three-dimensional and very gentle. She belongs to the gentle little sister. If the bangs are too exaggerated, they will destroy the temperament, so this kind of lanugo bangs is the most secure.

The high hair line of high power is well known, so she can have nothing but bangs.

Lanugo bangs not only block the hairline, but also the feeling of fluffy is the age reduction of fried chicken.

And this kind of bangs temperament is also very changeable, can be soft and cute, can temperament, completely do not choose the style. She is a girl next door with her double braided braids, but she has a big wave on the slant and changes her temperament in a second.

Therefore, if the sisters want to modify the face shape and the bald hairline, but dont want to be too deliberate, they can try the hair bangs, and easily create a feeling of luxuriant hair.

Teddy bangs can be said to be an advanced version of the lanugo bangs, compared to it with some radians, more fluffy feeling, appears to be moving.

Wuli Taiyan is really suitable for this kind of modeling. She is charming and playful. I dont know if you are attracted. I do.

Slightly curly bangs hairy, very girly feeling, and appears to be more fluffy, for meat face also has a good modification effect.

Short Teddy bangs will have a natural flavor. If Jimei people dont like it, they can try the slightly longer style of xiaodaojing, which is not too flashy.

It is not cute enough, but temperament is more than, especially for the concave and convex Temple effect is very good, wide forehead can also become a standard face.

Sisters with lower skulls must try this style. It can help you build a fluffy head. Even if you tie a ponytail, you dont have to worry about your bald hairline and pan like skull top.

If it is served with wheat curly hair, the effect will be more oh.

But it is really not suitable for people with multiple quantities. It is easy to become an explosive head, but also with a trace of soil flavor, like n did not repair hair style.

I really like this group of magazine photos of Wenqi and Nabi, which are also cartoon bangs, but create different styles, a girl and a cold heart.

It is a little thicker than the air bangs, but not as rigid as the traditional Qi bangs, so it has become a popular hairstyle this year.

In fact, Lisa is also a typical representative of the cartoon bangs. Her forehead is relatively large, so it is suitable for this kind of bangs. In addition, this doll like face gives the two-dimensional beauty of a girls visual sense.

Because this kind of bangs itself brings some young feeling, so in order to break the dull feeling of the style, it is very suitable to match the makeup of fierce atmosphere, which is fierce and fierce.

Komatsu cainai can be called the originator of the cartoon bangs. This shape also adds a lot of recognition to her. With that world weary face, her temperament is really unique.

Irenes appearance belongs to that kind of particularly delicate and beautiful type, because it is too fairy, so it cant resist this kind of personality hairstyle.

Susans face, with a slightly wider eye distance and a shorter chin, is really suitable for this kind of hairstyle, which is very attractive to girls and girls.

The little sister Xing Lu, who appeared in the Japanese Divine Comedy thousand layers routine, is a typical catfish face. It is not particularly amazing, but it is very spiritual. She is a beautiful girl with a comic strip of Liu Hai.

Huang Ling, the tailor master in sister Lang, also has a distinctive appearance, and gives people a very attractive overall feeling. Especially, her eyes are very attractive. She and the cartoon bangs complement each other. There is a little purity in the temptation.

Eyebrow bangs are also a kind of cartoon bangs. They are very suitable for oval young faces. They look harmless to human beings and animals. But dont try the round faced girls. Its easy to become cherry balls with failed haircuts.

Long face sister also must not and oneself cannot get along with, cut this kind of eyebrow bangs, blue Ying Ying obviously quite has the gas fields younger sister, is made by this kind of modelling to be dissimilar.

Air bangs can be said to have been popular for a long time. Comic bangs are actually upgraded on the basis of it. However, air bangs are more flimsy, and their temperament is more casual.

Although the hairline is as high as the big power, but with the blessing of air iron bangs, our Cheng Xiao is still a beautiful girl!

Kong Xueers modeling soul is also her air bangs, which can be a warm and soft fairy

It can also be a cool girl

Recently, many of Shuang Meizis styles are mainly air bangs, because her style is a little girl, so this kind of bangs can be set off more, just like the primary school girls who are crazy pursued by people in universities.

But if you have high cheekbones, the air bangs are really a bit against it.

What hairstyles are not afraid of? How could Ms. Chou not try it? This kind of thin bangs, which are not very deliberately taken care of, look more natural and fresh.

But the length of the air bangs is very particular, it must be between the eyebrows and eyes to be the most perfect, so repair is a very troublesome thing.

Although there is no sign that Liu Hai is popular in the Spring Festival.

But the facial features of the atmosphere of Jimei is not suitable for such a lovely hairstyle, it will appear a little bit small.

For example, our hot bus looks too amazing. The air bangs are actually a little burdensome. Although lovely, they cant highlight the advantages.

Some people cant say whats strange, but its all strange everywhere. its about Guan Xiaotong who cut the air bangs.

However, once you change to hair bangs, the whole person will have a lot of foreign style, and the advantages of facial features will be more prominent. You can feel the aura of Yu Jie three blocks away.

In addition, there is the classic air bangs. I think that for the girls who love oil, they are more friendly than air bangs. They will not stick on the forehead, and they will not be afraid to sweat.

Dragon beard bangs almost do not pick the face shape, belongs to the kind that everyone can control. It can be very good to decorate the bare temples and big forehead, and the hairy texture is very young.

As long as the hairline is not exposed, the appearance of large power is quite online.

Many of the classic shapes of Xiao Ju are inseparable from the blessing of dragon whiskers and bangs. With some radians, it is not only fluffy, but also natural and unintentional, and it also appears to have more hair.

This kind of frivolous bangs are easier to handle, and the Dragon whisker bangs with a little inner buckle can also reduce the face by a circle.

If you have a square face and a slightly wider mandible, you can refer to Xu Lus shape, which not only softens the contour of the face, but also adds some charm.

A slightly thicker fringe must be shorter to avoid being cumbersome, creating a natural hairy flu, elegant and lazy.

The soul of dragon whisker bangs is to be loose, with a refreshing feeling, which can be gentle and temperament.

I also suggest that you should not be afraid of the trouble when leaving the Dragon whisker bangs, and make a little arc. If the Dragon whisker bangs are too straight

And some radians, obviously a lot of foreign style, we can adjust according to their own face shape, the face width of the place to block inward, hand disabled party can also learn.

What kind of bangs do you like best? Or do you have anything you want to see about hairstyles? Can tell me in the message area, I will try to arrange for you!