Is the big brand canvas bag worth tens of thousands of yuan worth of starting with?

 Is the big brand canvas bag worth tens of thousands of yuan worth of starting with?

Whether it is Chanel, Saint Laurent, Dior and other luxury brands, or coach and other light luxury brands, without exception, all of them have made canvas bags this year!



At first, many people laughed at the ugly logo, but then it really smells after watching it for a long time! TB is the abbreviation of Thomas Burberry, the founder of the brand, and has designed a new Monogram around the new logo.

TB series

Official website price: uffe5 14800


Pocket this year is really big fire, its handle design is very characteristic, the shape of the whole bag is a little like a portable file bag, full of retro feel.

Official website price: uffe5 8900 ~ 9000

Official website price: uffe5 12500

In addition to pocket bag and tbbag, burberrys family also has many kinds of canvas bags, which are particularly good-looking. Economy, environmental protection, light, fashionable, light weight and practical!

The belt - large canvas belt bag

Official website price: 10800



The canvas bags produced by Celine before are more casual and casual. Hedislimane, the current brand director, makes the canvas bags of Celine more formal and more elegant.


This Beige canvas tote has become a big hit this year. Almost every actress in the street has one, which is simple and has no loss of tone.

Cabasceline Mini

Official website price: uffe5 9300

Cabasceline vertical printed handbag

Official website price: uffe5 13500

This canvas bag also has a horizontal version of the style, compared with the vertical version, more suitable for small girls.

Cabasceline horizontal style

Official website price: uffe5 13500

In addition to the cabas above, Celines classic Triomphe is also made of canvas. Beige and brown match classic atmosphere, properly vintage style.

If you dont like shopping bag style canvas bags, Celine has several other options.

Triomphechanvas and Celines new classic 16 handbags are both formal and casual.

Triomphechanvas small handbag

Official website price: uffe5 22500




The first choice of this shoppingbag is the super large capacity and durable material. It is a necessary bag for many star mothers to go out and a beach bag to go on holiday.

The logo of pearl embroidery is very textured on the surface of milk white and clean canvas. Leather, canvas and metal combination of the package chain design, very Chanel style.

This one also has a black one, which is more mature and stable than milky white, and is relatively easy to take care of.

Official website price: uffe5 27000


Diors canvas bag design is more unique, oblique printing series is absolutely the first choice, exquisite retro embroidery is very eye-catching.


Official website price: uffe5 28000

Several other printing series, such as the fire to no friends of the 30 month bag, saddle bag, tote bag, also how to buy will not be wrong.

30montaigne handbag

Saddle bag

Official website price: uffe5 25000

Small booktote handbag

Official website price: uffe5 22000

Ladyd-lite handbag

Do you think Dior Daifei bag is too Niang to hold? That can choose the ladyd-lite series handbag! Compared with the classic leather material, Daifei bag is more youthful and energetic!

Official website price: uffe5 35000

The whole body adopts solid color tannin embroidery cover, and the same tone Christian Dior logo is embroidered on the body, which is fashionable and soft. It collides with the iconic d.i.o.r. pendant in light gold, making it more flexible and lively.

And there are super many colors, want to gentle think punk have a choice!

Official website price: uffe5 35000

Finally, lets sum up.

This year, the retro trend has returned, and we are more aware of environmental protection. This is also the main reason why major brands have made efforts on canvas bags.

I personally think that if the canvas bag is good, it will not only be cheap, but also recite its own unique temperament. And the canvas material, with its own light and fashionable attributes, upper body than pure leather bag more young Oh.

This kind of four corner hemmed style is much better than the pure canvas style in terms of durability or value preservation. (I have a lot of bags made of pure canvas, which will be broken in four corners after a long time, and the consequences of paying for your appearance are too painful...) of course, if you are a rich woman who only buys bags according to her preference, you can come as you like, and you will be happy~

So thats what were talking about today. Which of these big brand canvas bags do you pick the most? Ill see you in the message area.