An old socket, a new socket, and the same public welfare education action

 An old socket, a new socket, and the same public welfare education action

Since2001, rain or shine, Beijing for 20 years, serving users;

Ten thousand days and nights, elaborately carved, the new generation of towe super socket, with the old for the new, is invited to taste;

Warmly celebrate the 19th anniversary of the founding of Beijing Tongtong, and launch the activity of exchanging old and new super sockets!

Trouble with an old socket:

1. Idle socket (it can still be used normally, but it takes up space and will be aged if it is kept in use)

2. Waste socket (failure or serious aging, unable to use)

3. The socket that has been in use for a long time (the socket used for more than five years is not safe due to aging)


Come on! Get a new socket:

As long as there are idle and abandoned sockets in your home or office, we will provide you with replacement service. Please use a safer, more intelligent and customizable super socket.

An old socket can exchange for you:

1. A favorite socket

2. A good socket

3. A safer and more intelligent socket

5. A socket with lifelong maintenance

No matter you are using it in your home or office, no matter what industry you belong to, safety is priceless, you need industrial grade safe super socket! Whether you are purchasing, administration, it operation and maintenance, electrical maintenance As long as you have an old socket, come on! Get a brand new super socket!

An old socket can also be used for public welfare:

Your old socket can not only be replaced with a new one, but also take part in the public welfare education campaign held by Beijing Tongwei for this purpose. The old socket you participated in is repaired or replaced by professional engineers of Beijing Tongwei factory. The removed waste can be recycled and donated to schools or students in poor areas, To carry out the public welfare action. An old socket can also be used for public welfare and give back to the society together with towe.

How to participate in trade in activities?

Regardless of the brand, good or bad, you can participate in the trade in activities of Jingdong tower official flagship store and tmall tower flagship store to replace the new super socket with the old socket discount. Unit users can enjoy one-to-one VIP service.

Customer participation process:

Understand the rules of the activity: welcome to read this article and related rules in detail, and start a happy shopping journey. Preliminary evaluation of old sockets: according to the evaluation rules of old sockets, Parents can evaluate the value of participating in the activity socket and send it to tower Jiangxi base: it is recommended that parents leave a message to customer service in Jingdong or tmall flagship store and attach the express bill number and goods list (you can also leave a note to write your own user ID number and goods list for direct express delivery). Please contact Jingdong or tmall customer service for mailing address. Confirm the deduction amount: after receiving the old socket sent by relatives, the customer service will contact to confirm the quantity and amount of your coupons. To send Coupons: distribute the coupons due to the parents to your tmall or Jingdong account, and send the link to the activity page. The coupon is valid for 7 days, please use it in time, and this coupon can not be used with other shop discounts at the same time. Choose your favorite super socket: go to the tower flagship store through the link on the activity page to select your favorite products. Please note that only desktop PDU socket (super socket) products will participate in the activity. Please do not choose the wrong product. Order payment: use coupons to make up the product price difference and end the happy old for new activity. If you need to exchange more than 5 idle slots at a time, please contact Jingdong or tmall customer service directly, Let professional customer service handle the whole process for you.

Official rules of trade in for new towe:

1. Exchange one for one: the coupon deducted from an old socket can only be used to purchase a new desktop PDU socket, one deduction coupon will be issued for an old socket, and only one coupon can be used for purchasing a new socket

2. Old socket Valuation: the number of outlet holes is 5 yuan / bit, the socket functions such as USB, lightning protection, leakage protection, timing and WiFi are 5 yuan / item, the socket power line is 5 yuan / piece, and the socket freight compensation is 5 yuan / piece. The valuation is determined according to this method. The following figure is an example.

3. The discount coupon for old socket is set at 10-60 yuan. The maximum amount of discount for a single socket is 60 yuan. A single coupon with a face value of more than 40 yuan can only be used to purchase desktop PDU super socket products with unit price above 129 yuan (inclusive)

4. According to the rules of the platform, customized products are not allowed to return or replace products with non quality problems. The desktop PDU socket products participated in the activities of towe provide lifelong warranty service

5. The old sockets that participate in the activity of exchanging old ones for new ones are used for public welfare activities. If the sockets that can be safely used after inspection or maintenance can be donated directly to schools or students in poor mountainous areas, we will dismantle and dispose of other discarded sockets, and the amount obtained will also be donated uniformly. The participating users can be listed in the public welfare support list. For details, please refer to the public welfare activities announcement.

6. Trade in the old for the new, for the public good activity, as Beijings activity of giving back to the users and the society, will always adhere to it. We hope to get the support and help from all walks of life. In the process of the activity, the right to explain everything belongs to Beijing Tongwei.

Towe super socket public welfare education action:

All users participating in the trade in activity in Beijing are the same by default. They are willing to use their old socket products to join the public welfare education program (if you cant participate under special circumstances, please declare in advance). Each socket is a love. We will pass your love to primary and secondary schools or students in poor areas, so that they can also feel the care and warmth of the society.

1. In order to repair and replace the old socket, the socket can be used safely and meet the national standard, and is ready for donation. The socket that cannot be reused will be disassembled and converted into cash and deposited into Beijing Tongwei public welfare account for donation.

2. The donation objects of public welfare education are primary and secondary schools in poor areas and students from poor families. The sockets are given directly, and the cash is purchased by purchasing learning supplies or setting up scholarships.

3. Starting from the trade in activity, a donation activity can be carried out according to the accumulated number of sockets that can be safely used up to 1000. At the beginning of the activity, a centralized donation activity will be carried out every quarter.

4. In each donation process, we will publish the current users participating in the activities on the companys official website activity page, store activity homepage and wechat public platform for reporting. The donation site will also make a corresponding display, thank you for your action of public welfare education.

5. In each donation activity, we will choose the Charity Association and development foundation to cooperate with each other, open the accounts, publicize the donation objects, and accept the supervision and guidance from all walks of life. After successful donation, users participating in the activity will receive an e-Certificate from xxxxx development foundation Association and Beijing Tongwei (towe) certified charity ambassador, Thank you for your contribution. If the unit users participate in more than 500 old sockets in batches, we will invite them to participate as support units and issue special licenses.

We sincerely welcome the majority of users to support us, more suggestions, together with the public welfare assistance

The right of interpretation and execution of public welfare assistance activities belongs to Beijing.

Towes super outlets participating in trade in activities:

A variety of models, specifications, unit users can customize, according to the needs of the choice!

Super socket is a revolutionary product of Beijing Tongwei (towe) based on its professional accumulation in the field of electrical connection for nearly 20 years, after 30000 hours of team polishing, condensing 19 years of ingenuity, technological innovation, domestic initiative and international leading revolutionary products.

What is super socket?

Super customization

Super intelligence

Replace the super socket to solve the problem of the old socket, and turn waste into treasure! Join hands in the public welfare education action!

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