I made 5 fashionable models with 1 sweater knitted sweaters.

 I made 5 fashionable models with 1 sweater knitted sweaters.

Therefore, if you want to start with a strong plasticity sweater, it is more appropriate to have the basic style with appropriate tightness and moderate length.

I have prepared five ways to wear a sweater. Please come and receive it!

As the cardigan version is more traditional, matching skills are not easy to show rustic. Most girls will wear it directly outside the short sleeve, the whole wrapped tightly, too rigid.

u258f T-shirt + suspender + dad pants

If you want to look less boring, proper skin exposure is the key. For example, the ordinary T-shirt is replaced by a large neckline sling or a short T, which can increase vitality.

Because the knitwear is white, so I chose the more eye-catching green sling as the inside, adding highlights while emphasizing the level of collocation.

I know that many girls dare not go out alone in suspenders or vests. No matter because they are shy or afraid of exposing their arms and flesh, they can be eliminated as long as they put on knitted coats. Everyone can rest assured of copying homework.

If its a girl with a fat lower body, Id recommend that you use a sweater with an umbrella skirt, and the length, crotch width and leg thickness of the skirt below the calf can be modified.

I want to create this set of soft and tie-in according to the warm nature of the T-shirt, and match it with my true love piece blue umbrella skirt, which is very meaningful for young women of literature and art.

Knitwear to wear inside

Many people will take a cardigan for granted as a coat to wear, but in fact, its vertical breasted as an inner layer is also very distinctive, more beautiful than ordinary pullovers.

In order to avoid the 5 / 5 ratio that a long jacket may bring, I chose the long straight pants, and then put the knitwear into the pants to highlight the waistline, and still have long legs.

Knitwear on its own

In the early autumn temperature, knitwear is the most simple and comfortable to wear alone, but the cute people remember to use good accessories to keep the status of fashion elite.

T-shirt + T-shirt

Just like the combination of my sweater and dads pants, the combination of these two pieces is at most a comfortable look, but it can only be a passer-by in the crowd.

But here I take the silk scarf as a belt, and the shape instantly has a sense of design, and then with the current popular underarm bag, the small partners in the studio praise that I can wear it.

In addition to scarves as belts, I see that some bloggers use silk scarves to weave their hair, which can bring different beauty to simple collocations. You can try to have a look at them.


Knitwear as shawl

I was planted by some Japanese and Korean bloggers. I am lazy and foreign. The following grains take you to unlock the alternative wearing method of knitwear.

u258f T-shirt shawl + blue shirt + wide leg pants

For many office workers, the shirt is a piece that wears more than Zui. Even if it is easy to bump into the shirt, it will be regarded as insurance promotion if you are not careful.

And if you put knitting on your shoulders like this, you can not only highlight your personality, but also create a sense of fashion by adding layers.

Lets tell you a dressing experience, increase the light color block, focus the visual center of gravity on the upper body, can play the effect of leg length.

After reading the article, which one do you like? Dont just use knitted cardigan with short sleeves, follow me, it will make you more and more fashionable!