Wang Yi responds to Czech Senate speakers visit to Taiwan: open provocation, youve crossed the line!

 Wang Yi responds to Czech Senate speakers visit to Taiwan: open provocation, youve crossed the line!

On the evening of August 31, the official website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced the contents of the meeting between vice minister Qin Gang and Czech ambassador to China Tong Ford. Qin Gang said that westkills visit to Taiwan is taking the worlds great disrespect.. Czech Foreign Minister Peter zeczek summoned the Chinese ambassador to the Czech Republic, believing that this trip will certainly affect our relations with China, but Chinas remarks are overdone. In the face of questioning by the Taiwan media, westercher repeatedly said that this visit to Taiwan does not violate the one China principle, and the Czech Republic has its own way of understanding the one China principle. According to Taiwan media, the mainland has announced military exercises in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea for two consecutive days, which means a lot to Taiwan. On August 30, the PLA military aircraft advanced and was less than 80 km away from the special plane of the Czech regiment, with a strong warning.. According to the United News Network, westkill has the intention of attracting Taiwan to join the Anti China camp. However, Taiwan is at the forefront of Sino US rivalry, and if one end of the balance is excessively tilted, it must risk stimulating the other side to fight back. If the DPP uses I am a Taiwanese to publicize, it is only afraid that Taiwan will fall into danger.

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Wang Yi started his trip to Europe this week, and China EU relations continued to warm up.

According to the official news, the atmosphere of Wang Yis talks with all parties was very good and was warmly welcomed by all countries. Affected by the epidemic situation, there was a small change in the diplomatic etiquette of this visit to Europe, that is, touching the elbow instead of shaking hands.

Why do you choose Europe for the first visit after the epidemic is alleviated? Wang Yi stressed four important points. Now, at the end of his trip, what did he talk about in Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and France? What are the important statements?

However, in the same European countries, some Czech politicians have become negative teaching materials. Despite the presidents opposition, the president of the Senate insisted on the Taiwan visit plan, which aroused strong opposition from China.

It is worth noting that during his visit to Europe, Wang Yi also met with Canadian Foreign Minister Shang Pengfei. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Canada. Will there be any breakthrough in the serious difficulties in China Canada relations this year?


For the first visit of the foreign minister after the epidemic has been alleviated, the place chosen should be particular.

At the beginning of Mondays press conference, Zhao Lijian announced Wang Yis visit to Europeu2014u2014

At the invitation of Italian Minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation dimayo, Dutch foreign minister Brock, Norwegian foreign minister Serred, French Minister of Europe and foreign affairs ledrion, and German Foreign Minister Maas, Wang Yi, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi will pay an official visit to Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, France and Germany from August 25 to September 1.

Although it has been a whole week, Wang Yis trip to five countries is very full. What is the purpose of this visit to Europe? What information will be released to the outside world? Wang Yi made it clear at the beginning.

Wang Yi made it clear that this trip to Europe should convey four signals: to continue to work with Europe to fight the epidemic, to continue to support the unity and development of Europe, to continue to consolidate and promote China EU relations, and to continue to maintain world peace and development.

Hand in hand to fight the epidemic is one of the key words of this trip. You can see it in a detail.

There is an interesting phenomenon in the official photos: Italian foreign minister timayo dimayo, Norwegian foreign minister Serred, and French President Marco u00f3 n released a picture of touching the elbow during the talks with Wang Yi. The two sides no longer shake hands, but touch elbows instead. It is not difficult to see from the expression that everyone is quite satisfied with the new etiquette.

Wang Yi agreed to hold talks with Dali foreign minister timayo

Wang Yi holds talks with Norwegian foreign minister Serred

French President marcone meets with Wang Yi

Moreover, in his public speeches in Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and France, Wang Yi mentioned cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, especially emphasized the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, orderly recovery of personnel exchanges and mutual cooperation.

It can be predicted that after Wang Yis visit to Europe, China EU exchanges are expected to gradually return to normal under the background of epidemic prevention and control.

In addition, the reporter also found that in Wang Yis statement, independence and multilateralism also appeared frequently.

When talking to Prime Minister Conte of Italy, Wang Yi mentioned: Upholding multilateralism as a common concept Safeguard the multilateral trade system and build an open world economy.

When meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Ruud u00fc te, Wang Yi also said: The Netherlands is founded by opening up, China and the Netherlands should work together to cope with the impact and challenge of unilateralism on the world, and abide by and practice multilateralism.

During talks with Norwegian foreign minister Serred, Wang Yi said: both China and Norway are beneficiaries and supporters of globalization, multilateralism and free trade, and both oppose unilateralism and protectionism.

During his meeting with French President Marco u00f3 n, Wang Yi emphatically praised Marco u00f3 n for advocating that Europe should strengthen its strategic autonomy, which not only embodies Frances tradition of independence and autonomy, but also shows Europes position as a world pole.

Wang Yi emphasized international cooperation on epidemic situation and advocated the concept of multilateralism. Wang Yis trip to Europe and pompeios previous trip to Europe made a high judgment.


At present, the overall momentum of China EU relations is good, but at the same time, it is also being provoked or even destroyed by various external sources.

Wang Yis judgment on China EU relations is very pertinent.

What kind of provocation and destruction have China EU relations been provoked and damaged? The Czech president of the Senate plans to visit Taiwan in the near future.

In response, Zhao Lijian said that some Czech politicians, out of their own personal interests, ignored the solemn negotiations of China, ignored the mainstream public opinion of the Czech Republic, openly violated the one China policy consistently promised and pursued by the Czech government, and insisted on going to Taiwan for the so-called visit, deliberately destroying the political foundation of Sino Czech relations.

The spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic also expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition - the visit to Taiwan will be an open support for the Taiwan independence separatist forces and separatist activities, seriously violate Chinas national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and seriously damage the premise and political foundation of Sino Czech cooperation.

Moreover, members of the European Parliament, Peter Cofell and spilach, also expressed concern over Chinas opposition.

In fact, the Czech government has always adhered to the one China policy. The president of the Czech Republic, the chairman of the house of Representatives, the prime minister and the Minister for foreign affairs of the Czech Republic do not recommend that the president of the Senate visit Taiwan, the current president Zeman made clear

In the face of individual politicians insistence on visiting Taiwan, Zhang Jianmin, Chinese ambassador to the Czech Republic, said in an interview: I cant think of any reason for China and Czech to insist on damaging relations. Its a pity that there are still some people who have entered the 21st century with their heads still in the cold war.


During his visit to the five European countries, Wang Yis other agenda also attracted wide attention.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Canada. There are no historical disputes or conflicts of interests between China and Canada. Wang Yi made a change in his remarks, referring to Canadas unjustifiable detention of Chinese citizens and the serious difficulties encountered in the relations between the two countries.

He pointed out that he hoped Canada would take the posture of an independent country, make a decision as soon as possible, and remove the main obstacles affecting the development of China Canada relations.

As early as April 2, Wang Yi made a similar statement in his phone call with Shang Pengfei - China attaches great importance to this position of Canada and hopes that Canada will make a decision and take measures as soon as possible to eliminate obstacles to the development of bilateral relations.

In addition, Shang Pengfei talked with the Chinese side about the cases of Canadian citizens such as Kang Mingkai and Michael, and called on the Chinese side to allow the Canadian side to conduct consular visits to Kang Mingkai and Michael.

In response, Zhao Lijian said: Kang Mingkai and Michael are suspected of engaging in activities endangering Chinas national security. The Chinese judicial organs handle cases strictly in accordance with the law and protect their legitimate rights. In all communication between China and Canada, we have shown Canada that Canada should respect the spirit of the rule of law and Chinas judicial sovereignty.

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