Get rid of your high heels! These four pairs of flat shoes are very popular in early autumn

 Get rid of your high heels! These four pairs of flat shoes are very popular in early autumn

You know, in this years autumn and winter show, basically also flat shoes figure.



Flat shoes are so fashionable, how can we not wear them this autumn and winter?! Today, Ill follow my aunt to see which flat shoes are most popular this year?!

Retro Muller shoes

When it comes to flat shoes, the first to pick must be Muller shoes! Comfortable and fashionable at the same time, but also special place, put on and off a foot pedal this is great!

Muller shoes with lefook shoes design, more retro modern feeling, there is a strong British style, with pants just fashionable!

Solid color Muller shoes are simple and advanced.

Muller shoes with animal patterns are cool and personalized!

The color matching is the most advanced! At the same time, it also shows high and long legs!

The stars love for the short boots is also very high, has not yet arrived in the autumn one by one can not help but put on the short boots.

Xi Mengyao

Tang Yan

If you feel that the black boots are too boring, you can choose the white ones, and the overall look is more light.

Short boots + skirt collocation, with a personality fashionable Niang man style, mix and match way more show fashion sense.

Sweet ballet shoes

The ballet shoes of metal style, its individual and eye-catching!

The combination ballet shoes are Chanels most classic single shoes. One of the items a woman must have in her life.

You can also choose the ballet shoes with a word, which makes you look like a girl and playful.

Leisure sports shoes

Simple temperament of small white shoes, is really too versatile! Full of the breath of young girls!

The canvas shoes with street style and pants immediately show the feeling of handsome and rebellious.

If you want to wear high-end shoes and good taste, then the same color matching you are worth trying!

Elegant pointed shoes, especially popular in this years French style, often appear in its figure. Whats more, it also has the function of thin feet. Its amazing!

Pointed shoes + pants, with the temperament of commuting style, walk all the way to full open!

With skirt can be elegant to the end, attend any occasion is full of goddess!

Stop being obsessed with high heels! As long as you wear the right shoes, flat shoes can also have long legs, comfortable and fashionable~